Top Android Location Tracking Apps

Tracking location has become too common. With the rising crime incidences, people want to be double sure of the safety of their relatives and friends. This is why they often end up tracking the location of their acquaintances so as to be sure that they are safe. Further, in order to protect the device from theft, android location tracking is increasing in popularity.

These days, most of the track location android apps come with even more features and so let us see precisely what they are.

Top 5 Android Location Tracking Apps

Here is a list of 5 of the best android location tracking apps that you can use in order to keep track of someone else’s device.

1. Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the popular apps which come packed with too many amazing features in one. You can access a plethora of useful information right under one place. It is a web based app which comes with an extremely user friendly dashboard.

  • You can get real time location updates and even access important device details too
  • You can also keep an eye on messages, notes and even photos
  • The GPS tracker for android comes with a dedicated web based dashboard
  • It is compatible with all the leading versions of Android and iOS

Android Location Tracking Apps - Spyzie

Price: You can download the demo version for free. There are different premium packages and the prices start from $7.5

2. GPS phone tracker

It is one of the most common android device tracking apps present. It too comes packed with tons of features and also offers reliable ease of use. The accurate results backed with the numerous options it has to offer make it an excellent choice.

  • The app has great social features and one can use it to get real time location updates for your friends and family
  • Through the dashboard, one can have access to tons of features and even location history of the different connected devices
  • The dedicated web interface helps in accessing accurate information pertaining to the device
  • As it runs in the background, it doesn’t hamper too much of battery usage

Android Location Tracking Apps - GPS phone tracker

Price: While the basic version can be downloaded off free, there are a few in app purchases which start form as low as $1.5

3. Where’s my Droid

This GPS tracker is used all over the world by millions of people who want to get a real time precise location of their device. Along with it, the anti theft feature and the geo fencing poetry of this device makes it really popular among users.

  • It helps in tracking the phone even when it is either out of network coverage area or even switched off
  • The moment a sim card is changed, you will be given a notification
  • It also helps in remotely locking the device and on the web dashboard; you can also completely erase the content on the mobile.
  • After reputed failed attempts to unlock the device, this app has the potential to take a photo of the intruder
  • It consumes minimal battery as it runs in the background
  • Geo fencing, GPS glare are some of the new added features.

Android Location Tracking Apps - Where’s my Droid

Cost: The basic version is free for use. To use the premium version, one needs to make a onetime payment of $3.99

4. Life 360

Life 360 is another useful app which comes with exciting features. You can add your family members in your circles and even your friends and thereby keep track of their location. It is easy to use and comes with some of the best ways to know where your peeps are headed at the moment.

  • You can create multiple circles and group for easier access and tracking
  • You can also make use of private and group messaging for staying in touch with your circles
  • As it is an invite-only app, users do not need to worry about their privacy
  • You can enjoy flexible location sharing with the whole circle
  • You can also access past location logs
  • The app runs in the background
  • It can also detect crashes, send emergency communication and also helps in analyzing the driving pattern

Android Location Tracking Apps - Life 360

Cost: The premium version of the app comes at $2.99 per month

5. Glympse

It is an all in one GRP tracker which helps in keeping track of the location without being a deterrent to your privacy. The tracking feature offered by the device also helps in avoiding the problem of your device being stolen.

  • This app is also used in businesses for tracking the real time location of the employees
  • It is highly customizable and can help in keeping an eye on the location based on specific filters
  • It comes with extremely sensitive radar which also offers exact location of the device
  • It is compatible with both android and iOS versions.
  • One can create dedicated circles of their families, friends and more

Android Location Tracking Apps - Glympse

Cost: This app is available for free

No doubt, of all the tools available, it is Spyzie which seems to be trending at the moment. The fact that you can have complete control over your target devices, check the password, login to them, see the conversion, trace the location and do so much more makes it a great choice.

Those who want to be sure about its working operation, ease of use and even utility should make it a point to try this tool once.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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