Top 10 Best Free Keylogger for Mac

Why keylogging is possible?

Keylogging – that is making a record of the keyboard inputs made on a device – has been around for a long time. Since the days of mechanical typewriters in fact! Nowadays, we are very often talking about a software situation, the recording of activity – keystrokes, and much, much more – on a mobile phone.

Whatever the means of input, of asking your phone to do something, that requires a command, a message, a signal to be sent to the operating system. Whether it be iOS, Windows, Mac OS or Android, that command can be intercepted and recorded for later inspection. That is keylogging in a nutshell. Apple is famous for its user security. But we can come good Mac keyloggers products to help us so;ve some problems.

Why keylogging should be used?

In all situations, if you have the permission of the user of the target phone, the phone whose activity you want to record, then there is not any problem. With your children, that should be straightforward. With employees of a company, given it is a company funded phone, and the monitoring is only of business activities, that should not be a problem either. We can imagine a conversation, though it might not be an easy one, where your partner in life might also give permission for their phone to be monitored.

It is likely that you would think about using a keylogger in a situation where there is some concern between the parties, possibly trust is not 100%. It is likely that a keylogger is a less expensive solution than any alternative. However, our advice can only be that you proceed at your own cognizance. We have some best keylogger for Mac for you below.  

Top 10 Best Keyloggers for Mac


Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Has the useful ability to block specific sites.

Generally clear and useful instructions and help.  

Middle to high range price


Full functionality requires the iPhone to be jailbroken.

Some of the Instant Messaging apps are not logged.

2.Elite keylogger

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Has password protection against unauthorised detection or use.

Completely undetectable record of all keystrokes.  

Nice looking interface.


Mixed, very positive or very negative, reviews of customer experience.

Only records the activity in Instant Messaging apps from one side.


Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


It takes a photograph of anyone using the phone – you could use it for the security of your own phone! 

There is a trial version then pricing is competitive.


The free version is only a limited trial.

Require physical access of the target phone.

No iOS version.

4.Aobo keylogger

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Presents the reported activity in logical groupings.

Intercepts and blocks listed web addresses.   


Available in English only.

Mac only.

5.Spyrix Keylogger Free

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Records sound.

Logs both sides of IM communications.

Good reporting options.


The installation can become quite complicated.

Stealth may be compromised in the free version.

6.Kidlogger Free

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Simple to use.

Open source, under constant development, might be worth future consideration.


Quite basic with minimal options.

Can be detected and uninstalled.

7.Refog Personal Monitor

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Will make a log of all usernames and passwords – potentially very useful information.

Slick interface.


Cannot block websites.

Installation seems a little long-winded.

Stealth mode is questionable.

8.Perfect Keylogger Lite for Mac

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


It has a very light footprint and presents very little load to your computer. 

Records both sides of Instant Messaging chats.


This is a limited version – full functionality is only gained with the paid version.

Seems that there is a very limited user base with very little feedback.  

No email options for reports.

9.SniperSpy for Mac

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


Gives you the chance to monitor live, the real-time activity on the targeted device.

Live monitoring is further enhanced by being able to take screenshots.   

Can block selected websites.


Does not track emails or attachments.

Has limited storage capacity for screenshots which have been taken.

10.Real Free Keylogger

Best Free Keylogger Mac - Spyzie


A strong list of options.

Password protected.   

A scheduler for recordings will help limit overload.


The limited number of downloads and reviews do not promote full confidence.

Best Keylogger for Android-Spyzie

Everyone will have their own reasons for using a keylogger. Your reason may well be an entirely positive one. We are of the opinion that if you are going to do something, you may as well do it in a fully committed way. It is a variation of pulling that plaster off as soon and as quickly as you can. It is a variation of if you want anything doing well, you may as well do it yourself. It is another way of saying in dozens of cliched ways if you are going to do something you should do the best that you can.

In an accelerated world of technology, it is very important to maintain control over all your appliances. Portable devices like tablets and cell phones have become a basic necessity of life. These devices take our personal information, information about our daily task and everything we need to communicate with our friends and family. Among them the application Spyzie it is the best choice to control your phone.


Best keylogger for Mac

If the question is already rising in your mind in crawling an Android device or IOS, and then make it clear in the first place. Spyzie is a web-based solution. You can open a free account and connect to both the Android/iOS application and the web-based portal if the tool is already installed on your device. Once in operation, Spyzie will carry out the work that is intended to. You can keep an eye on your call records, text messages, GPS location of your phone, the history of your Internet browser. All the bookmarks are stored on your device, the photos, the calendar and the activities of all the applications that are being installed in the operation or in the telephone.

How to use Spyzie Keylogger to track Android device?

  1. The first thing you need to do is register your account with Spyzie. For that, go to and create an account with email id and chosen password. Once done, download the app on your device.

  2. Best keylogger for Mac

  3. After the registration process is complete, provide some detailed information about the device you want to track with Android keylogger.
  4. Best keylogger for Mac

  5. Before you can install the app, you will need to know a little bit about installing an unauthorized app. You will need to go to the Developer Option on your device to allow the installation of an app that is not from an authorized source. Once done, you will be able to install the app smoothly.
  6. Best keylogger for Mac

  7. Now go the website of Spyzie and download the Line account hack that you will need to install on the mobile device you want to track.
  8. After the installation is complete, open the Spyzie app on your device and log in with the credentials that you created earlier. To useAndroid keylogger you will need to allow the permission it will ask for.
  9. Best keylogger for Mac

  10. Once done, you will have to activate your monitoring on the device. Now, you can delete the app on the target device and leave it as it is. The app will keep running in the background and spy on Android device.
  11. Best keylogger for Mac

  12. Now you can return to your own device and log in with the same credentials and go to your dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you will be able to spy all the social Apps but only those accounts that will be used on the targeted mobile.
  13. Best keylogger for Mac

  14. Now, you will be able to spy on any social App account, the messages, photos and videos it shares. Basically, you will able to monitor it 24 X 7 from your dashboard.
  15. Best keylogger for Mac

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