What can parents do for Facebook security block?

Part 1: Introduction

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

The Internet is one of humankind’s greatest achievements; however, if the parents do not provide proper supervision, this same can get extremely dangerous for kids.

Facebook is now global, owing to its popularity; kids have also jumped onto this social media trend, too. Kids these days use Facebook just as the adults do — they share pictures, make friends, and play games. In most of the cases, Facebook offers an amusing and safe way for users to communicate with their friends. However, as teens are usually naïve, they are always probable of falling victim to the risks of Facebook. It is because of this that you as a parent need to be always attentive about their actions.

It is true that supervising your child’s activities and educating them about the risks of Facebook is important. Educating should not be the only precaution that you take as a parent for your kid’s safety. No matter how much you discuss with your kids about the risks of Facebook – kids will always be kids. Moreover, no matter how much you would want to grill your kid about with whom they are talking, who you are talking, etc., you must stay clear out of it. Teenagers at this age get irritated easily and do not like being answerable to anyone and bossed around. They will always do the things that they are not allowed to do. Therefore, it is important that you take all the precautions needed to keep your child safe on Facebook. One such precaution is the Facebook security block.

Part 2: Facebook risks for teens

Below are some of the risks involved with Facebook

  1. Facebook is addictive and may be hard to “turn off,” mainly for children. Teens these days spend a lot of their time liking and commenting on their friend’s photos and posting their own pictures on Facebook. This time on social media is a total waste and should be instead spent studying or playing outdoor games.
  2. At the time kids are supposed to be concentrating on homework, they may instead go on Facebook. This can turn into a huge distraction and can adversely affect their studies.
  3. Many teens compare themselves to their friends’ pictures on Facebook profiles and may feel inferior to others. This can result in Facebook depression and the teens feeling lonely.
  4. Kids always run a risk of being harassed or bullied by their own friends on Facebook. Moreover, teenagers do not shy away from poking fun at their friends. All this can look harmless to some, but can even push the victim student to depression.
  5. When teens are not cautious regarding the information they are sharing online, they can become victims of identity theft. Anti-social elements may benefit from their gullibility and look for identifying information that they post.
  6. There are many social elements out there on Facebook, these people can sweet talk your kids and make them whatever they want. Kids are very gullible, there are cases about people showing fake love to the young students, sweet talk with them and then ask for nudes. Teens trust these strangers and once the explicit photographs reach these anti-social elements, the kids are usually made to do anything.
  7. Not only strangers, but there have also been cases of known people taking advantage of the kids.

Part 3: How to use Facebook security block

You can block Facebook on your child’s phone through numerous methods. Although there are numerous parental control solutions that can help you in monitoring the activities of your kids, there are some anti-viruses as well, which can help in blocking the website. Below we have discussed how to anti-virus can block Facebook security -

NoRoot Firewall

You can use any third-party firewall for block Facebook security.


  • NoRoot can aid parents in setting web filters on the device.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?


1. Install NoRoot on the target device.

2. Go to the Filters option, go to the “New Pre-filter” option, and make a new filter.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

3. Write www.Facebook.com for Facebook blocking.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

4. Go to Ok, after the filter is created.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

5. Click “Start”.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

Part 4: What can parents do for kids' Facebook Usage?

Parents all over the world are tired with their kids always glued to their phones, using various social media devices, like Facebook. These devices have influenced the lives of the children largely owing to which there has been an increase in obesity all over the world. As the kids are always busy with Facebook, they hardly spend any time in playing outdoor games, which has resulted in bad health of the kids. Things have actually changed a lot from what they were earlier and it is difficult to make the kids understand the worries of the parents regarding the health of the parents. That is why parents these days have no other option left other than monitoring the activities of the kids through various parental control apps. These apps not only monitor the kid’s activities but also through these apps, parents can block the use of certain apps like – Facebook. One such app is Spyzie, which helps the parents to monitor their kid’s activities. Through this app, parents can check the location of the kids with the GPS as well as also check the messages, check the call logs, etc.

Below are the steps for Facebook security block with Spyzie –

How to block Facebook usage with Spyzie

In Android

1. Use your email id to make your account on spyzie.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

2. After registration starts the setup process. Start by putting a name to recognize the owner of the supervised phone and choose the Android operating system.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

3. Now, after you log into your account, you will get to the control panel. From here, select the ‘Applications’ option, and you will get the list the applications installed on the device.

Now, simply turn off the Facebook app to block it from your child’s phone

What can parents do for Facebook security block?What can parents do for Facebook security block?What can parents do for Facebook security block?

For iPhone

1. Create an account on the Spyzie account and get a premium subscription.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?

2. A Setup Wizard will open in which fill in the target person's name and age, and choose the iOS OS. Now, put in the iCloud ID and password signed on target iPhone and click verify.

What can parents do for Facebook security block?What can parents do for Facebook security block?

3. Now, you will enter the control panel, from where you can use Facebook security block to block Facebook on your kid’s phone.

Part 5: Conclusion

Now, you can use any of the Facebook blocker apps to block Facebook in a moment. However, our vote goes to the Spyzie app as it allows the parents to block Facebook in both the Android as well as IOS. This app, although paid provides full protection to the kids. So, do not wait any longer and register yourself on Spyzie!

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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