Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker

The rise of mobile trackers has reached fever pitch in the past few years mainly due to the ever growing technology that has seen the production of multiple and highly dependable trackers. Gone are the days when you could get worried because you lost your expensive phone with valuable information in it. Those days are gone, and now we no longer mind when we lose our phones or when foreign hands get hold of the phones all of this thanks to these phone location trackers. This article takes into detail the top 10 best mobile trackers that each and every phone owner must have.

Part 1: Spyzie

To each and every person who wants to track their cell phone location using a simple yet effective GPS location tracker, Spyzie perfectly fits the bill.

Top 10 Best Mobile Location Tracker


-This mobile location tracker comes with an inbuilt robust and highly dependable GPS tracker.

-The messages and calls are monitored hence making it easy to know the people using the lost or missing phone.


-Unlike other GPS location trackers, Spyzie comes equipped with a wide variety of features for simplified tracking and location procedures.

-This program has a friendly user interface.

-Though a monthly charge is required to use the program, the price is favorable as compared to other GPS location trackers.


-When the target device is an iPhone, you must install and uninstall the program manually since Spyzie does not support remote installation and un-installation.

-You will be charged monthly until you cease using the program.


A monthly price of $9.99 is enough to see you through an entire month. You can, however, choose quarterly or yearly subscriptions.

A set of questions and answers are available for each and every person who might be having some burning questions concerning the use an operating protocols of Spyzie. If you are one of them, you can get your answers right at this point.

Part 2: Easy Spy

Easy Spy is another great cell phone location tracker designed for not only monitoring people but also keeping an eye on your lost or missing mobile phone.

Best Mobile Location Tracker


-Easy Spy comes with an in-built GPS system that updates the location of your device every five minutes.

-It comes with an online map which can be accessed via e-mail or mobile phone.

-The Easy Spy control panel supports live feeds.

-It comes with an in-built spy camera.

-Easy Spy supports remote uninstall feature.


-Thanks to the in-built camera, you can initiate an automatic picture snap of the surrounding areas.

-With the live control panel, you can seamlessly monitor various features such as location, calls, messages, and iMessages from the comfort of your PC or mobile phone.

-Thanks to the remote uninstall feature, you don’t have to get access to the monitored device for you to uninstall the program.

-You are guaranteed the precise location of your missing device thanks to the five-minute interval refresh feature.

-Unlike other phone location trackers, you don’t have to pay monthly charges to continue using this tracker. All you need is a one-time payment and you are done.


-The spy camera only supports iOS and Android devices hence locking out other operating systems.


You only need a one-time payment of $69.99.

Part 3: SurePoint Spy

If you are looking for a tracking cell phone location program that is fully compatible with various operating systems, look no further than the SurePoint Spy program.

GPS location tracker


-With SurePoint, you can monitor each and every call or text message that is made or sent from your missing phone hence making it easier for you to track the phone.

-You can continuously track your phone by periodically enabling data at your own will.

-A live control panel makes it easier for you to keep track of your device.

-The automatic lock feature gives you the opportunity to lock the phone remotely.

-The GPS system makes it easier for you to track your lost or missing phone.


-The live dashboard keeps you updated about the whereabouts of your phone.

-The tracking option allows you to continuously track your phone even when you are not actively using the program.

-It is entirely compatible with multiple devices.


-GPS tracking is only for Android and iPhone devices.


-A one-month subscription retails at $29.99.

Part 4: Windows Find My Phone

Just like we have Find My iPhone on the Apple platform and the Android Device Manager on the Android platform, Windows designed their own tracking app known as Find My Phone. The working principle of this app is the same as that of Android and iOS.

Mobile Location Tracker


-It comes with an alarm system that sounds the moment you report the device as stolen.

-An automatic erase feature allows you to erase your phone remotely.

-It comes with a well-detailed map that makes it easy for you to track your phone.

-The Windows GPS system works effectively with Google Maps to provide you with unmatched tracking options.


-The automatic erase feature gives you the peace of mind that nobody is going to access your personal information without your permission.

-Windows have been around for years and hence you are guaranteed an excellent customer service.

-The alarm system is activated even if the phone is in silent mode.


-It is not compatible with Android and iOS operating systems.


It’s free for use.

Part 5: Lookout Security & Antivirus

The Lookout Security & Antivirus app not only does it protect your phone from malicious virus attacks, but it also keeps your device safe and helps you in tracking it just in case it gets lost.

10 Best Mobile Location Tracker


-The Lookout app comes with an anti-identity theft protector which protects your online personal details from identity theft individuals.

-It has a $1M identity theft insurance program that covers you just in case someone steals your identity.

-It has a Find My Phone feature which helps you in tracking your device just in case it happens to get lost.

-It comes with a contact backup that keeps your contacts intact even after the device gets lost.

-You can remotely wipe your device or send a message to the holder.


-It offers you a wide range of tracking and safety features.

-Apart from tracking your device, you can remotely wipe it off completely.

-It provides you with the image and location of the person with your phone hence making it easy for you to track the phone.

-The Premium version offers you the anti-theft protection feature.


The basic version limits you from accessing quality features such as anti-identity theft.


$29.99 per year.

Part 6: GPS Status and Toolbox

The GPS Status and Toolbox is a one of a kind mobile location tracker that makes maximum use of your inbuilt GPS to facilitate advanced tracking.

Best Mobile Location Tracker


-Apart from tracking your device, this app offers you automatic live temperature levels, pressure, and humidity values on your screen.

-It comes with a magnetic True North compass.

-It supports a widget hence making it easier for you to use it.


-You can store, edit, export and share different waypoints and use them later for Radar navigation.

-The Pro version is free from ads.

-The magnetic compass makes navigation and tracking simple.


-The free version is full of ads.

-For free trials, you only have a total of three days to retract any tracking history before the history is erased automatically.


Basic version is free while the premium version will cost you $3.45.

Part 7: CoPilot GPS

If you are in search of a simple mobile location tracker, look no further than the Co-Pilot GPS location tracker.

Mobile Location Tracker


-This cell phone location tracker app comes with dozens of alternate routes which simplify tracking of a missing phone.

-Map updates are issued on a quarterly basis, and they are free.

-It comes with a speed limit warning feature.

-A seven-day free trial of the full version is available prior to purchase.


-No amount of subscription fees is required.

-The basic version is free for use and download.

-You can track the location of your phone without necessarily activating your internet connection.

-It provides you with unlimited GPS navigation and a robust route planning.


-The free version is full of annoying apps which keep popping now and then.


The Premium version retails at $149.99 for an year.

Part 8: FollowMee

The FollowMee GPS tracker seamlessly converts your phone or tablet into a GPS tracking device.

cell phone location tracker


-It comes equipped with a free location monitor that functions by tracking down your device.

-It allows you to monitor multiple devices at the same time.

-A real-time update feature keeps you updated concerning the position and location of your phone.

-It comes equipped with a stealth mode that hides the app from prying eyes.

-The Deluxe edition gives you the opportunity to track your car from the moment the car starts to the moment it stops.


-Apart from tracking your mobile device, you can also track your vehicle.

-The Stealth mode allows you to download the app and hide it hence nobody can notice that the app is installed on your phone.

-You can share your current location on websites or publish them as KML files.


-The most compelling features such as the vehicle tracking feature and the extensive data retracting are only available on paid versions.

-The app cannot operate on Windows and iOS enabled phones.


The Basic version retails at $3.99 while the Deluxe version requires you to pay $9.99.

Part 9: Auto-Forward

Another great phone location tracker is no doubt the Auto-Forward program. This cell phone tracker has been designed by Auto Forward themselves with the main aim of helping various people to track their lost or missing phones.

phone location tracker


-Auto-Forward comes with an inbuilt GPS system that makes it possible for you to track your lost or missing phone with the greatest ease.

-The call recording feature makes it easy for you to record anyone who might be using your phone without your permission.


-It supports both iPhone and Android devices.

-You get a 7-day free trial before you can decide whether to purchase the app or not.

-A 24-hour customer support is there to answer your queries.


-It lacks geofencing capabilities.

-Tracking is only limited to within 50ft.


-You will be required to part with $19.99 on monthly basis.

Part 10: Prey

As the name suggests, Prey software functions by preying on your phone or device without the idea or knowledge of the phone holder.


-It supports geolocation capabilities.

-It comes with a remote auto-locking feature.

-The wipe data feature allows you to automatically wipe your data the moment your device gets lost.


-It automatically captures images of surrounding areas hence making it easier for you to know the location of your phone.

-You can track multiple devices using a single account.

-The wipe data feature protects your data from unauthorized users.


-Some users have complained about wrong GPS information.


-The price ranges depending on the package selected. Generally, you will part with between $5 to $15.

From the information gathered in this article, it is my hope that you will be in a position to go after the mobile location tracker that best suits your needs. Furthermore, my aim is to make sure that you are perfectly covered when it comes to selecting and using the best mobile tracker, and that is why I highly welcome your feedback. Please feel to air your views, and I will be glad to chip in and offer my thoughts.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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