How to Track Printer Usage

Track Printer Usage - Why

In this competitive world where all businesses are trying to exploit weaknesses of their competitors, keeping the business secrets safe is very important. There are many ways by which secrets and strategy of a company can be leaked and the most important cause is by printing documents. So when you run a business, make sure that you keep the printer usage by your employees in check as it will help you safeguard your company progress strategy from going to your competitors. Follow the article if you want to know how to track printer usage of your employees.

Your business secret may be the key to stay in the market and if they get leaked to your competition, you are as good as finished. So it is very important to track printer usage in your company so that you can prevent major leak of confidential data and keep your business from ruin. Also, you would also like to track printer usage to stop any unnecessary wastage of company resources by your employees. If you want to know how to track printer usage, you can do so with printer tracking software. You would be able to track printer usage by your employees and see what they are printing- with the full name of the document, type, no. of users printed the document, name of computers which sent a print job, etc.

How to track printer usage

If you want to know how to track printer usage of your employees and minimize the printer usage cost and keeping the business secrets safe, monitoring software can help you. PC monitoring software will send you a detailed report of all the print jobs that were sent by your company’s computers.

1. SurveilStar PC Monitoring to Track Printer Usage

SurveilStar is the best monitoring software to that allows free computer monitoring of employees. SurveilStar can monitor printer usage, website browsing, chat messages, documents and files used, applications used, email sent/received, devices and external hardware connected, like pen drive etc. It is the best software when you want to track printer usage of your employees.

  • Monitor and printer usage of all computers in your company.
  • Records the name, type, pages of the document printed.
  • Restrict access to printer usage and documents that can be printed.
  • You can also add watermark to any printed files.
  • You can also know the name of the user and computer who send the print job.

Price- 30-days free trial and $69.95 per month for one computer.

Track Printer Usage - SurveilStar PC Monitoring to Track Printer Usage

2. Teramind for Printer Usage Tracking

Teramind is the fully loaded employee monitoring software that allows you to keep an eye on your employee behavior, monitor employee efficiency, and ensure that your employees only does for what he is paid. You can monitor printer usage with the help of Teramind.

  • Records content of printed documents for later viewing.
  • Allow setting of alerts for printing attempt of confidential data.
  • You can find documents printed by users, computer, name, and type of file.

Price- 14-days free trial and $50 per month up to 5 users.

Track Printer Usage - Teramind for Printer Usage Tracking

3. InterGuard Printer Tracking

InterGuard is a free employee tracking solution which allows you to monitor computer activity including printer usage. This powerful employee tracking software including employee monitoring, web filtering, data loss prevention and laptop Anti-theft recovery. It can also monitor files printed and the computer who sent the print command.

  • It logs the printer usage by every computer in a local or shared network printer.
  • It records the name, type and date/time stamp of the document.
  • You can also know who printed a document and when.

Free trial time- 7 days and later $8 per month per user.

Track Printer Usage - InterGuard Printer Tracking

4. StaffCop Employee Tracking

StaffCop Enterprise is a bundled solution that makes your business safe and secure. This is a paid as well as a free PC monitoring solution to keep an eye on employees prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information. It can monitor keystrokes, emails, Skype, chats, websites surfed, social networks, file and folders accessed, devices attached and applications used.

  • Know the time of a document when it was printed.
  • See the type of document and no of pages printed.
  • Makes a copy of every file printed.

Price- it costs $43 for one computer and price lowers with subsequent computers.

Track Printer Usage - StaffCop Employee Tracking

5. Veriato 360

This is a world leader in employee monitoring solution which enables business owner and manager to track their employees at work time. It is a free PC monitoring tool that has monitors Applications, email, chats, files online searches etc. It also tracks the documents used and printed by a user to prevent any data leak.

  • Screen Capture and playback
  • See the documents and files printed by a user.
  • You can see all print operations of a user.

Price- Free trial for 15-days and $140/per computer for the premium version.

Track Printer Usage - Veriato 360

6. Sentry PC to Track Printer Usage

It is cloud-based real time monitoring software that allows you to view real time activities of an employee. This is very good software if you want to keep a check on your employee's activities including print usage.

  • Light, undetectable and easy to install.
  • Manage many computers from one centralized location.
  • Real time monitoring of employees online and offline activities.
  • Shows the print logs with the name of the file printed.
  • You can also check the users that sent the print command.

Price: - $59.95 for one year

Track Printer Usage - Sentry PC to Track Printer Usage

7. NetVizor PC Monitoring

It is award-winning monitoring software that allows you to track the keystrokes, emails, websites, windows and files opened, the application used and other activities of a user. Besides recording the file usage it also records the files and documents printed by the user. It allows you to centrally monitor activities of your employees in real time from one location.

  • Record files printed by the user
  • Also, show the name and types of file printed

Price: - $59 for lifetime usage with free upgrades for one year.

Track Printer Usage - NetVizor PC Monitoring

8. PaperCut NG

It is free software to record print logs of a Windows PC. It is one of the best print loggers applications designed solely for logging print activities for educational or commercial establishments.

  • It records the time of print.
  • The title, pages, and the name of the document printed.
  • The users who printed the document.
  • Print logs available in spreadsheet format for easy in reviewing.

Price- Free up to 5 users with just $17.5 for extras.

Track Printer Usage - PaperCut NG

9. Print Inspector

It is a powerful print monitoring tool to track the printer usage for your business. It records detailed information of all the printed documents with document name, date of print, number of pages in the document etc.

  • Manage print jobs to a printer.
  • Pause or cancel any print job.
  • View the documents printed.

Price - $149 for one computer.

Track Printer Usage - Print Inspector

10. Print Censor

Print censor is a printer use monitoring tool that records the printer’s usage and gives you a detailed report of the information about the print jobs. The data includes computer name which sent the print, no. of pages printed. Colored or white print etc.

  • Gives a detailed printer usage statistics.
  • Copy the printed documents for later viewing.
  • Allow restrictions on the print jobs.

Price- $49

Track Printer Usage - Print Censor

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Spyzie is the broadest mobile monitoring solution in the industry. This software monitoring helps you make the right decision for your IT needs. It is currently a relevant point of the companies because it is the part that verifies any IT component within it in order to anticipate possible setbacks. This is a great hacker for big brands like iPhone and Android devices, including Samsung, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG, Google Nexus, Lenovo etc with a lot of online activities.

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It is very important for a business to keep a check on the printing activities of their employees to make sure that their business secrets remain safe. To know how to track printer usage, we have provided you with the best tools to help you in this article.

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