How to Monitor Employee Email on both Computer and Cell Phones

There are several valid reasons for monitoring employee email. Foremost, it helps secure your company from burglary or distribution of sensitive information in the realm of the company. Moreover, tracking employees emails might give you evidence in case of a lawsuit while it can also make you aware of any office harassment and also whether employees comply with company's regulations.

However, despite these valid reasons, is it possible and legal then to monitor employee emails? It is absolutely possible to watch employee emails. On the contrary, it is only legal under certain circumstances such as when there are set written policies. Create balanced policies that govern internet usage and electronic code of conduct that employees will sign. Furthermore, to make monitoring legal, inform your workplace. Make it clear to the employers that the reason for monitoring is to maintain a compliant workplace and not to dig in to their personal interactions. Lastly, use technology tools that alert you to potential problems so that you do not pry into personal information.

Part 1: How to Monitor Employee Emails Sent and Received on Computer?

It is easy to monitor emails sent and received if the employee works on the office computer. This is because you can preinstall surveillance software on the workplace PC which will track all activities during office time.

There is numerous software in the market that one can use to monitor emails. One of the reliable software available is the Remote Keylogger. Remote Keylogger enables you to monitor any computer via internet such that you do not have to access the computer to get data, upon installation physically. Moreover, this monitoring system can be installed via email attachment in stealth since the user cannot recognize the installation. It is a reliable tool given that after successful installation, you can access information from anywhere at any time through a good browser.

How to Monitor Employee Email on both Computer and Cell Phones

Remote keylogger is password protected so that no one else can access it. Other than monitoring emails, this keylogger can also record website visits, online conversations, applications Ran; keystrokes typed, viewed documents and system log in activity. Its key features such as remote log deleting, log search and anytime monitoring makes it very convenient. Furthermore, it is compatible with windows and works with all internet connections.

Part 2: How to Monitor Employee Emails Sent and Received on Cell Phones?

Monitoring your employees is only legit during work hours to ensure that they do not indulge in other distractions during work hours. It is also legal when the employee has consented so that you avoid violation of privacy. However, if you choose to monitor in stealth, you risk losing the trust of your employees when they discover what you are up to.

Luckily there is a safe way to get this done via an app known as Spyzie. Well, Spyzie monitoring app is a top-notch app for tracking received and sent emails to employees' cell phones. It is not only used to track email apps but also messages, call logs, person's gallery, and social media through a control panel. Besides, you can view all apps and the target's phone functionality at large.

The beauty is that Spyzie is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices and very simple to use! Below, we show you how you can easily use Spyzie to track emails from employees at the workplace.

How to Use Spyzie

Spyzie is affordable since there is various pricing plan availed to you. There is also a free primary account, but since you might want to access more details, you will be required to purchase a subscription plan. Before you proceed, ensure that you have a premium account and access to the target phone.

There are three necessary steps as shown below:

1. Create a Spyzie account.

Sign up using a legit mail for you to access login credentials plus the app download links. As earlier mentioned, buy a premium subscription to view advanced features. There is a pricing plan page available that starts from $29.99 per month for a premium subscription. To create an account and see more info go to Spyzie.

2. Install the monitoring app on the android phone or complete a setup process if the target phone is an iPhone.

This stage might take a few minutes provided that you have the target phone. Install the Spyzie app and complete the settings as will be directed as you go on with the setup process. First, put the name of the owner of the phone on the first Setup Wizard page. Next, choose the operating system of the target device such that for android phones, choose "Android" and for iPhone select "iOS." Note that, you must have the iCloud ID and password for the target iPhone device. If you need help, go to to get detailed information about the setup process.

Consequently, since you have to install the app on the target android, go to "Settings" then "Lock Screen and Security" icon and enable "Unknown Sources." Finish by clicking "OK."

Next, download the app to the target phone and install. The Set-up Wizard page will give you the link to download or visit the link Find the APK file on the target phone's "Notifications" or "Download" folder and install.

Accept all user agreements, allow all permission requested and click "Start" to activate Spyzie monitoring app. In the meantime log in to your Spyzie account that you had earlier created. The exciting news is that the software icon will be instantly deleted as soon as the app is activated.

Note that, if the target phone is an iPhone, do install the app on the device.

View monitored data by logging into the control panel.

This last step is done on your phone or PC. The wizard page will automatically lead you to the control panel dashboard. You can choose to access at or download the app from the links availed to your email.

How to Monitor Employee Email on both Computer and Cell Phones

As soon as you access the control panel, it will take a short while for data to sync from the target device to your control panel. To view the emails sent, received and those on drafts, click on the top left function menu, whereby, all other supported features are availed.

email monitoring

You can also read content from all incoming and outgoing emails.

read content from all incoming and outgoing emails

Finally, to access new data, ensure that your data connection is active and tap on the "Refresh" icon.

As much as your reasons for monitoring your employees' emails are valid, legality is a crucial point of consideration. Choose the app that suits your interest. Spyzie is versatile and absolutely reliable. The only glitch is that when the target phone is shut down or if the internet is inactive, the servers cannot load data to your Control Panel. Other than that, it is pretty awesome!

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