How to Locate Lost Android Phone

In today’s world, our smartphones are our lifelines and losing them is certainly the kind of situation that everyone likes to avoid. If you own an Android smartphone, then you can take the assistance of various tools and the native solution by Google to locate your device. In this informative post, we will teach you how to locate lost Android phone in different ways. Make yourself familiar with these solutions as you might need them during an unforeseen situation.

Why do we need to use an Android phone locator?

There are plenty of situations in which we need to locate lost Android phone. For instance, if you have simply forgotten your phone somewhere, then you need to locate it using a dedicated tool. Additionally, if your phone has been stolen by someone, then these tools can help you to locate the perpetrator and get your device back.

By taking the assistance of these dedicated tools, you can locate lost Android phone remotely. You can either use Google’s native solution or a third-party tool to do the same. We have listed both of these techniques in the coming sections.

How to locate lost Android phone?

If you have lost your Android device, then you can take the assistance of Google’s Find My Device to locate it. Earlier, this service was also known as Android Device Manager. If you want, you can install the Find My Device app on your phone as well from right here. Nevertheless, even without using the app, you can locate lost Android phone remotely by following these steps:

  1. Firstly, log-in to Google’s Find My Device service right here. Make sure that you use the same credentials of the account that is linked to your Android device.
  2. After logging-in to the interface, you can select your device associated with your Google account.
  3. Wait for a while as it will connect to Google’s server and provide the exact location of your device. From here, you can also lock your device, ring it, or erase it remotely.

How to locate lost Android phone

Find your lost Android phone with third-party apps

Besides using Google’s Find My Device, you can also take the assistance of any third-party app as well to locate lost Android phone. We have listed the best three solutions here.

1. Spyzie

Spyzie is an advanced spying app that can help you keep a track on the target device’s location on a real-time basis. Additionally, it can also provide an in-depth record of the device’s past locations as well. The app is compatible with all the leading versions of Android and has a web-based dashboard that can be accessed remotely. Furthermore, users can also gain an access to the device’s data, call logs, contacts, browser history, social media activity, and more.

How to locate lost Android phone - Spyzie

  • It runs in a stealth mode and won’t be detected by the user.
  • Its dashboard can be accessed remotely from any other device.
  • Can be used to gain a complete access to the device’s key details
  • Has advanced features related to geo-tracking and geo-fencing
  • Easy to use with dedicated customer support

Price: Plans start from $7.5 a month

2. GPS Phone Tracker

Unlike Spyzie, GPS Phone Tracker is a more social solution that is used to share the device’s location between family members and friends. Though, users can customize their privacy settings and stop sharing their locations as per their needs. Nevertheless, the app can be used to locate lost Android phone by getting the assistance of your friends and family.

How to locate lost Android phone - GPS Phone Tracker

  • It provides a fast and reliable way to share location among your circle.
  • Its privacy settings can be customized.
  • Users can send SOS alerts to their circle.

Freely available (in-app purchases)

3. Where’s My Droid

If you are looking for a secure and reliable solution to locate lost Android phone, then this would be an ideal option for you. After installing the app on your device, you can locate it remotely from its dashboard. It can also send instant alerts for theft-detection or when the SIM is changed on your device.

How to locate lost Android phone - Where’s My Droid

  • Excellent anti-theft and geo-fencing features
  • It can capture and send the photo of the perpetrator
  • Provides a precise and real-time tracking of your device

Price: The premium version costs $3.99

By taking the assistance of these third-party apps or Google’s native solution, you can easily locate lost Android phone without much trouble. Though, if you are installing an app on someone else’s device, then you should inform them beforehand.

Furthermore, with Spyzie, you can track the location of a device on a real-time basis and get an in-depth record of its past locations as well. Since it provides a complete spying solution, you can use the app to track all the vital information related to the device. This includes its contacts, call logs, browser history, social media apps, messages, etc. All of this makes Spyzie a must-have spying app for Android devices.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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