iPhone Real Time Location Tracking

Would you like to know how to track iPhone real time? Keep reading below as this article will fetch you all required information.

iPhone real time location tracking tools have become very popular off late because they help par-ents keep an eye on their kids activities, enable a spouse to monitor their partner’s whereabouts or prove useful in tracking down a lost iPhone. We need iPhone real time location tracking to know the exact location of our kid’s/spouse/own iPhone on the map so that it's easy to keep a tab on their movements, gather evidence if your kid/spouse is up to something wrong or just locate a stolen/missing iPhone.

Since iPhone real time location tracking tools and Apps can do all this and much more, here are some Apps which help in detecting the location of an iPhone. Stay tuned to know more as we un-veil a big surprise for you in the end.

iPhone real time location tracking Apps

iPhone real time tracking Apps are capable of tracking the target iPhone’s movements, wherea-bouts and exact location on the map so that you can follow and monitor it remotely. Given below is a list of 5 such Apps which are very useful to parents, spouses and in case you have misplaced you own iPhone.

1. Find My Friends App

Find My Friends App is pre-installed in iOS devices running iOS 9 to track other’s iPhone, get their estimated ETA(Estimated time of Arrival) or locate their address on the Map. You may also use it to spy by iPhone real time location tracking. This App uses Apple’s cloud service to track down your missing device.

iPhone Real Time Location Tracking - Find My Friends App

Price: Free


  1. This App just needs to be downloaded on your iPhone/iPad/iPod and can be then used to share your location with friends and family.
  2. You may also share your location with other contacts using the same app.
  3. Location sharing made easier with AirDrop and e-mail facility.

Download Find My Friends App to Track Real Time iPhone Location >>

2. Find My iPhone App

Find My iPhone App is particularly useful to track down your lost iOS device if it has WiFi/cellular data connectivity. It can be used in two different ways, i.e., either on another iOS device running on the same iCloud account or by logging on to iCloud.com.

iPhone Real Time Location Tracking - Find My iPhone App

Price: Free


  1. Helps in real time location tracking of iPhone/iPad/iPod.
  2. Can also be used to trace your Mac and Apple Watch.
  3. It comes with a feature called “Family sharing” to monitor the movements of members of one family.
  4. Can be used on any iOS device or Mac.

More Information about Find My iPhone App to Track Real Time iPhone Location >>

Moving on, given below are three more iPhone real time location tracking Apps which can help you in monitoring the whereabouts of your near and dear ones or locate a misplaced iPhone.

3. Phone Tracker

Phone Tracker has GPS facility and its own Map to track down your onward another iPhone. It can locate the exact movements of the target iPhone upto last 24 hours and as close to 30 feet.

iPhone Real Time Location Tracking - Phone Tracker

Price: Free


  1. Can log locations in every two to sixty minutes.
  2. Does not consume too much battery even when GPS is turned on.
  3. Permission needs to be granted from the target iPhone to operate this App.
  4. Can be easily installed and used to track two iPhones free of charge.

Download Phone Tracker to Track Real Time iPhone Location >>

4. AccuTracking

AccuTracking is designed and developed to track vehicles, their speed and real time locations on the map. It can track multiple iPhones at the same time.

iPhone Real Time Location Tracking - AccuTracking

Price: $5.99/month


  1. Real time vehicle, asset tracking.
  2. Easy to use interface.
  3. Can track multiple iPhone at once.

Download AccuTracking to Track Real Time iPhone Location >>

5. Trick or Tracker 3.0

This App helps you keep an eye on your kid/spouse anywhere and anytime. It requires the App to be downloaded on the target iPhone and the one used to monitor it.

iPhone Real Time Location Tracking - Trick or Tracker 3.0

Price: Free


  1. Can be used for 7 target devices at once.
  2. Sends an alert when target device arrives home or leave a particular spot on the map.
  3. Sends location messages every 15 minutes.

Download Trick or Tracker 3.0 to Track Real Time iPhone Location >>

Spyzie: Best iPhone Spy Tool

Saving the best for the last, we introduce to you “Spyzie”, the best iPhone spy tool for iPhone and also for recording call logs, messages, WhatsApp, notes and more information on other’s iPhone without the person getting know anything about it.

Spyzie’s increasing popularity can be attributed to its feature-laden dashboard and control panel from where users can gain access to other’s iPhone and easily get to know the status of their smart phone and also monitor their social media Apps.

Note: Spyzie helps in knowing if the target device is switched off or has active internet, however it wouldn't be able to tell you the exact location of the iOS device.

Without further ado, let's move forward to know how to do iPhone real time spying on other's iPhone using Spyzie:

  1. The initial and first step is the usual, that is, to make an account with Spyzie.
  2. Best iPhone Spy Tool

  3. In this particular step, you will see the screen showing you kind of a form to fill in requiring in-formation about the device you want to hack and its iOS version.
  4. How to spy iPhone

  5. Now sign with the target device iCloud ID and password to verify the details.
  6. How to track iPhone

  7. Finally, access your control panel and hit “Locations” to begin the spying. Fresh data will be up-dated as soon as you log in to your dashboard every time. As said above, using the Spyzie dash-board as shown in the screenshot below, will give you information on whether the iPhone is switched off or probably is disconnected from the internet.
  8. How to hack iPhone

Spyzie can be used on an iPhone without jailbreaking it. It is completely discrete and non-traceable. We recommend you give it a shot and download it right away!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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