How to block teens' Facebook messenger

As Facebook gained more than 2 billion users all over the world, the CEO decided to something new. And as a result, Facebook Messenger for Kids was introduced. This app allows young teenagers to create a Facebook account and connect with their friends and family online. But this raised the concerns and worries of the parents about the kids regarding the content they will be exposed to. Many parents even asked for blocking Facebook messenger for kids completely. As a result, the application is updated and has several parental control features. Now the kids can create a Facebook Account, but there are some limitations to that feature.

Facebook Messenger block

So, ultimately, we are going to learn how we can use Facebook messenger block feature to keep the kids safe and secure.

1. The Current Situation That Teens Use Facebook Messenger

Nowadays, almost everything is linked to Facebook. From news to business, games to other social media platforms, you can stay connected to all of them via your Facebook account. It took various surveys and studies for Facebook to find out what teens really need. And it was the messenger application that they needed. And that’s why the Facebook Messenger was introduced.

There are different kinds of kids in the world. Some are obedient, and some are naughty. There is no issue with the obedient ones, but the kids who don’t like following their parent's orders, they risk getting exposed to the potential dangers of social media. It led to an appeal made by parents for blocking Facebook Messenger.

Kids who merely use the messenger app to stay connected with their school friends and family members are quite safe. But parents can never be protective enough. That’s another reason why Facebook had to add many of the restriction features to keep the harmful content away from the teen’s reach. As long as the teens are aware of the potential risks they can keep themselves safe. But it is also a parent’s duty to make sure that the kids have a brief idea about the negative impacts of social media.

2. What are the effects of Facebook messenger for teens

Without even realizing the kids are getting addicted to Facebook Messenger and other social media apps. That’s why; parents are always looking for an effective method for blocking Facebook messenger. But the issue is kids don’t understand the reasons why parents don’t allow them to use Facebook. But the fact is that Facebook can have a huge impact on a child’s mind. The adverse effects of using Facebook are listed below:

  • Addictive: Facebook can be pretty addictive, and it can be hard for teens to stay away from the application. Even adults fall into the addiction, then how can teens be safe from that.
  • Distraction: Facebook will take off a large amount of precious time form the teen’s schedule. The time they were supposed to be concentrating on homework is spent on Facebook. This can turn into a huge distraction for them and adversely affect their studies.
  • Emotional Impact: There are lots of kids who don’t have the same liberty as other kids. They post their pictures on Facebook profiles, and it causes some other kids to feel inferior about them. This can cause depression at an early stage which can further lead to some more significant issues.
  • Online Harassment/Bullying: Kids don’t have much knowledge about society. In other words, there are lots of fake profiles on Facebook which are used to harass people online. If the teens aren’t careful enough, they might get bullied or harassed by someone online.
  • CyberCrime: There are lots of people running scam online especially on Facebook. Kids are gullible and such kind of people can blackmail them by acting sweet first. These kinds of cases have already happened, and many kids have been a victim to the cybercrime. Even some known people have also been known to take advantage of the kids.

Overall, it can be said that if not used properly, Facebook Messenger can bring more harm than good. And that’s the main concern for the parents.

3. Why parents want to block Facebook messenger

Parents have the most apparent reason to keep their kids at bay when it comes to social media. Many parents have reported blocking Facebook messenger, but it still holds some value if the teens stay more careful. The kids spent a shocking amount of time on Facebook on a regular basis. And as Facebook addiction takes its hold, the teens become ignorant and stubborn. And it can be pretty disappointing. Every parent had one goal, i.e., to protect the kids and while doing so, they also have to take some steps that are not appreciated by the kids.

The main reasons for the parents to block the app Facebook Messenger from the kid’s phone are given below:

  • Safety: The most critical facet is the safety of the kids. Spending an inordinate amount of time online can have adverse effects on the child’s health and mental condition. Plus, as there are numerous anti-social elements present on Facebook, parents simply want their kids to be on their guard.
  • Ignorance: With being online on Facebook, teens are forgetting to live a real life. The teens today spent a significant amount of time online ignoring other physical activities such as their hobbies, face-to-face interactions, books, etc. This will not only have a negative impact on the kid’s academic performance, but his/her relationship with the family will also get damaged.

Therefore, the parents are not left with any choice other than blocking Facebook Messenger. Luckily, there are various apps that can help you to do that. But it is up to you to choose a smart tool for your kid’s protection.

How Spyzie do for blocking Facebook Messenger

Spyzie has become a very popular monitoring and spying application in recent years. With the increase in social media apps, the concerned parents used Spyzie to restrict access and keeping their kids safe. Teens are curious and quickly get into trouble.  Its Facebook messenger block feature can come in handy for the parents to ensure that their kids don’t engage in inappropriate activities. Spyzie will help you to monitor your kid’s activities all day long without their knowledge. It is packed with features that can be used to keep your kids safe.

To use Spyzie, you will need an account. Here is the guide that will help you to use Spyzie for your child’s protection.

Step 1: Begin with visiting the official website and clicking on the Sign-Up button. Provide an authentic email address, enter a password, and click on the Sign-Up button. It is advised that you use a valid email id so that you can get a confirmation mail along with the download link for the app.

Blocking Facebook Messenger via Spyzie step 1

Step 2: The account will be activated instantly, and you can proceed to the setup process. Enter the Teen’s name, age, and the OS information of the device they own.

Blocking Facebook Messenger via Spyzie step 2

Step 3: If the target device is Android, then you’ll have to activate the "Unknown resources installation" first from the Security Settings. Then visit the download link from the mail and once the app is downloaded, click on the Install button.

Blocking Facebook Messenger via Spyzie step 3.1

After Spyzie is installed on your device, log in with your account details and grant all the permissions needed by the app. Once the setup on the target device is finished, the app icon on the device will also disappear.

Blocking Facebook Messenger via Spyzie step 3.2

Step 4: If the target device is the iPhone, then you will only have to verify the iCloud account. As you click on the Apple icon, you will be prompted to enter the iCloud id and password logged in to the target device. Enter the details and tap on the Verify button, and the device will be synced with Spyzie.

Blocking Facebook Messenger via Spyzie step 4

Step 5: Now, you only need to access the dashboard to block Facebook Messenger from the teen’s device. Click on the App Blocker feature and block Facebook Messenger from the device completely. You can also use the Schedule Restrictions feature to put a limit on the usage of the device.

Distinct features of Spyzie like screen capture, Keylogger, app activity, browser history, etc. can be used to keep an eye on the teen 24/7.

Blocking Facebook Messenger via Spyzie step 5

From the above sections, it can be concluded that unknowingly Facebook messenger is doing more harm than good. But still, the teens are using it more often one way or another. And as the parents can’t keep the kids away from social media or block Facebook messenger, they can always use Spyzie as a parental control tool. The app will allow the parents to monitor their kids and keep them away from all kinds of potential dangers.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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