Facebook Spy: How to Track someone’s Location on Facebook

In this digital era, there is no one way to track someone. You can do it with GPS, you can call them or you can spy on them. It all depends on why you want to track them. If you are planning to track someone

without their consent, Facebook tracking is one of the most effective methods. All you need is the right software and a few details of the person you want to trace. Continue reading for a full step by step guide on how to track someone’s location on Facebook.

Part 1: Track someone’s Location with Spy Software Spyzie

Spyzie-Ever heard of it? Spyzie is a fast rising Android and iOS mobile devices tracking software you could use to successfully stalk Facebook someone. While the app is primarily used for tracking someone’s phone calls, texts and the Internet browsing history, it’s great for Facebook stalking.

Stalk someone on Facebook Step by Step Guide:

1: Create a Spyzie Account

The first step is to create a spyzie account by easily signing-in here. Your information would be desired to create this account but initially, you will get the trial version, so you can use some fake information. If you want to access Spyzie premium features, we recommend a paid subscription.

Create a Spyzie Account

2: Complete the setup process

Once you create your account, head on to the Wizard page and follow instructions on how to activate the application. iPhone users only need to verify the account for the targeted mobile device, while Android users will need to install a monitoring app on the targeted phone. On the target mobile device, activate your account by enabling the “unknown users” option. This can be located on the “setting” option and under the “security” sub-category. Note that to access the Facebook tracking feature, you have to subscribe to an affordable premium plan.

Complete the setup process

3. The next step is to install monitoring app. If you are an iPhone user, you will be asked to verify the icloud account, and that’s it. For Android users, open your Spyzie account and activate it. This is a simple process that should end in less than one minute.

install monitoring app

4. You will need to follow the instructions on the desktop screen and you would also require asking the permission of the targetted device.

 ask the permission of the targetted device

5. You are almost done! Now log-in the app. You are now connected and you can do plenty of things to monitor your kid's activities on a facebook.

log-in the app

6: Stalk the person

With your Spyzie account activated, stalking the user of the targeted phone is easy and seamless. What makes the process possible is the fact that Facebook Messenger itself has features that display a user’s physical location. That means if a Facebook friend has their phone’s GPS turned on and you have Spyzie, you will easily track them. Here is how to do it. On your Spyzie account, access the user’s Internet browsing history. Spyzie will display for you the user’s Facebook recent activities, including the location set on their Messenger’s app. After that, use Spyzie’s tracking ability to trace the targeted mobile device.

Stalk the person

Part 2: Track someone’s Location with Marauder’s App

If you are a fan of the Harry Potter novels, you may have come across the “marauders-map”. In the novels, this map displayed the location of every student in the Hogwarts. But in real life, the “Marauder’s map” is a software you could use to locate a lot of your friends. Here is how to do it.

Access the Marauder’s app on the chrome web store or download it from the source website.

Access the Marauder’s app

Enable the developer mode on Chrome settings. Once that is done, you will be able to view someone’s Facebook location as long as they have their “share location” option set on.

share location” option

By clicking on a Facebook’s user chat history, Marauder’s app will make specific configurations of where the person is.

make specific configurations

Part 3: Tracking Tips to keep you safe

1. Password Protect

The easiest and relatively safe method to keep off spyware from your phone is to password protect it. It takes less than a minute to lock your phone with an unpredictable password. If you feel that passwords are not foolproof, install a security app like AppNotifier. You will receive an email every time a new app is installed on your device. Additionally, the security app will lock your phone with such high privacy that it will be difficult for someone to track your details.

2. Change default Settings

Studies show that more than 80% of people prefer using their mobile devices based on the default settings set by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, that makes you vulnerable to spying activities. With Facebook Messenger, for instance, there is a default setting that allows you to share your present location with other users. That means anyone can easily locate your whereabouts until you turn this feature off.

3. Inactivate

GPS if you suspect you are being tracked The Global Positioning System, or simply GPS, is an excellent piece of software used to track people’s movements. But if you are afraid of being tracked using the software, inactivate it. No one will be able to track your movements unless you have another application that shares your physical whereabouts.

Clear your Chatting activity Frequently Most people track you to either know your location or what you are doing with your mobile device. Frequently clear your browsing history, call and chat activity and you will minimize being a victim of spying.

4. Update your Phone’s Operating software

Every time you share your phone’s operating system, any spay apps previously installed are wiped away. In fact, most data that could be used to track you have wiped away. Update your phone’s operating system after every few weeks to be on the safe side.

Part 4: How to disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger?

You might already know that Facebook and Facebook Messenger keep tracking our device location. The app can track our location in the background, even when it is not running. Also, our location can be shared with our friends when we send them a message. Therefore, if you wish to stop Facebook Messenger from sharing your device location, then you need to take some added measures. You can disable location sharing on Facebook Messenger in the following way:

- From App’s Settings

By default, the Facebook Messenger app has a location sharing feature. If it is turned on, then it means the app can access and share your location. To disable it, simply launch Facebook Messenger on your device and go to its Settings. You can visit its Settings by tapping on the gear icon. From here, you can disable the Location feature.

disable location sharing on Facebook

After that, your messages won’t include your location and Messenger will not share your whereabouts with others. The solution would work on both, iOS and Android apps.

- From Android Settings

Even after turning off the location sharing feature, you can take some precautionary measures. In order to stop the app from tracking your location, go to your device’s Settings > App Permissions. Go to the location feature (“Your Location”) to view all the apps that are able to track your location. If Messenger is listed here, then simply turn the toggle button off.

how to disable location sharing on Facebook

- From iPhone Settings

Just like Android, you can also revoke the location tracking feature from the app on your iPhone as well. To do this, go to your device Settings > Privacy > Location Services option. Here, you can view all the apps that can track your device location. Simply turn off this option for Facebook Messenger from here.

disable location sharing on Facebook messenger

By following these steps, you can disable location sharing as well as the location tracking feature of Facebook Messenger.

If you have good reasons to track Facebook a friend, Spyzie and Marauder’s map is excellent software to use. On the other hand, if you don’t want to be a victim of spy software, it’s easy to protect yourself. Simply follow the tips offered above and always remain cautious of the people you offer your phone too. Change any settings that could expose you to tracking apps and don’t share sensitive information on your mobile device.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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