How to Track Employee Attendance

Regular and timely staff attendance is essential for an enterprise that wishes to remain productive at all times, and climb the ladder of success in a rapid manner. However, it can be difficult for you, as a business manager, to maintain yourself informed regarding your employee's whereabouts constantly, at least without the help of a few tips and tools. Whether you are preoccupied about field staff attendance or office staff attendance, the matter remains equally important. However, these two types of employee presence tracking are extremely different, involving different verification methods. The information stated bellow will help you understand how to start monitoring attendance more effectively, for both in-house and on the field staff.

Part 1: How to Track Employees Attendance in office

In-house employee attendance tracking, although not complicated, involves the following of a few essential tips. You can managing keeping yourself informed at all times about your staff' presence, and thus conclude if your employees are actually doing their job, or if there are any red flags you should know about. You can use two effective methods to keep the office attendance under supervision and these are the following:

Attendance tracking template for Excel - the traditional tracking method

How to track employee attendance in office and field

Excel Attendance tacking templates have been a reliable option for business owners to keep things organized in the attendance department of their enterprises, and you can resort to this method yourself. A visual tracker template for excel will allow you to keep a record of your entire staff, and their working hours, checking attendance at glance. This type of smart sheet can be easily downloaded and it provides a high level of versatility, being useful to document your employees' sick or personal days and vacation as well.

Calamari - a HR innovation software product

How to track employee attendance in office and field

For increased tracking efficiency, an effective alternative to the traditional Excel template is the implementation of a software product, and one that finds itself on top of the list, as most popular is Calamari. This system allows you to handle various tasks easily

  • Clock in - clock out management
  • Track attendance of your employee - arriving and leaving work
  • How to track employee attendance in office and field

  • Auto clock - the usage of an app that will signal the location of nearby phones, allowing you to find out if the staff is at the office or not
  • How to track employee attendance in office and field

  • Plan days off for your employees and remote work
  • Check daily attendance through time tracking timesheets and clock in methods - all of which are integrated within Calamari software

Part 2: Best Filed Staff Attendance Tracking App

Field Staff attendance tracking is a bit more difficult than the in-house alternative, involving a few more complex steps. However, because technology is so advanced nowadays, making attendance as transparent as you desire is not impossible, but on the contrary, quite easy if you resort to the right digital tool.

Spyzie - the powerful tracking tool you were looking for

Although the digital market stands at your diagonal with numerous mobile device applications designed for tracking, one that stands out in particular due to its high level of efficiency is Spyzie. This app has become extremely popular since it first appeared, and it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as keeping an eye on children's online activities, catching a cheating partner, and of course the purpose you are interested in - tracking employee attendance. Because you need to verify the employees that are not working at an actual physical location, but on the go, the usage of such an advanced tool can truly come in handy. How can you know if your employees are doing the right thing on the field, and not cutting down on their work hours? It seems impossible, right? Well, not with Spyzie. This mobile app has a wide range of features incorporated, which can be essential in the supervision of field staff.

  • Allows the tracking of a cell phone remotely - establish the exact location of your staff, and see if they are keeping up with the work schedule, or carrying non-work related activities.
  • Geofence monitoring - is your field employees only have a particular attendance zone, the geofence monitoring feature of Spyzie will allow you to be signaled if the location boundaries are being exceeded. You will be provided with real time notifications, making it much easier for you to confront the said employee.
  • Tracking GPS location - instantly find out the exact location of the tracked phone. Receive details on the path taken to that location as well.
  • Track other cell phone activities - keep the usage of work phones under control with Spyzie. You can use this app to check the browsing history, text messages, call logs and access calendar of your employees.

How to Use Spyzie

  • Create a Spyzie account either on the website or directly within the application on your mobile device. The creation of the account is an easy process, and after completion, you can access it on both desktop or directly on your phone
  • How to track employee attendance in office and field

  • Enter the device information of the phone or mobile device you are planning to track. For Android users, the installation of a monitoring app on the targeted device will be needed.
  • Access your Control Panel to get a hold of all monitored data - you will easily discover any relevant info regarding your employees' whereabouts and actions.

How to track employee attendance in office and field

As a manager, business owner or supervisor, making sure your staff is doing their job by the book, and the productivity of your business is at its peek level is of course necessary for future enterprise expansion. Because it can sometimes be difficult to keep under control the professional conduct of all your employees, whether they are working on the field or in-house, finding an effective solution is of course necessary. Nowadays, the development of technology can make things much easier for you, giving you access to useful tools that can help you keep track of what your staff is doing at all times. Good and responsible employees can be the key to a successful business, and it is up to you to establish if you are dealing with the right professionals, or if you need to make some changes in this department. Use the tips mentioned above, and you can reach reliable conclusions.

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