I primi 10 Tool di hackeraggio di Snapchat per Hackerare qualunque conto Snapcha

If you wish to hack someone’s Snapchat, then you have come to the right place. There are plenty of Snapchat hacker tools out there that can let you gain access to someone’s account instantly. Nevertheless, before we proceed, it is important to note that you should not be invading someone’s privacy. A Snapchat hack tool should only be used for constructive purposes or as a prank, as it could lead to a legal complication as well. Though, if you are a concerned parent and would like to ensure the well-being of your family, then you can simply take the assistance of these Snapchat hacker app and tools.

2: SnapExploit

As the name suggests, SnapExploit is a dedicated Snapchat hacker app that can be accessed from the web. By simply supplying the username of the account you wish to hack, you can obtain its credentials. Additionally, you can turn on the proxy feature to maintain your anonymity while hacking.

Website: http://snapexploit.com


  • Freely available web-based tool
  • Maintains user anonymity
  • Provides fast processing


  • Sometimes, users are required to complete a few surveys before hacking an account.

snapchat hacker tool - snapexploit

3: SnapThief

SnapThief is another popular Snapchat hack tool that provides a quick and reliable crack to plenty of Snapchat accounts. It has the stored information of Snapchat account credentials that were leaked a while back. Furthermore, it can run dedicated algorithms to crack a new account.

Website: https://snapthief.pro/


  • It can be accessed from the web anytime
  • Only Snapchat username is needed to hack the account


  • Too often, its results are not reliable.

snapchat hacker tool - snapthief

4: SnapBrute

If you wish to download snaps, stories, chats, and other media files of a Snapchat account, then you can use this Snapchat hacker. Additionally, SnapBrute can be used to obtain the credentials of a Snapchat account as well. Simply visit its web interface and provide the username of the account you wish to hack.

Website: http://www.snapbrute.com/


  • Works on every platform (web-based application)
  • Can hack Snapchat accounts quickly
  • It can also download Snapchat media and chats of the provided account


  • It isn’t as reliable as other hacking tools and requires the completion of surveys before displaying results.

snapchat hacker tool - snapbrute

5: Hackthatsnap

Hackthatsnap is a dedicated Snapchat hacker app that is available for all the leading platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. After downloading the app, you can use it to track someone’s activity on Snapchat. Besides viewing their snaps, stories, and chats, you can also download them on your local storage as well.

Website: http://hackthatsnap.com/


  • Works on all the leading platforms (like Android, iOS, Windows, and more)
  • It is a freely available solution
  • The app has an easy to use interface


  • In order to complete the installation process, you need to complete unnecessary surveys (to prove you are human).

snapchat hacker tool - hackthatsnap

6: Snapch

Snapch is another popular Snapchat hacker that can be accessed from the web. Therefore, you can use this tool to hack a Snapchat account without downloading any third-party software. Though, its database has not been updated in a while and plenty of users complain about its incompetency as well.

Website: http://snapch.net/


  • Web-based tool that doesn’t require the download of any third-party tool
  • Only a username of the Snapchat account is needed to hack it
  • Lightweight tool with fast processing


  • The database hasn’t been updated in a while

snapchat hacker tool - snapch

7: SnapLegends

SnapLegends is a widely used Snapchat hack tool that is known to provide constructive results. Inspite of being a web-based tool, it performs pretty well by running a sophisticated algorithm. All you need to provide is the username of the account you wish to hack to make it work.

Website: https://www.snaplegends.com/


  • Available in multiple languages
  • Web-based tool that can be accessed remotely anytime
  • Provides fast and reliable results


  • It isn’t the best tool to protect your anonymity and might alert the targeted user in between.

snapchat hacker tool - snaplegends

8: HeyBlink

One of the best things about this Snapchat hacker app is that users don’t need to complete any survey to use it. After downloading a suggested app, they can hack the provided Snapchat account. Since HeyBlink is a web-based tool, anyone can use it with an internet connection.

Website: http://heyblink.me/snapchat-online-hack.html


  • No installation of a third-party application is required
  • It doesn’t ask users to complete a survey
  • Users can stay anonymous while hacking the account


  • Even though it doesn’t ask users to complete a survey, they need to download one of the suggested apps on their device to make it work.

snapchat hacker took - snapchat online hack

9: Appmsr

Appmsr is a dedicated hacking solution tool that works with Snapchat and all the other leading social media apps like Messenger, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and more. After downloading the app on the target device, you can monitor its activity remotely. This will let you review the messages and media files of the targeted device on a real-time basis.

Website: http://appmsr.com/


  • It can provide the exact location of the device.
  • The tool can also be used to hack other social media apps as well.
  • The Snapchat hacker provides messaging history, media download, real-time update, and more.


  • It is quite an expensive solution, as users need to pay $30 for hacking each app (which needs to be renewed in every 7 days).

snapchat hacker tool - appmsr

10: SnapHackMaster

The tool calls itself an all-in-one Snapchat hacker app as it can download every information related to a Snapchat account. SnapHackMaster can download conversations, media files, and passwords in a compressed file. All of this is done while keeping a user anonymous.

Website: http://www.snaphackmaster.com/


  • It can be accessed from its web-based interface
  • The Snapchat hack tool maintains the anonymity of the user
  • It can download passwords, media files, and chat logs


  • Users need to complete unnecessary surveys before downloading the compressed file (having all the information).

snapchat hacker tool - snaphackmaster

Now when you know about the ten best Snapchat hacker tools, you can easily recover your old account or spy on your friends and family. Be sure to use these tools only for thoughtful reasons and don’t invade anyone’s privacy. If you don’t want to complete surveys or download unwanted apps, then you can simply take the assistance of Spyzie and hack a Snapchat account without getting detected.

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