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Introducing how to install and use Spyzie android spy app.

Part 1: Select the Right Spyzie App:

Monitoring App

It should be installed on the target device.

Control Panel App

It should be installed on the user's own device.

What Does Each App Do?

The Monitoring app is an apk file that should be installed directly on the target android phone or tablet pc. Once it's installed and activated correctly, the file and the app icon will be deleted will work in stealth mode, collecting and syncing data to the Control Panel with a safe frequency.

The Control Panel app is used to view the monitored data. You can install it on any of your own devices. Alternatively, you can always visit to get access to the Control Panel.

Part 2: How to intall the Spyzie monitoring app?

1. Setting

Get the target android phone or tablet pc at hand. Find "Setting" and click the "Lock screen and security" tab. Then enable the "Unknown Sources" option, and click "OK".

2. Download

Open the browser on the target device, and put in the following url to download the file:

3. Install

Find the apk file from the the "Notifications" pop-up menu or in the "downloads" folder. Click it to install. When the installation process is done, there should be a request asking if you would like to delete the installation file, Click "Yes". If you don't get the request, you may manually delete the file.

4. Activate

Open the app and sign into your Spyzie account (you must accept the Agreement before moving forward). If you don't have an account yet, you can create one first. Then click "Start" to activate the device administrator service. Please note that all permission requests must be allowed. Once the service is activated, the app icon will automatically be deleted.

5. View

Now you can put away the target device and view the monitored data remotely on any of your own devices including smart phones, Windows PCs or Mac computers as long as they are connected to the internet. Please note that when the first time you get access to the dashboard, it may take a little time to retrieve data from the monitored phone (a few seconds to several minutes depending on the size of monitored files). You may also click the sync icon on the dashboard to manually sycn the latest data, but if the target deivce is powered off or not connected to Wi-Fi or other mobile network, the Spyzie server will not be able to push any new data to your Control Panel.

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