How to Use Free Social Media Listening Tools to Help Your Business?

The Social Media Listening is a relatively new concept that is revolutionizing the use of social networks and the analysis of the data they shed daily.

Brands can no longer have a presence on social networks without hearing what the audience says about them. They must analyze data, meet and interact with users, discover insights, generate engagement and, as if this were not enough, improve their marketing strategies. Against this, the Social Media Listening is indispensable.

Imagine having access to a database of more than 2 billion people and being able to know every comment they make about your business. This is what the Social Media Listening offers, a process that in recent years has become a key weapon to know in more detail the people opinions in the digital environment.

1: What is the Difference Between Social Monitoring & Social Listening?

To know the expressions of different users there are two widely used modalities in digital marketing that are the Social Listening and the Social Monitoring. There are sometimes confusions between them, although are related, are different.

listen to your customers

Social Media Listening is an extensive study of digital media, properties, resources, and platforms by listening to the expressions, comments, opinions and conversations of users, customers, consumers or the general market in order to know the behavior, perspective or behavior of the person of society.

The activities of Listening involve retrospective actions, it means, they are activities of listening that can be massive in an earlier period, allowing learning by means of behaviors, which are of greater depth. Usually, a Social Listening study is done in a timely manner at the request of a brand.

Social Media Monitoring

Social Monitoring is actions that are carried out through the extraction of information based on the configuration of keywords in the platforms, allowing the monitoring of channels or media in order to know the impact on marketing campaigns and even take preventive or corrective actions.

Social Media Monitoring measures the activity of the brand, the competition, and even the category, so it becomes a tracking tool, being a component the accounting of the number of mentions that is made of our brand, independent of the emotion or feelings.


1. List the keywords that are around the brand (value attributes, unique characteristics, generic characteristics, etc.).

2. Conduct the coding of the feelings or emotions for the accounting and its analysis by means of the inferential statistics.

3. Consider the platforms and their costs, both set up and maintenance.

4. To be willing to change in real time before any contingencies detected to change the users' experience.

2: Why Do You Need Social Media Listening Tools?

When we talk about social networks today, is that the creation of specific and specialized content for our readers (and potential clients) are the key to achieving the engagement that we need so much. Creating custom content will keep you aware of everything we produce.

But how do we know exactly what kind of content is the one we need to develop? That's when the Social Media Listening enters the game. Nowadays, the presence of a business in social networks is determinant.

According to data from studies provided by a source, 3.17 billion users with Internet access, the incredible amount 2.3 billion is active in social networks, nothing more and nothing less than 62%. That means there is no better place to give exposure to your brand, then the Internet and, of course, social media.

Now, answering the question in our title and after knowing what social media listening is, we should say that the client is one of the fundamental pillars of every company hence the need and importance of knowing how to listen to the customer. Therefore, it is important to know their needs, their preferences of consumption, their tastes, their customs or habits of consumption. What they do not like about our products or services, what they would like to be improved, and the solution that the customer wants will influence the quality of our services, that is why social media listening tools will help you with it.

3: How to Use Social Media Listening Tools to Help Your Business?

Here, we want to introduce you a social media listening tool and explain step by step how you can use it for your business:

Brandwatch tool works with different brands such as Pepsico, Pandora, and Seat. Its main advantage is that it offers the option of going beyond monitoring to take relevant actions on certain people's comments, for example, if a customer of the organization has a complaint or request, Brandwatch will alert the corresponding team to respond to this.

Its technology gathers millions of online conversations daily and offers customers the tools to analyze them, enabling brands and agencies to make smarter business decisions based on the data collected.

Brandwatch is also a good tool to get feedback on the quality of your customer service and you can also compare your own and your audience's activity over time and analyze the relationship between the two.

Follow the next step by step to install it:

1. Need to go to the official Brandwatch website to create an account:

create an account

2. Complete the form with your personal details:

Note: the email address must be a valid business email address.

valid business email address

3. You will receive an email to the email address you have provided with a confirmation link. Need to click on that link to activate your account. Once you did it, your Brandwatch account will be activated.

activate your account

Note: Once you are done with creating an account with Brandwatch, there are certain functions that you can use to enhance your business, such as, Brandwatch provides you with access to live database of twitter users (of about more than 200 million users). Now, you can go for in-depth searches according to your business such as location, profession, bio etc. This helps you to get a glimpse of trends in the market, an essence of user behavior and lot more.

4: 3 Best Social Media Listening Tools

We have selected 3 best social media listening tools to you:


Trackur is a social networking management tool that provides instant notifications when your brand is mentioned. This means that you can respond in real time and properly, even when you are not seeing your Facebook news bulletin board.

social networking management tool


Socialmetrix is the best social media listening for your business without making mistakes. You can know the sentiment about your brand, managing the information from social networks.


manage the information


Sodash allows listening to your entire costumer’s feedback, understand they needed, fix the products they do not like, etc.


listen to your entire costumer’s feedback

Invest in a good social media listening tool that fits your needs.

A social network is an indispensable part of the growth of a business because it is the face closest to the consumer. Do not forget that social media are not only relevant to marketing, they are also part of your customer service, market research, networking tools and to make business plans.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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