GPS Personal Locator: Locate Your Kids with GPS

Kids are a very sensitive issue in itself. They are in the age to choose a direction which can either make their career or a single false step can lead to wrong turn. These situations make the parents stressful regarding the safety of their kids. Parenting is on stack when the kids stuck in fussy situations or a bad company. Thanks to the advent of the technology that now, they can easily track the footprint of their kids. The kids these days want a smart device for their socializing, remaining in touch and even assists in handling the school or college projects. Also these devices are now enabled with GPS locator for kids and about which the best is explained below in this article.

GPS Cell Phone Locator for Kids

GPS aka global positioning System is a technological marvel which allows getting the exact location of the targeted person. Even this system allows you in finding different locations when you are lost somewhere. Nowadays, the smart phone comes with the GPS cell phone locator which traces the global positioning of the device in any part of the world. It can assist you in verifying the location of the person and even spying his/ her activities. Also, when concerned about their security and safety, this positioning system will assist you in tracking the location of the targeted person.

1. Spyzie Cell Phone Locator

Spyzie is a web-based monitoring tool that is designed for both Android and iOS devices. The main purpose of this tool is parental controlling. Parents just have to install such tool on their kid device to start monitoring. With Spyzie, one can access text SMS, call history, view photos and videos, monitor web browsing history and many others thing.

gps locator for kids - Spyzie Cell Phone Locator

Features of Spyzie

  • One can easily access call history of the target device.
  • You can also set time limit and block apps to restrict applications.
  • Location tracking is very simple with Spyzie. You can remotely track the location of target device at any time.
  • Want to read text messages from target device? Spyzie makes it easier for you. Simply, open its web-based client and click on messages.
  • You can set time limits for your devices and block apps right from your phone or any browser!
  • You can also discover the accurate time and location of the Wi-Fi hotspots their phone connects with.

2. Sprint Family Locator

There are various GPS locating applications which assist you in tracing the targeted person or device. To have a family pack you can avail the services from Sprint Family Locator. There can be times when the whole family is on vacations and you need to check their current locations. With this application you can trace every single step even if the person has a normal phone with them.

This application assist in locating your family members even if they have normal cell phones. You do not need any special requirements for this tool and it even assists in locating your stolen device or phone. It is a real time device tracker tool and also avails the location through computer.

Price: you can get the monthly subscription by paying the fee of $5.99.

Simply download the application in your device and sign in. you can link four devices to check their real time location. It will display a text message if the targeted person is not present there.

gps locator for kids - Sprint Family Locator

3. Kajeet GPS Locator

Kajeet GPS Locator is a parental control application is one of the powerful kid tracking phone apps. For better protection of your kids you can rely on this locating application. Everyone needs a smart phone and a smart technology but it is also important to teach the better use of the same.

Being a reliable parental controlling application it tracks the targeted device and also controls the access of bad contented websites. In parallel to tracking the device it monitors the cellular activities of the concerned person. It assists you in tracking the real time location of your kids and family members.

Like other software’s you just have to install the device in your smart phone and link it with the targeted device. You can purchase different plans with respect to child safety and security like GPS tracking, monitoring etc. This application is only compatible with Android devices and not with tablets.

gps locator for kids - Kajeet GPS Locator

4. GPS Phone Tracker

A reliable tracking application for the users which can find your device, your friends and helps you to stay connected with your friends though GPS location monitoring. This product is very handy, easy to use and provides you real time location of the targeted person.

This application is easy to install and you can use to justify the exact location of your friend or targeted person. It has a special friend locator function which enables you with the changing location of your friend who   often gets misplaced in the crowded areas.

gps locator for kids - GPS Phone Tracker

Parenting is very difficult task in itself when the situation is concerned about the child safety. They will do all the worldly things to safeguard their kids. Try Spyzie cell phone monitoring to keep track and know the exact whereabouts of your kids.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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