Skype Hack: 8 Free Skype Hackers Even Expert Don't Know About

Do you find that your boyfriend or girlfriend has been spending a lot of time over Skype with people you don't know? Are you a parent worried about who your kids keep talking to over Skype? Or are you an employer trying to figure out whom your employees are skyping with?

If your answer to any of those questions is 'Yes', then you're probably wondering how to perform a Skype hack as well. Skype is currently the foremost video call software, and furthermore many companies and professional organizations vastly use Skype for communications. As such, knowing how to perform a Skype hack could probably be a very useful skill to have. In case you're under the impression that it needs some super spy skills to be a Skype account hacker, let us assure you that anyone can simply perform a Skype hack as long as they have the right Skype hacker.

There are a lot of iPhone spy apps and Android spy apps out there in the market, so many that it may get confusing to go through all of them. In this article we've compiled a list of eight of the best Skype hacker softwares out there. So read on to become an expert Skype hacker!

Part 1: Skype Hacker - Spyzie

Spyzie is my personal favorite spy app to perform a Skype hack. It towers high above most other Skype hacker apps because of several reasons, such as the reasonable and flexible payment structures, the impressive set of features, and the reliability. After all, if you're going to be hacking into someone's Skype account, you'd want the most reliable software by your side, and Spyzie is that software.

Features with which to perform a Skype Hack:

  1. Keylogging: This feature allows you to be notified of all the keys being pressed in the target phone. As such you can find out what keys are being pressed to enter the password. This can help you gain the password for Skype and thus use it at your own will whenever you want.
  2. Capture Screenshots: You can make screenshots remotely off the target phone to record app activities including Skype. As such you can hack someone's Skype account at will.
  3. Social Apps Spy: Spyzie also provides a direct way for you to spy messages generated from popular social apps including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Line and also Skype. You will not miss any chat history from Skype running on the target phone.


  1. Other than features directly necessary to hack Skype like Keylogging and access to the control panel, there are a lot of other features as well. For example, you can track a phone's GPS coordinates, you can set up a geo-fencing perimeter and be notified when the phone crosses certain boundaries, etc.
  2. There is a very simple process with which to download and install Spyzie into the target phone.
  3. You get 24/7 tech customer support which is very helpful.
  4. Reasonable and flexible payment structure.


  1. None.

free skype hacker

Part 2: Skype Hacker - WebWatcher

WebWatcher is a Skype hacker app which has an impressive array of features. Other than performing a Skype hack, it can also hack other social media accounts, and it comes with a great customer support.


  1. You can hack Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkdIn, and other social media accounts as well.
  2. You can intercept messages to and from other people.
  3. You can listen in on live calls.
  4. You can monitor all activities in a phone remotely.
  5. You can go through a website and browser history.


  1. Simple interface.
  2. Money back guarantee.
  3. Can perform Skype hack and also other social media hacks.


  1. It suffers from serious glitches.
  2. It's $99.95 and thus it's way too expensive for a casual Skype hacker.

Skype Hacker - WebWatcher

Part 3: Skype Hacker - Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy is a well established name amongst the Skype account hacker softwares. It comes with a large number of impressive features besides performing a Skype hack, such as GPS tracking, call monitoring, blocking contacts, etc.


  1. Access to incoming and outgoing call logs.
  2. Complete access to a person's contacts and the ability to block them.
  3. Access to all instant messages sent or received.
  4. Access to browser history, and the ability to block certain sites.
  5. GPS location tracking.
  6. Social Media monitoring of Skype, Telegram, Line, Viber, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook Messenger Chats.


  1. Has a large number of features.
  2. If you purchase the full version of the app, then you get a complimentary desktop app called SnipperSpy, which is a great means of tracking the target Skype account on your computer as well.
  3. The technicians are really helpful and provide ready assistance.


  1. It isn't compatible with Windows mobile or Symbian OS.
  2. It works best on Apple of Blackberry, however in all other phones it apparently has compatibility issues, because of which certain features don't work properly.


The basic package starts at $29.99

Skype Hacker - Mobile Spy

Part 4: Skype Hacker - The Truth Spy

The Truth Spy has all the usual Skype hacker app features, however this app has a relatively lower price tag than the rest, which makes it slightly more appealing.


  1. Its is undetectable because of Stealth mode.
  2. Call logging and message interception.
  3. Social media monitoring.
  4. Skype contacts monitoring and blocking.
  5. GPS location tracking.


  1. It has a user-friendly interface that anyone can use.
  2. It can live track BBM chats.
  3. Even in the basic low range price, you still get a whole bunch of features.
  4. You can even avail of a trial.


  1. Has terrible technical customer care response.
  2. The information page isn't well made so it's hard to figure out how to buy, download, and install it.


You can choose between a standard, premium, or gold package, with a license for 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. The starting range is $16.99.

Skype Hacker - The Truth Spy

Part 5: Skype Hacker - Skype Account Hacker

Skype Account Hacker is a purely Skype account hacker app. Because it is meant purely for Skype, as the name suggests, it puts all its focus on doing just one thing, retrieving the password to any Skype account. As such you can either retrieve your own lost password, or find out the password to anyone else's Skype account, and then simply log into them as if they were your own!


  1. Simple user interface that guides you step by step through the process of performing a Skype hack.
  2. Can generate and crack password within a matter of minutes.


  1. It can recover and crack Skype passwords.
  2. It is solely focused on Skype.
  3. It has great reviews from customers.
  4. Free to download.


  1. It doesn't come from a reliable or trustworthy company.
  2. It is risky and doesn't guarantee success.

Skype Hacker - Skype Account Hacker

Part 6: Skype Hacker - Skype Hacker 2.4

Skype Hacker 2.4 is another easy to use and free tool focused solely on performing Skype hack. This Skype account hacker is also used primarily to detect the password for any account at all.


  1. Can recover passwords.
  2. Free and easy to install and download.


  1. Another unreliable Skype hacker app.
  2. Lots of poor reviews.

Part 7: Skype Hacker - Skype Hacker 1337

Skype Hacker 1337 is also a free Skype account hacker. However, this software also has the 'Public Proxy' feature which hides your IP so that you can spy incognito.


  1. MD5 Hash generator.
  2. Public proxy: Go incognito by hiding your own IP address so the person who is hacked can't track the hack back to you.
  3. Skype blocker: You can block out contacts and people from the target's Skype account.
  4. Generate new password: This can help you effectively take over a Skype account.


  1. Free and easy to download.
  2. Public Proxy feature to remain undetected.
  3. Can generate a new password whenever you want so you can access any Skype account.


  1. Lack of reviews or detailed information.

Skype Hack

Part 8: Skype Hacker - Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a spy software which can be used to perform Skype hack so that you can find out what your kids are up to and who they are talking to. This is another extensive spy app, so you can use it to hack the entire phone. While it is specifically geared towards parenting, it can be used by anyone at all.


  1. Hack Skype, block contacts, read messages, and find out who a person is talking to.
  2. Read WhatsApp messages.
  3. Go through Facebook pictures and messages.
  4. Go through the browser history and contacts history.


  1. Can be effective and has all the necessary features to hack Skype account.
  2. It can even track a phone's location.


  1. Can only work with iOS and Android devices.
  2. To monitor an iPhone, iPad or iPod, you will have to jailbreak the target phone.
  3. It's a bit expensive at $69.99.

Skype Hacker

So now you know about all the top Skype hacker apps with which you can perform a Skype hack! Whatever you use it for, remember to do so judiciously. You should also be certain about the ethical mores of using hacking tools, don't be a stalker and don't do anything you might regret! But as long as your concerns are genuine, go ahead and hack skype accounts!

As you can probably tell from the list given above, the free Skype hackers are generally not very reliable, which is why you should go for one of the professional tools that have been listed. While my personal favorite is Spyzie, they all have their advantages and disadvantages, and it depends on what works best for you!

Do let us know down in the comments which Skype account hacker you decided to use, we'd love to hear from you!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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