How to See Other Phones Text Messages

Smartphones today are advanced enough to enable people to carry on conversations and see other phones text messages in complete privacy. As such, there is no possibility to find out what is happening on that phone, except when you have some software which can stealthily spy on the text messages and phone calls of that phone.

See Other Phones Text Messages

Are you the mother of a teenager daughter who is often found glued to her phone and chatting with somebody? Or the teenage son who has locked the door of his from inside and when you peep through the keyhole you find out that he is doing something with his phone. What will run through your mind?

You have to cross-check or see other phones text messages of your teenager activities isn’t it? You have an option to check their text messages such as the sender – who sends the message to your teenager, Receiver – if your teenager sends the message who is the receiver, what content she types and discuss about etc. If you track the below listed method you will definitely know your teenager activities.

Spyzie-The Best Free Spy Software for Android and iPhone

Whether you are thinking about spying on other devices, Spyzie is bound to be the favourite of all! Out of all the various spying applications and software available to the users today, this one continues to be the most popular and the most used one. You can use it to hack iPhone and all Android devices. It is compatible with a wide range of devices including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Google Nexus, Lenovo, and LG. It costs around $ 30 per month or $7.5 per month for the 1-year subscription; it is a very much affordable tool when you compare the cost with its features.

Spyzie to See Other Phones Text Messages

Key features of Spyzie

It is loaded with a set of exceptional features which make it very simple to use, without any compromise on the efficiency and reliability. Here is the list just a few things this amazing software can do for you:

  • You can use Spyzie for tracking any Android or iOS device with GPS tracking facility.
  • You can track not only messages but also contacts, photos, videos, multiple folders, documents, browsing history, call history and social media accounts.
  • You can also use it for spying on other phone’s data like text messages, calls logs, calendar events, and a lot more.
  • You can easily have a look and analysis of the browsing history to know what the other person is up to.
  • You can take the screenshot for the sake of evidence to catch the black sheep.

How to see other phones text messages without knowing – iPhone

Generally, people who use a cell phone spying app or software most often wish to install the app or the software without actually having the phone to be spied on. This might make you think, “Can you actually spy on someone’s text messages without physically holding the target phone?” If you are wondering whether the answer is yes, you are right!

The solution is that there are some cell phones spying apps which not only allow you to see other phones text messages and read the text messages of the target cell phone, but a lot more than that!

Following is the step by step for monitoring the text messages of the target iPhone.

Step 1: First of all, create a Spyzie account with premium subscription option. You will need this for accessing the control panel. Please note to provide an authentic email id in order to properly receive the notifications pertaining to the spying.

How to see other phones text messages

Step 2: Complete a very simple setup process. Go through the Setup Wizard post the installation and registration. You will have to furnish some of the details of the person to be spied on, like name, age, the OS, etc move towards next step.

Step 3: Enter the iCloud ID and password for the target iPhone and verify.

see other phones text messages

Step 4: Now you can view all the data pertaining to the target phone by accessing from the monitored device. Everytime you visit the account, the latest data will be generated. You can easily view all the text messages of the target iPhone – all that is done in stealth mode!

Step 5: From the left menu, there is an option to select the text messages. You can view the sender, receiver, time and the content of the message.

see other phones text messages without knowing

How to see other phones text messages - Android Phones

Cell phone spy software and apps are becoming increasingly popular and more aggressive liken ever before; especially for the people who are looking for catching the cheater by way of reading their illegitimate text messages and fraudulent calls. Most of the conventional spying apps can be easily identified by someone who has some knowledge about smart phones and their functioning.

The internet is full of advertisements of such spying apps, but do they really deliver what they are mean to? Many of these apps just do not work the way they are supposed to, and many are just fiddles.

While installing the spyzie on Android device also requires you to have certain pre-requisites, as mentioned below:

  1. An Spyzie account
  2. Access in target phone to install the Monitoring app over the target phone

Following is the step by step process for spying the Android device:

Step 1: Creating the account with a premium subscription is the first step here.

Step 2: Go through the set up process after completing the registration. The job of downloading and installing the app on phone may take a while. On the Main page you need to key in the details of the target person and his phone, including the OS.

see other android phones text messages without knowing

Step 3: Now Click on Settings and go to the "Security and Lock screen" tab. Now permit "Unknown Sources" and then click on "OK".

Step 4: Download/install the app on the target device. Download the app by visiting the download section of the device. You can see the file named as APK in the "Notifications" window or the "download" folder.

see other android phones text messages

Step 5: Sign in to the app you just downloaded, and click the "Start"option to trigger the services for device administrator. Also, please note that you need to permit requests for “all permission”. Once activated, the app’s icon will get deleted and the app will start working in the stealth mode.

Step 6: Once all the processes are over, you will be able to view all the data in the control panel very easily. Every time you log in, updated data is pushed into the monitoring system. You can easily access to the text messages of the target phones.

Step 7: Choose the message option from the left side and get your teenager or employee text messages along with receiver, sender and content of the message.

how to see other android phones text messages

Friends! We hope that the article has given you a proper and clear insight about the procedure for spying or see other phones text messages on someone’s Android or iOS devices with the help of Spyzie monitoring app.

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