How to Track Facebook ads Conversions 2018?

Mobile purchases are now responsible for more than 50% of online conversions, showing just how influential mobile devices have become. However, to benefit from this new trend you must know where your customers are spending their time at. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the leading platforms where Internet users visit every day, and you probably know that too. If you advertise your business on Facebook, learn how to track Facebook ads conversions and increase the conversion rate.

How much success you want to achieve with your business lies in your ability to manage your investments. Facebook ad campaigns are an investment you must utilize diligently by tracking conversion rates every step of the way. Offsite pixel track Facebook ad conversion tracking is so far the best such tool on the market. Other software programs have flaws that are absent in offsite pixel. Most of them don’t provide optimization tools such as oCPM, and where they do, they are not as helpful and easy to use as Facebook’s own software programs.

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