Employee Email Monitoring – Everything You Should Know

Email monitoring is practiced all over the world by most of the leading organizations. It doesn’t matter if you wish to keep a track on your employees or would like to spy on someone else’s account, you can do it all with a few email monitoring tools. If you have never tried employee email monitoring, then you have come to the right place. In this post, we will make you familiar with every essential detail regarding employee email monitoring.

Monitor Employee Emails

On an average, an employee spends 25% of their time while drafting or answering emails. If you wish to know whether your staff is being productive and efficient, then you should use email monitoring tools. Additionally, if your team is working on a confidential project and you need to make sure that no information is leaked, then you can also perform employee email monitoring too. It can help you regulate the communication within your organization as well. There could be other reasons to do the same, which depends from one company to another.

Email Monitoring – Everything You Should Know

Is work email private?

In a nutshell, work emails are strictly professional and not private. Ideally, employees should not use their work email in a personal manner. The information that is shared via a work email is also confidential in nature. Most of the firms also have a disclaimer at the end of the mail stating that the distribution of information via email is illegal. This further concretes the fact that work email is not private and should not be used for personal communication.

Monitor Employee Emails

Is Email Monitoring Legal?

One of the questions that people ask about employee email monitoring is regarding its legality. While it might vary from one country to another, email monitoring is legal almost everything. As long as you are monitoring the work email (and not their personal) account, you won’t get into any trouble. Though, you can follow these tips to make employee email monitoring a hassle-free process:

Set policies beforehand

In the EU, you need to inform employees beforehand that their email would be monitored. Therefore, to keep everything safe, you should set strict guidelines regarding employee email monitoring and inform your staff in advance about it. This can be done during their on-boarding process.

Keep things transparent

Sometimes, just informing your staff about email monitoring is not enough. You can make a separate clause about it in the joining documents and get their signatures. If you are rolling the monitoring process afterward, then you can drop an email to your employees and ask them to revert with their approval.

Use the latest technology

You should take employee monitoring seriously and only use the best of email monitoring tools. This will help you keep everything organized and updated. We have listed some of the best tools in the next section.

Monitor Employee Emails - Is work email private

Top 5 Email Monitoring Tools

To start with, you can try either of these email monitoring tools and get the needed results:

1. SurveilStar Email Monitoring

One of the best tools that you can try to monitor employee emails without being detected in SurveilStar. It can help you analyze the productivity of your workforce while tracking their activity in an in-depth manner.

  • It can record all kinds of sent and received emails (SMTP/POP3, web-based, Lotus notes, and more)
  • You can also control the exchange of mails in the network to prevent spammers.
  • The tool can help you fetch and restrict attachments.
  • Real-time screen monitoring and browsing details are also maintained
  • Maintains a log of file sharing, device usage, IM apps, and more

Price: Plans start from $39.95

Monitor Employee Emails - SurveilStar Email Monitoring

2. StaffCop Employee Email Monitoring

As the name suggests, StaffCop is an ideal tool to perform employee email monitoring and keep a constant eye on their online activity. Different versions of software are available on its website.

  • It intercepts all the incoming and outgoing emails
  • Automatically maintains a shadow copy of the attachments
  • Has an advanced keylogger and screen capture
  • Monitors internal communication via email as well

Price: $33 per license

Spy Phone Android - StaffCop Employee Email Monitoring

3. Teramind PC Monitoring

Teramind is undoubtedly one of the most advanced email monitoring tools that you can try. It has an advanced dashboard that can help you monitor your employees on a real-time basis.

  • Tracks sent and received emails on all the popular platforms like Outlook, Gmail, Lotus Notes, Yahoo, etc.
  • It also maintains a shadow copy of all the attachments.
  • You can get immediate alerts regarding emails as well.
  • Also, you can set email policy and block certain words, content, etc.

Price: Plans start from $50

Spy Phone Android - Teramind PC Monitoring

4. DeskTime Employee Monitoring for Email

Ideally, DeskTime is a tool to analyze the employee productivity, but you can also use it for employee email monitoring as well.

  • You can track employee system and their smartphones
  • You can track employee system and their smartphones
  • It provides extensive and readily available reports to measure the performance of your workforce.

Price: Minimum pricing is of $7 per user a month

Spy Phone Android - DeskTime Employee Monitoring for Email

5. iMonitorSoft Employee Monitoring

iMonitorSoft might not be as old as other email monitoring tools, but it certainly has tons of advanced features. It works on Mac and Windows and offers different products.

  • It maintains an extensive record of all the sent and received emails
  • Besides screenshots, you can also access the keylogger feature.
  • You can set real-time alerts and manage the internal communication as well

Price: On request

Spy Phone Android - iMonitorSoft Employee Monitoring

Monitor any iOS or Android device with Spyzie

These days, most of us usually integrate our work email on our smartphones as well. Therefore, you can use Spyzie to track the Android or iOS device of your employees. The tool runs in a stealth mode and won’t be detected by them. You can obtain all the crucial information related to their device like messages, calls, contacts, browser history, etc. It also tracks all the popular IM and social apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat – to name a few.

The tool is compatible with all the leading iOS and Android devices (including brands like Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, and more). It has a mobile monitoring app that will help you obtain all the needed information remotely.

Monitor any iOS or Android device with Spyzie

We hope that this guide would help you perform employee email monitoring. To further help you, we have even listed the best email monitoring tools that you can try. Also, if you wish to track the smartphone of your employees, then you can use Spyzie. If you are still confused regarding employee email monitoring, then feel free to drop your query in the comments below.

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