Facebook Introduces New Chat App for Kids Under 13

Facebook is the largest social media network with more than 2 billion monthly active users all across the world. This social media network is basically designed to connect with friends and family members. People use Facebook to share photos, videos, and updates on their daily lifestyle. Now, Facebook introduced its new application “Facebook for kids”. The main motive of this application is to provide useful information to kids. This application of Facebook for kids under 13-year kids can use this to keep up to date with general knowledge and other important information.

The latest application by Facebook, Facebook for kids under 13 applications is helpful for the parent which wants to monitor their kid's activities on the Facebook. If you are a parent, you just have to download this application from your mobile application store and authenticate it with your username and password. Then create a new Facebook account for your kids and enable parental control. Facebook for kids enable parents to monitor their kid's activities and access contact list, messages, control over profile and much more.

facebook for kids under 13

Here are some Features and advantages of Facebook for kids.

  1. Privacy Settings: Nowadays, majority kids have an improper knowledge of Facebook privacy settings which is a very serious problem for their privacy and safety. It is not a difficult task to understand Facebook privacy settings. You just have to click on the blue arrow on the right side of the page and navigate privacy setting and click on it.
  2. Audience Selector: Most of the people share photos and videos on the Facebook which are seen by lots of unknown people all over the world especially teenagers. it is necessary to control the audience who is able to see it. Facebook for kid’s application allows allowing us to choose what type audience sees your child post.
  3. Blocking: The step further than unfriend option, blocking feature allows you to restrict specific account from contacting them. You just have to go to “blocked and apps” section and choose the profile which you want to block. You can put your friend on the restricted list and block them from the contact you.
  4. Lists: it is necessary for kids to understand what kind of content share with what categories of people. Kids need to be aware to manage their Facebook friends list and learn how to protect themselves from other unauthorized or unknown users.
  5. Tagging: Tagging is another feature on Facebook for kids under 13 application. Tagging is the process to identify people in the photo, video, status and other. If your kid is a tag in any photo, he/she will get a notification about it. He/she can remove the tagging by itself if the tag is unflattering. Facebook for kids app allows your children to turn on “review tags” to approve the tag before publishing.
  6. Facebook messages: Facebook messages allow children to contact their friend and family member in text form or emails.
  7. Facebook Chat and Video calling: Facebook for kids under 13 have an inbuilt feature that restricts kids to chat or video call only with their Facebook friends. Chats are stored in “Facebook messages” area. Video calling allows us to video call with Facebook friends all across the world. you don’t have to pay any charges for using this features.
  8. Parental control: This is one of the best features of Facebook for kids under 13. By using this feature, you can monitor your kid's activities of Facebook account and access all contacts, chats, video call and everything.

Spyzie: The Best Mobile Monitoring Tool

Spyzie is the web-based phone tracking solution which allows you to track target user smartphone. This tool is basically designed for parents to monitor their kid's activities and for business to keep track their employees on the internet. To start tracking your kids and employees, you just have to visit their official website and download a plug-in for Android smartphone. Once it is done, install this application on target android smartphone. Spyzie allows you to access contacts, messages, location, social media information and much more.

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How to Monitor Kid's Facebook Messenger with Spyzie

Step 1: First of all, you have to visit the official website of Spyzie and create a premium account with valid information.

Monitor Facebook for Kids

How to Monitor Facebook for Kids

Step 2: The download Spyzie plug-in for the android phone from at free of cost. If your target user has iPhone then, you don’t have to install any plug-in.

Monitor Kid's Facebook Messenger

Step 3: Switch to target Android smartphone and install this plug-in on it.

Step 4: Now open the application and login with your username and password.

Step 5: Once the above process is completed, go back to your device and open Spyzie web based phone tracking solution and sign-in with your valid username and password.

Step 6: Now go to Facebook messenger under control panel by clicking on it.

How to Monitor Kid's Facebook Messenger

Step 7: it will show you all the messages of target phone users.

Spyzie is not only limited to track user activities, you can also use it to hack social media accounts with it Keylogger tool. Keylogger is the inbuilt tool of Spyzie which allows you to record the keystrokes made by target phone users. You can take the advantage of that to know the passwords and other important information. This is also the best tool to hack any smartphone data like contacts, call logs, messages, Location, voice call recording and much more. You can download it for free from the official website of Spyzie. Unlike other spying tools, you can create a premium account in Spyzie at very affordable monthly subscription plans i.e. it suits every pocket.

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