How to Monitor your Kid's Facebook Activity

We cannot overlook the fact that kids know everything about Smartphone, Software and the Internet functions. 

Why do you think it is important to monitor the Facebook activity of your children? It is real that, in many homes, children spend many hours alone on the Internet exposed to thousands of risks. Everyone knows that there are thousands of cases of minors who meet with an unknown through Facebook and end up badly.

Children who have accounts on Facebook without the accompaniment of their parents, the control of the information they publish are the most vulnerable to deceptions. Many of the cases of children with problems derived from the misuse of social networks originate, mainly by the lack of communication between parents and children. We must spend time with them and look at their accounts because they do not realize the danger they are running. Keeping this thought in mind, in this article we will talk on how to monitor Facebook.

1: Why do Parents Need to Monitor Kid’s Facebook Activity?

Many parents agree that their children have a mobile to play games and many of them are on Facebook and to have access is necessary to create an account. So if we want to prevent children from deceptions, the problem is to define where the right to the privacy of minors ends and where the responsibility of the parents begins. Legal guardianships belong to the parents and there are obligations to protect the children because are vulnerable and easily seduced. For example, many pedophilia cases begin with messages to minors through Facebook. Parents need to be alert and monitor Facebook to prevent any harm to their kids.

It is a matter of accompanying them, learning the tools, creating the accounts on the networks together and not hides them, telling them not to give personal data or chat with strangers or share intimate photos. In short, just as real-life manners are taught, education standards must be taught for the virtual life too.

It is important to become aware of and discuss the topic with the children. One fact: the profile of 77% of children who use Facebook is visible to other users.

children's facebook

2: What can you do with Facebook Monitor Spyzie?

There is a complete application called Spyzie available for both Android and iOS devices, that can help you to monitor Facebook messages, contacts, GPS, photos, profiles, etc. Your Smartphone just needs to be connected to the Internet and it is also not necessary to have the mobile rooted.

Spyzie is an excellent tool to spy all activities and that too in a hidden mode; your kids will never know that you are spying on their online activities. You can even choose to try this app for a free trial before purchasing it from their website.

Visit: Spyzie to know more.

visit spyzie

How can Spyzie help you to monitor Facebook in your child device? Just need to download and installed the application manually on his/her mobile in case it be an Android, it will take you just some minutes and once that it be activated you can spy on his history browsing to see what kind of content he/she search, you can see with whom they chat, what kind of conversations they have, you can spy on their friend’s list and check their profiles, you can see what kind of photos they share, send and receive in private mode, etc. Do not worry, they will never know that you are spying them.

3: How to Monitor your Kid

Using Spyzie to monitor Facebook activity is really easy, fast and 100% real. The invisible tracking system helps you to spy all you kid’s activity without they to know.

You simply need to:

1. Create an Account on Spyzie to monitor Facebook and then install the app.

2. Log in to your account and you can start to monitor Facebook activity.

We have also listed below the step by step in detail to learn how to configure Spyzie App on your iOS/ Android device and monitor Facebook:

1. Create an Account:

 proceed to create an account in with a real email address where you will receive the login permission:

Create an Account

2. Install the App:

 after registration, you will need to know some details about your target device. Do not forget to select the operating system for Android to continue:

Install the App

3. Set the App:

To activate the monitoring application, first click on: “Settings>Security>Lock screen and security> Unknown Sources>OK”

Set the App

Install and activate the Spyzie monitoring application and access from “Notifications” or “Download”:

access from “Notifications” or “Download”

Log in to your Spyzie account and click on “Start” to activate it. Once the service is activated, the application icon will automatically be deleted.

click on “Start”

activate the service

4. Monitored Data:

After the installation process is complete, you can log in to your account to spy Facebook account and messenger but do not forget that the target device and your mobile must be connected to the Internet to receive proper data information.

From the Control Panel, you can choose “Social Apps>Facebook” and start controlling your kid’s Facebook profile including photos, friend’s list, and messages.

start controlling your kid’s Facebook

Note: Screenshot function:

You can see in your control panel “capture screenshot” icon, select it when even you need to capture the target device’s screen.

use capture screenshot

As the family's concern grows, applications proliferate to monitor children’s mobiles. However, many experts are against turning the lives of your kids into constant spying. Precisely, most of them appeal to mobiles and social media because it is the only space where they do not have the constant presence of an adult. The social network has become the new public space for teenagers but with the disadvantage that Facebook is a place where people of all the ages coexist so with the mixing of contacts and assumed friends, kid’s privacy is in crisis because all is exposed, that is why many parents need to spy their children. If you too ever come across such a situation, do not hesitate to monitor the Facebook activity of your kid without delay.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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