Best Alternative to Revealer Keylogger

If you’ve been in the mobile spy game for some time, you’ll already be well aware of the power of keyloggers. A keylogger is a relatively simply piece of technology which can be installed on a computer or mobile device to track the keys and buttons that are pressed.

This is extremely helpful if you’re trying to find out the kind of messages that someone has sent to someone else, whether it’s in an SMS format, an email format, or any kind of written information.

One of the leading solutions when it comes to keyloggers is more commonly known as Revealer. With thousands of downloads and some relatively good reviews, it’s easy to see why people are drawn to using this solution.

However, as with anything life, for some people, Revealer simply doesn’t cut the mustard, and an alternative is needed. To get you off on the right foot, here’s everything you need to know about Revealer Keylogger and its best alternative.

1.What is Revealer Keylogger?

As mentioned above, Revealer Keylogger is a leading keylogger solution. It’s free to download and is produced and updated thanks to the Logixsoft company. The software has witnessed over 3 million downloads, rated 8/10 as an average score and one of the most recommended keyloggers in the industry, according to leading publications such as Softonic and WIRED.


However, there are some drawbacks when it comes to using Revealer. The first and most obvious problem is compatibility. The current version of Revealer is only compatible with Windows computers that are running a version from 10 to Windows XP SP3.

This means you won’t be able to use to software on mobile device, either iOS or Android, nor on Mac computers, rather limiting what you can do


There are many features included with both the free and premium versions of Revealer. One of the leading features is the fact that you can password protect the app to stop it being turned off or accessed by someone else.

Some of the other key features include;

  • Full keystroke logging
  • Ability to take screenshots of screen or specific window
  • Full invisible mode
  • Remote monitoring functions


There are multiple packages available when it comes to Revealer. Of course, you can download the free version to enjoy the basic range of services and features, but there are three premium packages to choose from, depending on what features you want and how many devices you want to log.

There are Personal, Family and Business packages which range in price from £29.99 to £149.95, although there is a 53% discount at the time of writing, meaning the Business package is only £69.99.


2.Revealer Keylogger Review


  • Records and logs every single keystroke, regardless of whether it’s a password as no asterisks will be shown
  • One of the easiest solutions to use to record keystrokes
  • Saves all files in a TXT format for easy reading
  • Remote monitoring


  • Can be expensive for some budgets
  • Sometimes app appears in Task Manager
  • Can drain device battery

3.How to Install Revealer Keylogger?

It’s incredibly easy to setup and install Revealer Keylogger on a device. Once you’ve signed, selected and paid for your package, you’ll need to download the installer.

Once downloaded, double-click the installer and follow the onscreen instructions. You’ll need your license key if you’re using a premium version. Simply follow the instructions through to the end, and you’ll be ready to start logging keys.

Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

How to Use Revealer Keylogger Free

Once installed, you’re going to want to open the Keylogger from time to time. To do this, you simply need to press the Windows key along with the ‘E’ button.

This will open Windows Explorer where you’ll need to follow the program path to;


This will open the keylogger program where you’ll be able to adjust and personalise your settings.

Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

4.Best Alternative to Revealer Keylogger - Spyzie

As you can see, Revealer is a very functional and comprehensive piece of kit but let’s be honest, which children do you know sit at home sending emails to their friends? Which cheating partners sit on their sofa with their laptops messaging their other ‘other’ half?

Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

In truth, they don’t. Instead, they use their phones, which is why you want a mobile-friendly keylogger like the one that Spyzie provides. Spyzie is a leading mobile spy application that comes rammed full of all the features you’ll ever need to record and track every single keystroke that is made on an Android or iOS device.

Spyzie has been made as easy as possible to install, no matter what device you’re using. All you need to do is to head over to the Spyzie website and click the sign-up button to create an account (see below).

  1. The first thing you need to do is register your account with Spyzie. For that, go to and create an account with email id and chosen password. Once done, download the app on your device.

  2. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

  3. After the registration process is complete, provide some detailed information about the device you want to track with Android keylogger.
  4. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

  5. Before you can install the app, you will need to know a little bit about installing an unauthorized app. You will need to go to the Developer Option on your device to allow the installation of an app that is not from an authorized source. Once done, you will be able to install the app smoothly.
  6. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

  7. Now go the website of Spyzie and download the Line account hack that you will need to install on the mobile device you want to track.
  8. After the installation is complete, open the Spyzie app on your device and log in with the credentials that you created earlier. To useAndroid keylogger you will need to allow the permission it will ask for.
  9. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

  10. Once done, you will have to activate your monitoring on the device. Now, you can delete the app on the target device and leave it as it is. The app will keep running in the background and spy on Android device.
  11. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

  12. Now you can return to your own device and log in with the same credentials and go to your dashboard. Once in the dashboard, you will be able to spy all the social Apps but only those accounts that will be used on the targeted mobile.
  13. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie

  14. Now, you will be able to spy on any social App account, the messages, photos and videos it shares. Basically, you will able to monitor it 24 X 7 from your dashboard.
  15. Best alternative to revealer keylogger - Spyzie


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable solution
  • Compatible with all kinds of mobile device
  • Multiple spy features including real-time location tracking
  • Free trial


  • No particular cons so far!


As you can see, Revealer Keylogger is a great piece of technology, but it’s simply outdated and no longer relevant since more and more people are moving away from desktop computers in favour of mobile devices.

This is why you need to update your keylogger to something relevant that will give you not only all the information you could ever need, but also a tonne of other features, so you get the full monitoring experience.

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