How to Track Text Messages

Have you noticed how as the years go by fewer people rely on long drawn telephonic conversations, and instead rely on short text messages instead? Text messaging has definitely overtaken both emails and phone calls as the primary means of communicating all kinds of information. If you want to find out the secrets that a person holds then there is really no need to look any further than their text messages.

In this article I shall describe a couple of reasons why text messaging has overtaken all other means of communications, how you can track text messages from another phone, and some situations in which tracking text messages from another phone can be considered perfectly legitimate.

Please read on to find out how to track text messages without the other person knowing.

Part 1: Why is Text Messaging the primary means of communication now?

Millennials communicate more frequently through texts rather than phone calls. This is a rising trend all across the world, and there are several reasons for why texting has overtaken phone calls:

  1. You can be a lot more direct with texts as compared to phone calls, and in this busy world millennials don't like spending time on small talk.
  2. Text messaging allows you to multitask. You can be texting, tweeting, reading the news, listening to music, all at the same time.
  3. Text messages are a lot less prone to bring up awkward silences. When the message has been conveyed you can simply stop texting, instead of wasting time with "ummm" and "ahhhhhs."
  4. Text messaging gives you a few seconds to actually formulate your response instead of just blurting out whatever comes into your head. During important texts this comes handy, and during casual texts, it allows both parties to be a lot more interesting.
  5. And finally, if something interesting has been conveyed over text, you can save it, post it, frame it. Phone calls are transient.

track text messages

Part 2: How to track text messages via Spyzie

So now that you know that text message are actually the most important means of communication now, you can appreciate just how helpful it would be to track text messages. If you track text messages from someone's phone, you're basically peering into their souls and finding out their deepest darkest secrets. So the best app with which you can track text messages is Spyzie.

Spyzie is a really well known, and reliable app, with which you can tap into someone else's phone without them even knowing. There are a lot of other phone monitoring apps for Android and iPhone, however Spyzie has proved itself to be the most reliable of the lot. It gives you complete access to everything in the target phones, including text messages.

track text messages iphone

How to track text messages via Spyzie:

  1. Watch Text Conversations Happen: You will be linked to a control panel wherein you can monitor all the activities of the phone in question. If the target phone engages in a text conversation you can track text messages in real-time as they happen before you.
  2. Message log: You can find all the text messages sent, received, or even deleted.
  3. Contact details: You can even find out the details of the person they are texting with.

track iphone text messages

You can purchase Spyzie here, and after doing so go through this detailed guide to figure out how to install it.

Spyzie also comes with a bunch of other really helpful features, you can find out more about them here. And if you have any moral or ethical concerns about the legality of tracking text messages, then read on to find out about the situations in which tracking text messages can be considered perfectly legitimate.

Part 3: When is it OK to track text messages?

When people think of monitoring apps they immediately imagine it in the hands of a Stalker and the idea is frightening. However, the truth is that there are a lot of different situations in which it might be okay, or even necessary, to use monitor apps to track text messages from someone else's phone. Some of those situations have been listed below.

1. Parent-Child Monitoring

If you're a parent then it is perfectly legal for you to track text messages exchanged by your child. There's a lot of dangers available online in the form of Cyber Bullying, early sexting, catfishing, etc, and the number of children affected by these rises on a yearly basis. To protect them from these dangers it is okay for you to track their text messages and make sure they aren't bullied, pressurized, or preyed upon by strangers. You also need to track text messages to protect your teenagers from themselves, because according to studies 1 in 3 teenagers regret having done something online by the time they're 16.

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2. Employer-Employee Monitoring

You are perfectly within your right to give employees a company phone with a spy app installed. You can't possibly take away their right to keep phones because that would hamper with work. However, you can offer company phones, and then track text messages to make sure they don't use company time to engage in personal conversations, or worse, that they don't leak trade secrets to other people.

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3. Spousal Monitoring

If you have suspicions that your spouse might not be honest with you, and you feel helpless about it, then you are within your right to track text messages to and from their cell phone to see if they are exchanging any untoward images, or if they are sending out compromising texts. If there's anything to be found, it would definitely be there in the text messages. You can also use monitoring apps to track text messages of boyfriends or girlfriends.

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In all of these above mentioned cases you would be totally justified in tracking text messages with the help of monitoring apps such as Spyzie.

So now you know why to track text messages, how to track text messages, and the situations in which it is legal and correct for you to track text messages. Do let us know where you stand on this contentious issue down on the comments section. Do you think it is okay to track text messages with good intentions, or do you think one should never track text messages, of anyone? Let us know your thoughts, and start a dialogue! We look forward to hearing your views.

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