Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Part 1: Introduction.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Personal security on social media sites, such as Facebook is a concern to many people. Everybody has personal preferences on the content that they read or receive on Facebook. However, at times malicious “friends” cross the line and start posting offensive posts or sending irritating personal messages.

Picturing your teenage child receiving such communication sends chills down the spine.

Learn how to block people on Facebook and experience some peace when browsing the site.

Let’s get to it.

Part 2: Reasons why you want to block some friends.

My friend was frightened after receiving threats on Facebook. Perhaps, you have also received such communication before.

She buzzed me on the phone, “There is someone threatening me on Facebook. What should I do?”

I replied, “Calm down Jane. Blocking friends on Facebook is easy. You won’t receive such messages again.”

To my surprise, she had no clue on how to do this.

Many people do not know how to secure their Facebook accounts and keep marauders away.

Some of the reasons to use the blocking feature on Facebook against some strangers and friends alike include:

  • Stalking – unwanted admiration from a friend or stranger.
  • Child Security – Your children should view suitable content.
  • Personal privacy – Communicate with friends and family who do not stress you.

Let’s move on and see how to stop bullies on Facebook in their tracks.

Part 3: Blocking friends on Facebook via Facebook security.

Facebook Security settings allow you to block someone, so they can’t see your content and you can’t see theirs too.

Follow the step-by-step guide below:

Method 1

Step 1: Glide to your Privacy Shortcuts.

Click on the white question mark at the top of your Facebook page and select Privacy Shortcuts.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 2: Identify who you want to block.

On the Privacy Shortcuts page, look for the “How do I stop someone from bothering me?” option. Enter the name of the offender and click on Block.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 3: Confirm and block

You will get a list of people with similar names to the person you are blocking. Choose the perpetrator and click on Block.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

The person who has been giving you nightmare can’t access your Facebook profile.

Method 2

Although you may be angry with the oppressor, visit the profile, click on the three-dotted icon on the cover photo and click on Block.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

When you block someone, your online friendship ceases to exist. To revive it, unblock the person and send a new friend request.

Part 4: How parents do if teens get hurts from Facebook

Children are a curious lot and bound to get into trouble if you do not monitor their Smartphone use.

Blocking Facebook content is very important to ensure their safety when online.

It is quite exciting to chat with your friends into the wee hours of the night on your Facebook account, but sometimes it is dangerous as these are the hours that unscrupulous people are on the prowl.

If your child is attacked by these malicious people, then you should monitor how they use their Facebook account, who chats with them, and then get reports of suspicious activity.

In comes Spyzie, one of the best Smartphone monitoring apps that you can find.

Believe it or not, you child will be safe when you use this nifty little application.

a. Use Spyzie to monitor your kid's account

Step 1: Install Spyzie and create your account

Go to the official download page for Spyzie and then sign up by following the simple onscreen prompts. Kindly use a valid email address since this is where Spyzie will send you a confirmation email.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 2: Input target device information

Your account will instantly become active once you click on the confirmation email. Proceed to log into your account and then add the details of the child to be monitored. Now you are ready to set up the two devices.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 3: Set up the target device

Once you install Spyzie on your child’s cellphone, follow the path below to configure the application. Go to “Settings > Security > Unknown Sources > OK”.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 4: Set up your monitoring device

Monitoring can be done on a computer or a mobile device.

On mobile Device

Log into your account and then download Spyzie onto your cellphone. Now launch the application, and on the home screen, you may be able to see what the child is doing.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

On computer

Log into your account and go to the control panel, where you will see a full summary of what is being monitored.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 5: Access their Facebook activity

Choose Facebook and see what is being monitored on the app. You may see what apps, videos, conversations and other Facebook activities your child is engaged in.

On the control panel, select “Social Apps” followed by “Facebook and you will see everything as mentioned above.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

See the photos that your child is exchanging with friends and decide whether they are appropriate or not.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

NOTE: For purposes of future reference, you may take some screenshots of the activities and keep them safely. If you need to prosecute someone for improper behavior with a child, they may be of great importance as evidence.

However, blocking on Facebook using Spyzie is one way of ensuring that improper behavior does not happen in the first place.

Nip it in the bud.

b. Limit Facebook usage with Spyzie

When it comes to making sure that your child is safe when browsing on Facebook, the Spyzie App Blocker on Demo is a great tool to use.

You simply use your monitoring device to block access to Facebook, and the child will not be able to enter Facebook until you allow him/her to do so.

So how do you go about it?

It is really simple.

Start off by setting up your Spyzie account, then install it on both monitoring and target devices as seen above.

Block one single app

Step 1: View all applications

Go into your Spyzie account and navigate to the dashboard or control panel. Look for the “applications” option on the list on the panel to the left of your screen and click on it to see a list of all apps on the target cellphone.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 2: Block Facebook

Scroll down the list till you get to “Facebook”. There will be an “ON/OFF” slider on the right of the entry. Just swipe the slider to the “OFF” position in order to turn off access to Facebook on the target device.

Your child will only get a notification saying that Facebook has been turned off.

It is as simple as that.

Blocking all apps

Step 1: View All Applications

Once again, access the list of installed applications as shown in the steps above.

Things You Should Know About Blocking on Facebook

Step 2: Block all applications

How boring and tiring it would be to switch off each app on its own.

Luckily, this tool allows you to turn them all off by simply going to the “Block All Apps” check box and clicking on it.

Now, how simple is that, eh?

Part 5: In conclusion

The global community has grown closer thanks to the internet. Email used to be the “thing” a few decades along, but it is too slow for people to be able to communicate in real time.

Enter the chat applications and people could now chat in real time.

However, these “real time apps” aptly dubbed “social media apps” soon became a tool for harming people by scamming them, insulting them, and doing all sorts of nefarious or evil things.

That is why legislature has been passed in many countries on how the internet, especially social media apps, should be used.

Social media developers have tried their best to add security features, but these seem to be falling short on some aspects.

This is why apps like Spyzie have become preferred tools for restricting content from Facebook and other social media apps, and also limiting how much time is spent on these sites.

Get Spyzie now for your child and have the peace of mind in knowing that you child is protected from harmful content when on Facebook and other social media sites.

Blocking Facebook content is very important for the well-being of your child.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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