Top 10 Android Tracking App You Need to Know

Android tracking apps are essential for handling common phone-related issues such as lost or stolen phone cases. Whether, you often misplace your Android phone in your house, or perhaps looking for it after it has been stolen, or longing to at least keep your sensitive data from thieves, the technology has the appropriate tools for you. Below are the ten best tracking apps for Android that you need to be aware of, use, and perhaps recommend them to a friend.

Part 1: Spyzie

Though we have numerous apps that track your Android phones, none of these apps match the functionality of theSpyzie app.

android tracking app


-The GPS location feature makes it simpler for you to know the exact location of the missing Android device.

-This app gives you the opportunity to manage your incoming and outgoing calls.

-In the case of a lost phone, you can use the messaging feature to track any incoming or outgoing message hence making the tracking process much easier.

-Thanks to the web monitoring feature, you can tell the sites visited by the current holder of the phone hence making it easy to trace the phone based on the information searched online.

-You may also view and download multi-media files remotely hence making it easy to trace the phone based on the photos and videos stored on the device.


-You can track your lost Android device using your computer thanks to the user-friendly interface.

-The download and installation process is simple.

- Very cheap pricing plans. Only costs $9.99 for montly plan.


-It does not support keystroke detection.


-The price usually starts from $9.99 per month to $59.99 per year.

Part 2: AVG Antivirus

Aside from protecting devices from virus attacks, AVG Antivirus also adds up as a tracking program that finds lost, stolen or missing Android devices.

android tracking apps


-It supports Google maps hence making it easy to track lost devices.

-The automatic data eraser can delete both the internal and SD memory.

-It comes with a camera trap feature that takes a picture of anyone who enters the wrong password thrice.

-The automatic lock locks the phone when the SIM card gets changed.


-It gives you options for setting a lock screen message to enable the locator to find the owner.

-It locks the owner’s privacy by a simple text message.

-It is easy to use.


-It contains ads and drains way too much battery.

-Multiple notifications may be annoying to some users.

-It cannot survive a factory data reset.


AVG Antivirus Pro with additional anti-theft features goes for $3.44.

Part 3: AntiDroid Theft

AntiDroid Theft is a simple anti-theft application that comes with standard find my phone features, which includes tracking stolen devices via GPS.

android track app


-It comes with a highly built GPS system.

-The SIM card notification feature updates you when the SIM card has been changed.

-This app has a remotely controlled spy camera that automatically takes pictures of the current holder as well as the surroundings.


-It free for use.

-It comes with a user-friendly interface.


-You must have an active internet connection to track the stolen device.

-It does not use Google’s intent API, hence takes a lot of time to start tracking.

-The app is incapable of remotely enabling Google’s location services.


100% free.

Part 4: Family Locator-GPS Tracker

The Family Locator Android app allows you to form a collectively interconnected group with your loved ones, and then keep track of their whereabouts via the movement of their Android devices.

android tracking app


-It comes with a real-time location data.

-It supports GPS tracking for all circle members.


-It helps you to monitor your family members and loved ones.

-You can add multiple people to the circles for better monitoring.

-It comes with an easy to user interface.


-Only circle members can see each others locations.


Free to download and use.

Part 5: Lost Android

The Lost Android app is an essential and alternative app especially if you happen to lose your phone when in silent mode.

Lost Android


-It comes with a remote control alarm that rings even when the missing device is in silent mode.

-It comes with an informative map that perfectly displays the location of the lost phone.

-The remote erase feature erases data from both the SD and the internal memory.


-You get automatic notifications each and every time the SIM card has been changed.

-You can control multiple Android devices with a single account.

-It provides remote security to your personal data.

-The app is designed with a simple sign up and log in set up.


-Anyone can easily uninstall the app.

-The chances of encountering a malware are high.


The app is provided free on Google Play store.

Part 6: Prey Anti-Theft

Prey Anti-Theft enables users to keep track and trigger actions of all their Android devices from a single platform.

top android tracking app


-It comes fitted with a geolocation feature which works with both the GPS and the WIFI triangulation.

-This app comes with a picture capture feature that takes pictures of the current surroundings of the phone.

-The automatic lock feature allows you to lock the missing phone automatically.


-Triggers loud alarms even when the phone is in silent mode.

-With a single account, you can protect up to three devices at a go.

-Even with a download, the app is invisible, and only a password can uninstall it.


-It supports no remote wipe.

-It only supports limited SMS commands.

-The interface is a bit complicated to new users.


The Basic plan is free while the other plans range from $5 and $15.

Part 7: SeekDroid

SeekDroid is another great tracking app for Android that seamlessly locates your phone the moment you have reported it as missing.

tracking app android


-Remotely locates lost devices from its developer’s website.

-It has options for wiping both internal and SD memory to protect personal details.

-It comes with a GPS enabling feature.


-It comes with a simple sign-up that involves creating a username and a password.

-It perfectly works without a SIM card installed.

-You can retrieve all recent call logs.

-You can remote lock your lost phone.


-The app cannot support multiple accounts.

-Unlike other Android tracking apps, this app cannot survive an immediate factory data reset.

-You must regularly pay to keep using the app.

-You cannot remote control via the messaging feature.


The Pro version goes for $2.99 every month.

Part 8: Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti-theft Android tracking app offers track services for missing, lost or stolen devices.

android tracking


-It supports automatic mail alerts when the SIM card has been changed.

-Remote control via SMS, and the manufacturer’s website.

-It identifies the holder of the phone by taking pictures and videos.


-It functions effectively even if the lost device is not connected to the internet.

-It is easy to use and operate.

-It comes with a one-week free trial.

-In situations where the phone has been factory reset, Cerberus Anti-Theft is not affected.


-You cannot enable GPS remotely unless the lost/stolen phone is rooted.

-It is not available for free access.

-You must install the tracker on your phone for it to work.


The pro version costs €2.99.

Part 9: Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is an Android tracking app that boosts as been one of the best in the market. All you need to do to locate your lost or missing phone is to simply send a code via text and the missing phone automatically rings, even if it was in a silent mode. Upon ringing, the returning SMS displays the GPS coordinates of the missing phone.

tracking android app


-It comes with a GPS Flare that alerts you when the battery is low.

-It comes with a passcode protection feature that prevents the unauthorized use and changes in the app.

-The premium version offers geofencing and customizable ringtones.


-Remotely vibrates a missing phone.

-Remotely wipes phone data.

-It drains no battery, unlike other apps.

-It is easy to use and operate.


-GPS tracking can at times stall due to poor internet connectivity.


Basic plan is free while the Pro and Elite versions are $3.99 and $8.99 respectively.

Part 10: Plan B

Plan B is tracking app for android that locates any lost Android device using GPS and cell towers, and then forwards the location of the missing or stolen smartphone to your designated mail account. This app can be a real lifesaver in situations where your missing phone has no tracking app installed in it.

track app android


-Plan B comes with an installed GPS and cell towers features.

-It comes with a real-time timer that updates the location of your phone after every ten minutes.

-Plan B automatically sends the coordinates of your phone to your email address.


-The setup process is easy.

-Unlike other apps, Plan B uses accurate geolocation coordinates.

-It comes with a small download size.


-It only supports Android 2.x devices.

-Though not common, the signals may fail to locate your phone.

-Geolocation services are not available in some countries.


A one-time payment of $1.99 is required.

Regardless of which Android tracking app that fits your bill, it is no secret that the apps mentioned above will no doubt work out as requested. It is my hope that you will get the opportunity to employ the app that best works for you or your Android device. If you may have better suggestions, please feel free to share it with us as we work towards securing our phones.

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