How to Use Social Media Monitoring Tools to Monitor Facebook?

Everyone has accounts on Facebook but not many people monitor their Social Media, however, this is essential as you must know what happens to your account, for example, brand to be able to improve your strategy in Social Networks. Evaluating the development of the Facebook accounts we manage allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of a strategy and strengthen the necessary aspects to keep growing. For this, there are tools that analyze the content data that the audiences are sharing. One aspect that stands out is that these tools work anonymously, so it does not compromise the confidence of the public who visits a Facebook page. Using social media monitoring tools will allow you to have more knowledge about your own business and your competition. 

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1: What is Social Media Monitoring?

The Social Media monitoring is a tool that analyzes what the community expressed in the different channels of Social Media as Facebook to know their nonconformities, desires, and needs. You need to listen to what your audience says about you to better understand them and correct mistakes when necessary. Analyze the comments, mentions, reviews, labels, etc. that talk about your business brand to optimize your marketing strategy.

There are different Social Media monitoring tools that allow you to measure how often your content is mentioned compared to the competition. Also, investigate the demographic characteristics of people who talk about a particular subject. If you are businessmen then will help to the development of your brand and know what clients said about it. This tool is perfect to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Social Media

2: How to Monitor Facebook on PC

As we all would agree that networks and social media, in general, provide a wealth of information that very few companies are able to analyze or interpret to see if all the effort is worth it. A Social media monitoring is a powerful tool for interaction, exposure, knowledge, and creation of communities but without a strategic north and clarity of what is expected, it is very easy to fall into the monotony of sharing and talking with people without this representing a real benefit to the organization.

Now coming to Facebook, to monitor Facebook account, we highly recommend that you use Spyzie. This is a useful application with very important features that allows you to spy Facebook in an Android device without the knowledge of the owner mobile because it is safe and secure App.

We want to introduce you some important Spyzie features so you will not have doubts:

  • It can spy on different Social media such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.
  • It allows you to get someone else’s passwords on their devices through Key Logger option.
  • From the control panel, you can control everything on the target device.
  • Spyzie can also take real screenshots in any moment.
  • You can spy on the contact list, GPS, photos, etc on the target device.

Now, follow the step by step guide to Install Spyzie on your PC for social media monitoring:

1. First, need to go to Spyzie website to “Sign up”.

2. Open the email address given and confirm your account.

3. Download and Install the application on your PC.

4. Read all the instructions and after that, your Spyzie account will be ready.

For more details on social media monitoring read ahead:

1. Open the Spyzie website and create an account with your email address so that you can receive the email account confirmation link there.

create an account

2. Once you have confirmed your account on the link that Spyzie sent to your email address successfully,  it is necessary to add your target device information: See the screenshot below.

add your target device information

3. First: Install the application on the target’s PC and configure the Application: click on “Settings> Lock screen and security> Unknown Sources> Ok”.

Install the application on the target’s PC

Second: Now simply, proceed to install Spyzie on the PC, and then go to “Notifications” or “Download” file to open the App:

install Spyzie

4. Now get ready to spy Facebook. For that, you just need to open your Spyzie account, Go to the Control Panel, do a click on “Social Apps” and select “Facebook”.

Go to the Control Panel

That's all your social media monitoring tool, Spyzie is at work!

3: Other Best Social Media Monitoring Tools

In this section we thought of including some of best social media monitoring tools that can be used pretty easily:

1. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is the web and online platform to manage social media for people or business. It allows you to see, among others, the following social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Its most outstanding features are the collaborative management (different team members on the same account, message assignment), tab and column visualization and the use of advanced reports with Integration of Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.



2. Social Mention

Social Mention is a free tool that helps to identify what users write on social media, blogs, etc and more informal social networks about different brands, people, events or topics. One of its important features is that can control a number of times that our brand has been mentioned.


 Social Mention

3. Google Alerts

 Google Alerts is a free service allows to social media monitoring your brand’s name in different websites and blogs in a very easy and fast way. How does it work? Just enter a search to receive in our email periodic notifications about the same. In this way, we can keep abreast of matters that matter to us. It is very useful to monitor your brand.


Google Alerts

Monitoring a social media is to realize what people say about you in real time, so then you can intervene, share, respond or interact in some way with users. It is to turn the whole social movement into concrete data and conclusions. Today, it is not a secret that leading brands are planning their campaigns and communication strategies based on the data they analyze online, allowing them to know their target in depth and offer highly campaigns and products.

If your brand or company has not yet invested the time and energy to implement a social intelligence plan, now is the time to start “listening” to the conversations and capture the data necessary to improve your business strategies, through the implementation of a social media monitoring tool.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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