Top 5 Tools to Spy on your Competitors on Facebook Ads

Spying is not that bad an idea, especially if you are doing it for a greater good. With online selling, spying on the ads utilized by your competitors can be an efficient method of helping improve your business. And since competitors will hardly if ever share their business marketing tactics, finding a quality spying tool can be the beginning of learning what successful business do to boost sales.

Part 1: 5 Tools to Spy on your Competitors on Facebook

1. AdEspresso

AdEspresso is virtually the most popular spy application tool when you want to spy on your competitor’s Facebook advertising strategy. Available at a fair cost, AdEspresso helps you achieve two goals at once. For one, you can develop ads and build your Facebook ad campaign with the help of the software program and spy on competitors on Facebook ads. The best part about AdEspresso is that ads on the platform are updated every half hour and that you can filter ads based on industries, specific attributes or ads done by specific competing companies.


Easy to setup and use

Versatile-You can spy on the best performing ads on your niche and create such for your own campaign.

More than 300,000 to search

Update frequently





$49 for base subscription


2. Adviser Spy

This tool is best suited to those people who want to copy the styles used by more successful companies. Adviser, therefore, allows you to search for the best-performing Facebook ads so that you can know which ads to place. Additionally, the software program helps you spy on your competitors’ ads and get as much helpful information from their ads as possible. For instance, Advisor2 lets you know the target audiences for your competitors’ ads, content in their ads and types of offers your competitors are offering to their clients.


Excellent platform for marketers who want to spy on other marketers.

Easy to use

Extensive search


· Not the best user interface




Adviser Spy

3. Which AdsWork

This software program has one of the most user-friendly designs, with almost every feature simplified for an impressive user experience. WhichAdswork allows you to filter out ads until you can spot ads being used by your competitors. The program allows you to arrive at the ads you want by using specific keywords, affiliate network if you are an affiliate advertiser, publisher or based on the tracking system.


Excellent user interface-Everything on the platform is simplified for easy surfing.

Easy to setup and use

Multiple ad galleries

Excellent platform for advertisers and publishers


· Expensive



$175 per month

Which AdsWork


AdFox is a very popular tool used to spy competitors’ Facebook ad campaigns. The program’s huge popularity is a testimony that it has helped many businesses like yours spy on competing brands. AdFox utilizes a database oriented search platform where you could filter out unwanted ads until you find exactly the type of ads you need. Since it’s built specifically for Facebook ad spying, the tool has every feature you would probably need.


Very popular

Filter based platform for easy sorting out of keywords

Easy to setup and use



· Not the best user interface.




5. BigBigAds

BigBigAds is one of the most famous and best-selling spy tools out there. Similar to other top rated spy tools, BigBigAds helps you search for the most successful ads in your niches so that you have an easy time creating your own ads. The software program allows you to search helpful adverts based on a keywords’ based system; URL, ad type, language and time frame. In that sense, you can narrow down to your competitors and learn from their Facebook ad campaign.


Helps you customize Facebook ads easily

User-friendly design for easy spying.

Multiple services, including the ability to search advertisers with the websites’ links and time frame.

Delivers fast results.


· Premium services are high.



Free for basic version


Part 2: How to Spy on your Competitors on Facebook?

You can spy on your competitors on Facebook in several ways. For one, you could pretend to be their biggest fan and keep up with all the ads and content they share on the social media platform. If that looks like a lot of work, use a spy software program. Below you can learn how to spy on competitor’s Facebook advertising strategies using AdEspresso as shown below.

Step 1: Sign up

Sign up for AdEspresso. It costs $49 per month, but it’s totally worth it for managing all your Facebook ad campaigns.

Sign up

Step 2: Spy on your Competitors

AdEspresso has an impressive design where you sought out the ads you are targeting based on several factors. Use keywords to find out the specific competitor whose ad campaign you wish to spy on. If you are not specific about a company, you have the option to filter out companies based on your niche industry. You will get a broad list of galleries with different designs to copy from.

Spy on your Competitors

Step 3: Create your own ads

After you spot specific Facebook ads that match what you are looking for, AdEspresso allows you to copy their style for your own ad campaign. With AdEspresso’s ad-making setup, you will easily create ads, set headlines and even upload images that will be most helpful for your target audience.

Create your own ads

The best managers in the world are bold, and will at times make unpopular moves for the greater good of their companies. Consider purchasing a Facebook ads spying software program and learn how to spy on competitors on Facebook ads. The best programs to use are the more popular ones, so that you can benefit from fast searches and with high-value results. Some of the programs also help you create ads that resemble those of the best performing ads in your niche, which can really strengthen your ad campaign.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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