Top 11 GPS Trackers for Kids

There is nothing quite as terrifying as the idea of losing a child, a sad reality for many parents around the world. Which is why we've compiled this list of some of the best GPS trackers for children so you always know where they are. These GPS tracking devices for children come with various functions, and they can help you get some much needed peace of mind.

To compile this list we primarily looked at factors such as cost, features like Geo-Fencing, battery life, reliability, and convenience. So read on to find out which are some of the best GPS trackers you can get for you kids.

Part 1: Spyzie - $9.99

Before we get into detailing all the different types of physical GPS tracking devices, we felt it would be beneficial to start off with an app based GPS tracking device. There are various advantages of getting an app based GPS tracking device. For example, if your child were to be kidnapped, god forbid, then the kidnapper would have the sense to cut off a physical GPS tracker. However, Spyzie is a GPS tracking device embedded into cell phones so it can't be detected, not even by the child being tracked. Our personal recommendation for a GPS tracker app is Spyzie.

Spyzie is ideally suited for this function because once you install it into your child's phone, you have complete access to everything they do. You can find out their exact location via GPS tracking, and you can even view their call logs, messages, internet history, and anything else on their phones. You can even take over control of their phone to make sure they can't access certain sites, or contacts. This is helpful because in this modern age most threats are actually virtual in nature, in the form of Cyber Bullying, Catfishing, Sexting, and exposure to Pornography and Violence, and these are threats against which a simple GPS tracking would be ineffective.


How can Spyzie help me keep my child safe?

1. GPS tracking: With this you get access to an interactive map with the exact location of your child's phone whenever you need it.

GPS trackers for kids

2. Call and Text Monitoring: You can view all the details and contents of their text messages and phone conversations, and you can even check to see who they are conversing with. If they are in contact with someone strange, or someone suspicious, then you have the option to block them from the phone as well.

GPS trackers for kids

4. Blocking: Finally, you can even block unwanted websites and contacts to keep your children safe from inappropriate content.

How much does it cost?

You can register a free account to monitor several types of data free. The premium subscription costs only $9.99 per month or 59.99 per year.

Once you purchase Spyzie, you'll need to install the Spyzie monitoring app into your child's phone, you can check out the instruction for that here.

If you have any legal concerns about such an "invasive" GPS tracking device for kids, then please read the FAQ section and you can have all your questions answered.

Part 2: Wonbo Kids Smart Watch - $21.99

Wonbo Q50 Smart watches brings you the GPS tracking device for kids, that is kids friendly and is enriched with a secure way of keeping a track of the whereabouts of your younger generation and kids. As a parent with Wonbo Smart Watches you could track and check the live location of kids with emergency alert and call features to notify you in case of need by using just one click.

GPS tracker for kids


  1. Kids tracking with live GPS technology
  2. Emergency call alert
  3. One click Push to Talk facility


  1. Interactive design with easy to fit smartwatch
  2. Waterproof enabled, that makes kids use it anywhere
  3. Parents can monitor surrounding voice remotely


  1. Available in 3 color variants only, kids might look for more color options to choose from.
  2. Kids are not provided authority to stop the watch, so at school study time it may hinder their work.

Part 3: AngelSense Guardian - $149

AngelSense Guardian is a GPS tracking device for kids available for both Android and iOS. This is the only GPS tracking device that is designed specially for special needs children who are at risk of randomly wandering away out of school or getting lost.

GPS tracking device for kids


Automatic Geo-Fence: You get alerts every time your child is in a location for more than 5 minutes.

Runner Mode: Get location updates every 10 seconds.

Create a Group: So several people receive alerts, such as teachers, caregivers, etc.

My Location: This helps you get your location in relation to your child's location.


  1. Can be locked with a key.
  2. Can be attached to a pocket or a belt.
  3. Route history available.
  4. Can listen to child's surroundings.
  5. Unique features.


  1. Expensive monthly price of $39.99.
  2. You can only listen to your child's surroundings for a total of 60 minutes in a month. After that you have to pay per minute.
  3. Audio isn't clear.
  4. Not waterproof.

GPS tracking devices for kidsGPS tracking devices

Part 4: Trax Play GPS Tracker - $99

Trax Play GPS Tracker is a GPS tracking device for kids available in both Android and iOS. One of its best features is the fact that it is extremely small in size.

GPS Tracker Child


  1. Updates after every few seconds if your child is moving.
  2. Augmented Reality feature in which you get tracking arrows in a visual of your own surroundings.
  3. You can draw geo-fencing in any shape, thus allowing greater flexibility.


  1. Unlimited safety zones.
  2. Receive notifications about sudden accelerations in speed.
  3. Reasonable at just $4 to $9 a month.
  4. Augmented Reality.
  5. Lightweight.


  1. Poor battery backup.
  2. No activity log is saved.
  3. No SOS feature.

GPS Tracker for childrenGPS Tracker for kid

Part 5: Amber Alert GPS Locator - $125

Amber Alert GPS Locator is a GPS tracking device for kids compatible with Android and iOS devices.

GPS Trackers kid


  1. 2-Way calling is enabled.
  2. School Ready Mode: This prevents incoming calls during pre-set hours.
  3. Maintains a log of Sex Offenders in the vicinity, and sends an alert whenever your child is within 500 ft. of a Sex Offender's house.


  1. Sex Offender Log.
  2. Impressive features.
  3. Calling enabled.
  4. SOS button.
  5. 40 hour battery life.
  6. 90 day activity log can be accessed.


  1. Only 5 minute updates available.
  2. Limited safety zones.
  3. Only 1 contact available.

GPS tracker for kids       GPS tracker for kids

Part 6: LG GizmoPal 2 - $79.99

LG GizmoPal 2 is a wearable watch-like GPS tracking device for kids compatible with Android and iOS devices.

GPS tracking device for kids


  1. Live GPS tracking.
  2. 2-way calling enabled.
  3. Fun set of ringtones, sounds, and alerts.


  1. Only $5 on a monthly basis.
  2. Safety Zones can be made.
  3. Meant for younger kids and comes with fun sounds and ringtones.
  4. Voice clock which reads out the times.
  5. Activity log available.


  1. Location update has either got to be scheduled or you have to initiate it yourself. It doesn't provide automatic updates.
  2. No SOS.
  3. Only 4 contacts can be made.

Part 7: My Buddy Tag - $39.99

My Buddy Tag is an extremely reasonable GPS tracking device for kids compatible with Android and iOS.

GPS tracking device for kid


  1. Receive alerts if device is under water for more than 5 seconds.
  2. Alerts if the child steps out of bluetooth range.


  1. Extremely reasonable.
  2. Extremely durable.
  3. Sends alerts when submerged under water.
  4. Panic button. 
  5. Battery can last a whole year.


  1. Battery can't be recharged.
  2. Lacks features.
  3. Can only connect with one phone.

GPS tracking device for childGPS tracking device for children

Part 8: Lineable - $12.99

Lineableis a silicone-wristband GPS tracking device for kids compatible with Android and iOS.

kids GPS tracking devices


  1. Sends alerts if the child wanders out of Bluetooth range of 65 to 98 feet.


  1. 1 year battery life.
  2. Really cheap upfront cost and no monthly fees.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Durable.


  1. Lacks features.
  2. No live tracking.
  3. Limited bluetooth range.
  4. Battery can't be recharged so device has to be replaced after the battery runs out.

GPS tracking device kidsGPS tracking device kid

Part 9: FiLIP 2 - $149.99

FiLIP 2 is a multifunctional and wearable GPS tracking device for kids compatible with Android and iOS.

GPS tracking device child


  1. 2 way calling function.
  2. Can work as a Watch, Phone, and GPS tracking device.
  3. Parents can send texts to child.
  4. SOS button.
  5. 60 second location updates under Emergency Mode.


  1. Safety Zone creation.
  2. 2-way calling.
  3. 1-way texting.
  4. SOS button facilitates recording of all audio around the environment.
  5. Multifunctional.
  6. Activity log is maintained.


  1. 5 safe zones only.
  2. 5 contacts only.
  3. Under normal mode location updates every 15, 30, 45, or 60 minutes.
  4. Not waterproof.

GPS tracking device for childGPS tracking app for kids

Part 10: PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker - $129.95

PocketFinder GPS Child Tracker is a waterproof and durable GPS tracking device for kids available for both Android and iOS.

GPS tracking device for kids


  1. Tapping the surface thrice sends out an SOS signal.
  2. Set up a speed limit so that if the child exceeds that you get an alert.
  3. Updated every 2 minutes.
  4. Unlimited Geo-Fencing ability.


  1. Frequent updates.
  2. 60-day log of all activities.
  3. Waterproof and Durable.
  4. Helpful features.


  1. Looks big and unattractive.
  2. No calling capacity.

ocketFinder GPS Child Tracker       GPS Child Tracker

Part 11: kidsport GPS Tracking Band - $199

kidsport GPS Tracking Band is a simple wristband-type GPS tracking device for kids compatible with Android and iOS.

GPS tracking app for child


  1. Location updates every 5 minutes.
  2. Three different and unique alerts: activating SOS, crossing geofence zone, and removing the wristband.


  1. SOS button.
  2. Hard to remove the wristband.
  3. Waterproof.
  4. Durable.
  5. Activity Log.
  6. Unique alerts available for different actions.


  1. Only 2 geofences.
  2. Poor battery life.
  3. Only 2 sizes are available.

GPS tracking app for childdrenGPS tracker app for kids

These are all the different GPS tracking devices that would undoubtedly help you keep your child safe from dangers. However, you should go through all their features and specifications well because some of them vastly differ from each other. What works for someone else might not work for you. Also, if you are worried about keeping your child safe from all kinds of dangers, including the virtual type, we highly recommend using Spyzie for all the reasons stated earlier.

Do let us know what you decided to go with down on the comments section. We look forward to hearing from you!

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