Top 5 Best Geofencing App for Android Parental Control

Are you one of those busy parents who are anxious about what your kids are up to at home while you are away from home and stuck at your workplace with a pile of work? And you rely on technology to aid in your parenting and taking care of your kids at home. Then you should continue reading this article which introduces you to this brilliant subject of Android geofence API. The term geofencing means to lay down a geofence which is a virtually put down perimeter in the real-life geographic area. Geofences are defined boundaries. To elucidate further, geofencing lets one administrate over the perimeter of the area bounded by the geofence. As soon as the target phone enters or exits the boundaries, triggers are activated giving notifications to the administrator’s phone. Geo-fencing enables one to set up a geofence as they require.   Intrigued much? Give a cursory reading to this article on geofencing Android and get an answer to your query How to implement geofencing in android?

Top 5 best Geofencing App for  Android Parental control

Now that you have come to terms with the geofencing subject, lets’ now see how to utilize this concept and track down your kids. These days, it is stereotyped to spot a smartphone in teen’s hand. Rest your queasy nerves because your job is halfway done. All you need to do now is to incorporate geofencing in the parental control option of a smartphone application. The steps to implement it are very simple and quick. Firstly, download one of the android apps that let you access your young one's phone. The next step involves you convincing your red-faced kids to accept invitation via the app. After you have established a connection with your child’s phone, you can now keep a record of their trial and monitor their movement. You will get immediate alerts as soon as your kid sets foot in or out of the geofence. The perk of parental control is, it doesn’t allow your young ones to disable the app or connection established, safeguarding your application’s success. Below mentioned are top 5 best geofencing apps for android parental control.

Top 5 best Geofencing App for Android Parental control


Spyzie is an excellent application that enables the user to track down and protect their loved ones. It requires no rooting or jailbreaking and is compatible to work on all ios and android versions very well. It is a completely secure and safe application that renders services to customers on a global scale. Also, it has a special feature, the invisible mode so that your young one wouldn’t suspect your virtual presence. It is effortless to create geofences using spyzie and get notifications in time. Lets’ skim through the steps to incorporate Android geofence API in spyzie.

Top 5 best Geofencing App for  Android Parental control

Coming to the pricing, the premium edition would cost about 29 dollars per month, 29 dollars for 3 months and 89 dollars for one year license. The ultimate edition has some additional features, and costs a little more than the premium edition. The ultimate edition charges 39 dollars for a month, 49 dollars for 3 months and a total of 99 dollars for a year.

Here is the official link to Spyzie –


mSpy is renowned for providing monitoring solutions on a global scale. With 95 percent customer satisfaction, mSpy is known for its unfailing service and applications that promise to shield your kids and give you ample scope to monitor and track down your kid's trails. Mpsy is compatible with android, ios, and Windows pc and Mac operating systems. The app is accessible very easily from the browser and is free if you are installing for the first time. One of the perks of mpsy is it provides customer support all the time in multiple languages. Talking about the prices, the basic version charges you 2000 rupees for a month, 4000 rupees for 3 months and 6714 rupees per year. The premium edition includes more advanced tools and expensive compared to the basic version. It costs about 4714 rupees per month, 8000 rupees for three months and 13428 rupees for an entire year.

Top 5 best Geofencing App for  Android Parental control

Here is the link to check out more details on mpsy -


Reputed as one of the top parental monitoring apps, webwatcher is indeed a great app to keep track on your young ones. It can be installed within 5 minutes and requires no rooting. One can track down from remote locations with the help of webwatcher. The app is compatible with android, ios, and Microsoft pc and mac os. Webwatcher charges you less compared to other top parental control apps with geofence feature. The original app costs about 99 dollars for an entire year when you break it down, it comes around 8 dollars per month. The update package is 29 dollars.

Top 5 best Geofencing App for  Android Parental control

With the link down below, you can skim through further particulars of the app -


Flexispy allows one to monitor not only their young one’s phone but their PC or Macs as well. This app works well with Android, iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac and offers a wide range of monitoring features such as SMS tracker, Cell phone tracker, Spies on mobile phones, etc. Lets’ see how much it takes to own this fantastic app that comes in handy while parenting. The premium edition covers all the basic features and starts at 68 dollars per month. It costs about 99 dollars for 3 months and 149 dollars for a year. Whereas, the extreme edition is a higher-end version and is a bit more pricey than the premium edition. It costs about 199 dollars for 3 months and 349 dollars for an entire year. 

Top 5 best Geofencing App for  Android Parental control

For further details, visit -

5.Kaspersky kids safe

Kaspersky has been serving the industry for about 20 years and helps monitor and track phones for protecting your dear ones. Its features include protecting your dear one against various online risks, gives you the details regarding your child’s location, etc. It can be installed on your PC, Mac, Android tablet or android smartphone.  This software costs 999 rupees only and a free version is also available.

Top 5 best Geofencing App for  Android Parental control

To know more about this helpful software, visit -


One should be grateful for today’s technology as it is so advanced that it aids in parenting. With geofencing android apps, it is a piece of cake to check on your children.

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