How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Part 1: Introduction.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

To a parent, nothing is as important as the safety of children – no matter what the situation, conversation or environment.

They provide everything the child needs, including cellphones so the kids can talk to their friends.

However, online sites such as Facebook can pose a threat to the safety of their kids and blocking people on Facebook secures their safety.

Learn how to ensure your child is not at risk when chatting to people or reading posts on Facebook.

Ok, let's get cracking.

Part 2: How to block people on your/someone's account via blocking setting.

Concerned about the safety of their users, Facebook provides settings you can use to block people who act like pests when online. These people can’t view posts or contact the person who has blocked them.

There are two simple ways of blocking people on Facebook through the app itself:

Method 1

Step 1: View your Privacy Shortcuts.

Swing up to the upper menu of your Facebook profile, select the question mark followed by Privacy Shortcuts.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 2: Describe who you are blocking.

Scan for the option labeled How do I stop someone from bothering me? In the entry box, type the name of the person you want to block and select Block.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 3: Finish blocking.

Browse through the list of similar names and select the person to be blocked. Confirm the selection by hitting Block.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

There is a simpler way of blocking people on Facebook:

Method 2

Bite down hard and go to the profile of the offensive person. Select the three-dotted icon and click Block.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

You can only restore communication with a blocked person by sending a new friend request after unblocking the person.

Part 3: What can you do if the kid is addicted to chat with people on Facebook?

Remember how important your friends were to you when you were young. You wanted to spend the whole day together, whether at school or at play.

Given the easy access to friends by chatting on Facebook, it is very easy for a child to get addicted to chatting on this site.

Knowing how to block people on Facebook is very important for any parent.

In order to give the child some form of "perceived privacy" a parent should not pick up the device and proceed with blocking people on Facebook.

The best way to make sure that the child does not spend too much time chatting on Facebook is to limit the time taken on the site, using an application such as Spyzie.

This is a nifty little app that runs in stealth mode and can be used to limit the time the child is on Facebook, without the child knowing it.

It helps to monitor the conversations, images, videos and other Facebook content that the child is engaging with.

This way, a parent ensures that the child is safe at all times when on Facebook.

Part 4: How Spyzie can help you?

Spyzie is an application that can be used to anonymously monitor and control what a child can do when on Facebook and how much time he or she can spend on the site.

This step-step-guide will help you do just that.

Come on Van Helsing; let's go catch those Facebook vampires wishing to harm your child

Method 1: Use the Facebook Monitoring App.

Step 1: Install Spyzie and create your account.

Go to and follow the onscreen prompts to sign up. You will need a valid email address where you will receive an email confirmation message.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 2: Input target device information.

After clicking on the confirmation email, your Spyzie account will become active. Log in and then input the details of the target device – that of your child. Once you have done this, you are ready to continue.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 3: Set up the target device.

To configure Spyzie on the target device, install it and follow these steps:

  • Start by going to Settings.
  • Slide on to Security.
  • Select Unknown Sources.
  • Complete the process with OK.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 4: Set up your monitoring device.

You may use your computer or your mobile phone.

i. On Mobile Device.

Enter your account details and proceed to download Spyzie on your mobile device. Launch the app, and you may now see what the child is doing using your cellphone.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

ii. On the computer.

Simply access the dashboard of your account on the computer and you will be able to see a variety of functions.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 5: Access their Facebook activity.

See the various Facebook profiles, messages, photos, videos, and other activities right there on your computer.

Simply go to the dashboard and then click on "Social Apps" and then choose Facebook in order to see what they are up to.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

You may also see their photos and other media by selecting photos from the options displayed.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

NOTE: You may also get a screenshot of their activities if you need to keep them for safety purposes, especially if you see that a Facebook predator or bully is giving the child a hard time.

Using Spyzie for blocking people on Facebook is the best way of getting rid of these evil people and protect your child.

Method 2: Using the App Blocker.

The Spyzie App Blocker is a great way of ensuring that your child is safe from Facebook marauders. When you block the app on the monitoring device, the child will no longer be able to access Facebook or any other app that you deem unfit for the use of a child.

Here is a simple way of making sure that your child does not access Facebook at some times.

Setup your Spyzie account and install it on the monitoring and target device as shown above. Now you will be able to block Facebook using your monitoring cellphone or computer.

Blocking one single app

Step 1: View all applications.

Log into your Spyzie account and then go to the control panel or dashboard. Navigate to the Applications option on the left panel. Clicking on it will display all monitored apps on the target device.

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 2: Block Facebook.

Now down the list of installed applications until you come to the Facebook application. On the right side of the entry, you will see an "ON/OFF" slider. When you want to turn off Facebook, simply move the slider to the "OFF" position and the target device will no longer be able to access Facebook. They will get a notification informing them that Facebook has been blocked.

Blocking all apps

Step 1: View All Applications.

Follow the steps shown above until you get to the list of installed applications

How to Block People on Facebook for Kids' Safety

Step 2: Block all applications.

It would be a tedious task to go down each app and pushing the "ON/OFF" slider to the "OFF" position. There is a handy feature that allows you to turn all applications off with one single click. Look for the "Block All Apps" box and click on it to turn them all off.

Part 5: In conclusion.

Children are a trusting lot. They will do anything that they believe is coming from a friend or a trustable person, like a priest or policeman.

However, there is a lot of anonymity on social sites such as Facebook, and these "faceless" people can use images of a priest to lure a child to do unthinkable acts.

This is the reason why parents should monitor the activity of their children on such sites. One must know how to block people on Facebook in order to maintain the safety of their children.

Although the creators of Facebook have tried to add a lot of security features, the site still gets hacked from time to time.

The obvious choice is that of having a third party app that can monitor and block activity on Facebook thereby reducing the risk to their children.

Get Spyzie now and keep your children safe when they are on sites such as Facebook.

Reminders: All apps or tools introduced in this article shall be for legal use only. Please follow the Terms & Use and End User License Agreement (EULA) before trying any of them. Any consequences of improper use should be borne by users.
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