2 Ways to Track Your Friend's Phone without Him Knowing

Friendship can often be tricky. You often feel the need to protect your friends, however you also feel reservations about probing too deep into their personal lives if they aren't being forthcoming. This is especially true for teenagers more prone to making bad decisions than most people. In those situations it might be helpful to know how to track your friend's phone without him knowing. Maybe you've been calling him and he hasn't been picking up, and you're worried about what's happened. Maybe you went to a party together, got lost, and now can't find him. In all of these situations it would be helpful to have a means of tracking your friends without them knowing.

So, below you'll find two effective means by which you can track your friend's phone without him knowing.

track your friend's phone

Part 1: How to Track Your Friend's Phone via Spyzie

There are a lot of great phone tracking apps available for both Android and iPhone, however our personal favorite is Spyzie. It works with all devices and is the most reliable and convenient means by which you can track your friend's phone without him knowing. Since you aim for discretion, spyzie is the best because it is a non-jailbreak solution, so even if you're tracking an iPhone, your friend won't suspect a thing.

track your friend's phone

It also comes with a lot of really helpful features that can help you track your friend's phone without him knowing, such as:

  1. The GPS location feature provides you with real-time updates about where they are. This is helpful in finding a friend who might have wandered away after a drunken night at a party.
  2. You can also check out all his text messages, emails, and call logs to make sure he hasn't been making a fool of himself or sabotaging his relationship by sending out inappropriate texts.

track your friend's phone

How to Track Your Friend's Phone via Spyzie:

  1. First, you need to register a Spyzie account and purchase a premium subscription.
  2. After you buy it, you'll receive a confirmation email.
  3. You will also receive a Welcome email, along with your login details and link to your Control Panel.
  4. The Control Panel would have the instructions on how to install Spyzie on the phone in question.
  5. You can then follow the instructions to install Spyzie to your friend's Android phone.
  6. Get a few minutes of access with your friend's phone without him knowing and install Spyzie to it. There is no icon left on the phone after installation.
  7. Finally, you'll get complete access to his phone and you'll be able to track a cell phone without knowing.

If you have any doubts about the legality of Spyzie or any other concerns, you can go to the FAQ section.

Part 2: How to Track Your Friend's iPhone without Him Knowing

Another method you can use to track your friend's iPhone without him knowing is through the Find My Friends app. This is actually an official Apple app and thus can very easily be downloaded from the Apple Store.

While this is an iPhone tracking app, it actually works on the basis of consent. This means that although the purpose of the app is to keep up with the movements of friends and family, both parties have to willingly consent to being tracked by the other. However, if you can manage to get a few minutes alone with your friend's iPhone, you can install the app into his phone, and then share his location with your phone, and then hide the icon of the app, and voila! You'll be able to track your friend's phone without him knowing!

How to Track Your Friend's iPhone without Him Knowing using Find My Friends:

1. Download and install the app to his iPhone.

2. Access the app, and at the bottom, click on the contact icon. Toggle "Share My Location" On.

track your friend's phone track your friend's phone

3. Access the app in your own iPhone and make yourself visible to "everyone."

4. Go to their iPhone, tap on the "add" button, tap on your contact image, and then tap "Share Indefinitely." This will ensure that you have access to his phone as long as you like. If you only want temporary access, you can also "Share for One Hour" or "Share Until End of Day."

track your friendstrack your friends

5. On your own iPhone, you'll receive a message that your friend wants to share his location with you. "Accept" the location.

6. You'll be asked if you would also like to share your own location. Choose "Don't Share" otherwise your friend will start receiving your updates and realise that he is being tracked by you.

track your friendstrack your friends

7. Now hide the icon from his dock so that he doesn't realise that Find My Friends has been installed into his iPhone, not until he actively looks for it. However, this step is only applicable if you installed the app yourself. If it was already installed in his iPhone, then it goes without saying, don't move it.

track your friends

8. Now you can keep his iPhone back where you found it, and you have complete access to his iPhone locations!

track my friendshow to track your friends

Part 3: How to Track Your Friend's Phone Online for Free

If you don't want to go through the trouble of installing apps onto your friend's phone, and would rather just track your friend's phone online, then you can use FindAndTrace. This is a free online service which is extremely easy to use. It reveals the location, network operator, state, and other relevant details about the phone in question. All you have to do is enter the Phone Number. However, this can only give you a broad idea about which state or city the phone is in, it can't show you a GPS map of exactly where the phone is. For that you'll have to use one of the previous methods.

track my friends

Hopefully now you know how to track your friend's phone using the above mentioned apps. Our personal recommendation is that you use Spyzie as it is easy-to-use, and comes with a wide range of features not available in the other methods. It is also a professional monitoring app, so you can rest assured that your friend will never suspect that you are tracking him.

Whatever method you use, do keep us posted about your progress by commenting down below. We'd love to hear from you!

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