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Are you fully aware of what your kids are up to online, whether it’s on their computers or their mobile phones? Have you ever wanted to recall a message that you sent on WhatsApp or Facebook, but the message has been long gone, and there’s no way to recover it?

Technology has played an amazing role in modern-day society, but there’s definitely room for improvement. One of the more up and coming technologies is keystroke recorders. So you can take full advantage of what this revolutionary software has to offer, here’s a complete guide to the best keystroke recorders of 2018.

What is a Keystroke Recorder?

In short, a keystroke recorder is a piece of software that can be installed on a computer or a mobile device that records every single button and key that is pressed. This information is typically secured by a password that only authorised users can access for reference to the content that has been written.

Why Do We Need a Keystroke Recorder?

There are countless reasons as to why you would want a keystroke recorder, many of which we skimmed over in the introduction. Most commonly, parents are very interested in keystroke recorders, so they can monitor their children’s internet browsing activity.

How many hours a day does your child spent on the internet, either on their phone or on a laptop or computer? They may say they are accessing certain websites or talking to certain people like their friends, but do they even know who they’re actually talking to? With a keystroke recorder, you can see exactly what messages are being sent so you can guarantee your child’s safety.

Additionally, you could use the same software to track the conversations and browsing patterns that your partner has online. It’s not unusual to get a gut feeling that something is wrong in a relationship with you suspect something like cheating, but without proof, there’s no hard ground to make your assumptions.

Using keystroke recorders, sometimes referred to as loggers, you can gather all the proof you need to either put your fears to rest or bring up what will be a very difficult yet necessary conversation.

Top 5 Keystroke Recorders

So, you want a keystroke recorder for your own personal reason but searching online will return over 788,000 results, so where do you start? Here to give you a helping hand is our pick of our top five keystroke recorders that you can start using today.

1. Spyzie Keystroke Recorder

Free Keystroke Recorder - Spyzie Keystroke Recorder

Coming in at number one, we’ve chosen Spyzie. Spyzie is a mobile-orientated monitoring system that comes with a tonne of features, including the essential keystroke tracking and recording process. Spyzie was recently released back in 2017 but has rapidly become one of the most popular keystroke recorder in the industry thanks to its usability.

Compatibility - Android/iOS

  • Real-time geolocation tracking of device
  • Access to all web browsing history and download history
  • Remote access to all messages call information and social media usage
  • Ability to screenshot phone screen remotely for proof
  • Access to all media, photo, audio and video folders

Price - £29.99/£39.99 per month

Keystroke Recorder - Spyzie Keystroke Recorder

2. Free Keylogger

Free Keystroke Recorder - Free Keylogger

The most downloaded keylogging tool CNET, Free Keylogger is an insanely popular keylogging tool that does exactly what it says on the tin. However, it’s worth noting that the essential ‘stealth’ installation, the feature that hides the software from view, is only available in the Pro Edition.

Compatibility - Windows

  • Clipboard scanning recording
  • Full recorded history
  • Auto-start when computer turns on
  • Hidden mode ‘hotkey’ opening

Price - Free/$49.95

Keystroke Recorder - Free Keylogger

3. Flexispy

Free Keystroke Recorder - Flexispy

One of the most versatile keystroke recorder applications to enter our list, FlexiSpy is suitable and compatible with all types of mobile device so you can easily track and record the keys of your target without the worry of the software not working. In addition to keylogging, the program also has a tonne of other monitoring features you can use.

Compatibility - Android/iOS/Blackberry/Nokia/Windows/Mac

  • Installation service
  • Real-time location tracking
  • Patented mobile ‘viewing’ app
  • Remote access to folders and communication files

Price - From $68 per month

Keystroke Recorder - Flexispy

4. mSpy Keystroke Recorder

Free Keystroke Recorder - mSpy Keystroke Recorder

Similar to Flexispy listed above, mSpy is more of a platform that’s dedicated to monitoring child thanks to its range of children and age-sensitive features as well as cross-platform monitoring.

Compatibility - Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

  • Easy remote access from any browser
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Remote monitoring of all communications from device

Price - Prices start at £17 per month

Keystroke Recorder - mSpy Keystroke Recorder

5. iKeyMonitor

Free Keystroke Recorder - iKeyMonitor

If you’re looking for an all-in-one monitoring solution to accompany your keystroke recorder system, this could be the ideal platform for you. With a free trial available and a range of features at your disposal, it’s no wonder this is one of the most popular apps in the industry.

Compatibility - Android/iOS/Windows/Mac

  • Keystroke logging
  • Remote access to device information through any browser
  • Remote access to all communications, including social media

Price - Free/$49.99 per month

Keystroke Recorder - iKeyMonitor

How to Use Spyzie as a Keystroke Recorder?

As you can see, we’ve listed Spyzie as our number choice of keystroke recorder, simply for its easy usability, quick installation and advanced user interface. If you want to give it a go yourself, you can! Simply follow this step by step guide.

Step #1 - Creating an Account

The first thing you need to do is create an account with the Spyzie program. You can do this by heading over to their website and clicking the sign-up button. You’ll need to insert your name, your email address and then create a password for your account.

Free Keystroke Recorder

Step #2 - Installing Spyzie

The next thing you need to do is install the Spyzie app onto your chosen device. On the next screen, start by entering the details of the phone and target that you’re going to record the keystrokes from. You need their name, their age and the operating system the device is running.

Keystroke Recorder

It’s vital that you insert the right operating system since the Android and iOS installations are slightly different. Please note that Spyzie can only use as Android keystroke recorder.

Step #3 - Using Spyzie as a Keystroke Recorder

Now that everything is installed, you can start using Spyzie as a keylogger. Simply sign into your Spyzie account using the email address and password from the first step in any web or mobile browser you like. Click log in, and you’ll be taken to your personal control panel.

Best Keystroke Recorder

Using the navigation menu on the left-hand side, you’ll see the keylogger feature option. Click this, and you’ll be able to set up your preferences for the keylogging features while having access to all the recorded files.

Use Spyzie as a Keystroke Recorder

As you can see, setting up and using a keystroke recorder on your computer or mobile device is nothing more than three easy steps. Spyzie is by far one of the most fully-featured platforms available, and with a free trial available, you can test to see whether this is the perfect platform for you!

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