New Facebook for Kids App Ignites Debate among Families

What is the definition of permissible age in terms of social media usage? Well, till now, under federal law, Facebook prohibits anyone under the age of 13 years to have a legit account. The new Facebook app called Messenger kids was launched recently that aims to provide children under 13 spaces in the social media circle, promising safety and security under the supervision of their parents. The precautions as undertaken by the Facebook for kids app although has a certain amount of protective measures behind its working principle, the idea of a 6-year-old exposed on social media grounds is quite a vulnerable position and it has begun to stir a lot of debates and controversy among families.

Facebook for Kids App Ignites Debate among Families

The central idea of the Facebook for kids app is to safeguard a child’s jeopardy from the point of view of social media. The design of this app is also suitable and striking for children of that age group.

  • The Facebook for kids app is a lockdown version of what we use today for children under 13 years.
  • Given the increase in the use of smartphones, tabs and computers and their easy accessibility, it was time to develop something like this. We as adults can now shed our anxiety over our kids using the Internet.
  • This app has filters, stickers and drawing tools which fit apt for kids. Moreover, the GIFs and other imagery used in this app have been implemented only after thorough discussions with parenting groups such as National PTA.
  • The activation of accounts strictly needs parental approval.
  • Facebook for kids app has no space for advertising, thus providing more privacy.

What is the need of Facebook for kids?

Social media is not a safe space even for adults with the number of discrepancies and online stalking that is shooting up worldwide. But we still do it and seem to really enjoy the independence. In case of kids, their curiosity of things that they are forbidden from doing results in fake accounts on Facebook. A recent survey has revealed that about 40% of all Facebook accounts are fake, out of which about 55% belong to unauthorized children under 13. The insecurity of a child on social media could result in aggravated situations of moral and legal violations. It does not end here. There is a growing problem of paedophilic advances, mostly on social media, targeting children of this age group. All this may happen without the knowledge of the parents. Facebook for kids will ensure safekeeping of any intolerance against children and also give them the joy of messaging.

Why debate over this?

The idea maybe revolutionary, but there are still certain loopholes to it. Social media is no way a space for a child of such tender age to experiment communication. A kid, as young as 6 years old, is prone to any kind of influence very easily. Moreover, debaters argue that it is the age for personal interactions and about enjoying the physical perks of life, like books and toys. By handing over virtual reality at such a young age will result in stunted growth of intelligence and self-dissipating issues. Think about it, a 10-year-old child under the pressure of glamorizing their profile just to look good in front of friends will eventually suffer from the stark existential crisis. The issue of Facebook for kids is, of course, debatable and there are still many areas that need inflexible authorization for parents to be totally okay with it.

How does Spyzie come into the picture?

Spyzie is a monitoring solution compatible with all iOS and Android devices. In case of tracking an iOS device, all you need is their iCloud ID and you are good to go. For Android phones, a plug-in needs to be installed in the target device for successful monitoring.

Spyzie is growing popularity as a way to control and monitor devices used by kids. It is more of a tracker than of a hacking software. It stands out as one of the best tracking methods for parents who want to oversee their children’s Facebook log. The best part is, Spyzie is compatible with any device irrespective of the software or company like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, Nexus, LG, Lenovo, etc.

The Best Mobile Monitoring Tool

  • It works as a parental control app where you can check logs of the device that your child is using.
  • It is also a preventive measure against child violence on social media.
  • Not only call and message logs, you can also track browsing and download history by using this.
  • If you would like to monitor facebook messages of your kids, this is a must-have for you.

How to monitor a kid’s Facebook Messenger with Spyzie?

  1. Spyzie is compatible with any OS or company device. All you need is the iCloud ID of your child’s device or have it installed as a plug-in in their device. That is about it.
  2. You, on the other end need a registered Spyzie account for monitoring.
  3. Monitor Facebook for Kids

  4. You can install this without the knowledge of your child since it does not have any icon representation on the home-screen.
  5. Monitor Kid's Facebook Messenger

  6. Your Spyzie account has a dashboard panel which when opened on a browser will show the data.
  7. How to Monitor Kid's Facebook Messenger

You can monitor anything and everything in the log history of the target device, including Whatsapp and the Facebook for kids app using Spyzie.

We live in a world where encryption and privacy has become a myth. For kids, the risk is even more. The Facebook for kids app does curb some of the negative impacts of social media through its parental locking and monitoring features, but it does not eradicate the grave implications on a child on a social media space. The matter will remain a subject of debate and unassertive opinions until and unless Internet and social media platforms as a whole is free from the clutches of malicious impeachment.

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