How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it?

Why Break into Someone's Facebook Account?

Every single being on the planet earth has a personal or a corporate account on the social media giant called Facebook. This particular platform has the capacity to engage with the known and unknown people across the globe. You can share your pics, view the pics, comment, tag the place and even promote your business. But nearly all of them don’t take the cyber attacks and social media security seriously. But most of the beings who hate you, want to defame your profile may act smart on how to get Facebook password either by hacking or other fraud methods.

On researching further, your destination or holiday photographs, recent purchases and all the risk-free tags and updates on your Facebook profile can be a diamond mine if it went in the wrong hands. The Cyber criminals grab such information and use them in such a way which can become a threat to you, you’re near ones, your community and even you nations cyber security can be easily breeched if not handled at the right time. These cyber criminals are master minds and they better know how to get someones Facebook password without changing it. You are just sitting and enjoying your Facebook time but there is out someone to leak and breach your important information. Beware!

  • Learn to protect one's own

  • Facebook is now a mere necessity for one and all; it has become an important part of everyday routine. If you notice unusual things happening in your Facebook account like password disabled, photo hacking etc. These suspicious activities may be a sign of hacking you account. At an instant re-set your new password and try to make it stronger than before. Not to use that password commonly on other accounts. Add hints to your password to make it stronger. Avoid password sharing and make it a routine to replace the password after every six months.

  • Spy on spouse

  • Spying in a relation on your loved ones is unethical but there can be such unlucky situations when you need to spy on spouse. Now, the question arises how to spy her account, how to get someones Facebook password without their notice. Here, you get the professional help by installing the spy software or application to keep an eagle’s eye on her Facebook activities. A spy application can assist in monitoring the Messenger messages, Contact list, Shared messages, Deleted or removed content and moreover, with the exact time and date of every particular activity.

All Possible Methods for Hack Facebook Account

There are various methods and techniques on how to get Facebook password. Some of the best possibilities are explained below to achieve this possibility. These methods are:

1.Reset the Password

Hacking via resetting the password can be the easiest way to peep into others Facebook accounts. This is a very common prank among the youth these days, but can bring dangerous circumstances if ignored the consequences. Most of the people tend to forget the account password and try to recover it by applying simple methods of password recovery. Same this is applied in this platform. Below are the steps to hack Facebook account by resetting the password.

What is Password resetting?

Password resetting is the option to recover the forgotten password and change it with the new one. It is the recovery page which assists in such situations like forgotten password, hacking of the account etc. This special page has the ability to recover your password and provides access to your account.

How to hack with Password resetting?

Hacking through Password resetting is simple and you need to follow the below steps to achieve in the same.

  1. To hack a particular account, you need to get the Facebook email login of that account. Most of the time hackers rely on the tools like the Harvester to grab such information.
  2. Open the login page, click on Forgotten password, that account name will pop up, tap the same for further action.
  3. You will be asked about the recovery email to send the reset password. It wont work, so click on you don’t have access to these details.
  4. The browser will ask about how to reach you, and then provide the email address not linked with that Facebook account.
  5. You will be asked questions and if you are close to the account holder then guess the answers and change the password of the same account.
  6. If you fail at this step, try the option of recovering the password with the help from friends. Either you can allow choosing from three or more friends or creating fake ID’s on Facebook to crack the same easily.
  7. You will receive the passwords and try to login the account with successful hacking.

How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it


What is phishing?

Phishing is an unethical event to obtain the sensitive and confidential information of any user like passwords, username, and credit and debit card details etc. These information’s are grabbed by online communications and the results are very disastrous. Such attempts have been made across the world and the cyber terrorists have the expertise to perform phishing.

How to hack with phishing?

Despite being a difficult method, it has become now the most common hacking process on how to get someones Facebook password.  The process which is followed in this strategy is creating a fraud login page. Such links are sent via email and it looks the same as the Facebook login page. Here, the difficult process is to create a duplicate web page to get the login details.

There are many technical methods which promote the cloning of the websites. Once the victim enters his credentials on these cloned pages, the hackers will know all the details and misuse the information for their own benefits. There are many phishing filters available online but it is very difficult to save the account after the attack of phishing.

How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

3.Man in the Middle Attack

What is Man in the Middle Attack?

Man in the Middle Attack or simply MITM, is the highest level of hacking the confidential information between two parties. Here, it seems that the two parties or persons are communicating directly but the middle man relay messages accordingly and hacks every single detail from the conversation.

How to hack with Man in the Middle Attack?

In this process the hackers use various methods to hack the systems and important communications. The easiest way is to trick by connecting the victim to a fake Wi-Fi network to attain the credentials. They have various tools and mechanisms to create fake Wi-Fi network and it is the easiest method to get close to the target. On connecting to the fake network you can control and generate the traffic and even route fraud login pages.

How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

4.Spy App

If not changing password and without being detected, you can try spy APP;

What is spy app?

Mobiles or Smartphone’s is the emerging technology in this 21st century. IT has reduced the work load on various things and is capable to perform many important applications. Most of the leading companies even facilitate their employs with such Smartphone’s to increase connectivity and get the latest updates in their projects. But some of the smart chaps take further advantages of these facilities and does not use them objectively. Here, comes the need of Line Spy App.

This application helps you in locating the location of any person, tracking their activities on the internet. Now, the phone you are spying becomes an open source to the spy. This app enables you to look every minute activity in their mobiles.

How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

How to hack with spy app?

This Spy Line App is the leading platform in its category. Spyzie is compatible with both the famous operating systems like Android and iOS. To make it working you need to install this application and connect it with the phone you want to spy. With this application, you can track the call log, SMS lists, current locations, browsing history, photos, videos etc. The monthly charges of this particular app are $29.99 per month. From the below provide link, you can easily download it and avail the benefits.

How to use Spyzie to get someone's Facebook password without changing it

Spyzie is a professional monitoring solution provider specializing in tracking and monitoring tools for smartphone users.

How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

Like other software and applications, you have to download the file by clicking them link. To aid you, below the link to download the Spy app is provided.

  1. The first thing you need to do is register your account with Spyzie. For that, go to and create an account with email id and chosen password. Once done, download the app on your device.
  2. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

  3. After the registration process is complete, provide some detailed information about the device you want to track with Android keylogger.
  4. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

  5. Before you can install the app, you will need to know a little bit about installing an unauthorized app. You will need to go to the Developer Option on your device to allow the installation of an app that is not from an authorized source. Once done, you will be able to install the app smoothly.
  6. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

  7. Now go the website of Spyzie and download the Line account hack that you will need to install on the mobile device you want to track.
  8. After the installation is complete, open the Spyzie app on your device and log in with the credentials that you created earlier. To useAndroid keylogger you will need to allow the permission it will ask for.
  9. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

  10. Once done, you will have to activate your monitoring on the device. Now, you can delete the app on the target device and leave it as it is. The app will keep running in the background and spy on Android device.
  11. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

  12. Now you can return to your own device and log in with the same credentials and go to your dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you will be able to spy all the social Apps but only those accounts that will be used on the targeted mobile.
  13. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

  14. Now, you will be able to spy on any social App account, the messages, photos and videos it shares. Basically, you will able to monitor it 24 X 7 from your dashboard.
  15. How to Get Someone's Facebook Password without Changing it

Retrieving important credentials via hacking is a punishable offence and it comes under cyber crime. But with a motive to protect the souls of your loved ones from the online terror with ethical methods is fruitful. You can use methods and techniques like Spy apps and other software in order to accomplish on how to get someones Facebook password without changing it. These methods are safe and provide you timely details of every single activity of the targeted person.

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