Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

Employee training tracking is actually an essential part of your human resource strategy. This helps your workers to comply with the industry or state regulations. Apart from it, it helps them to stay on track for advancements. This way, your business will be able to stay updated with the other trends in the industry. It will eventually help you maintain your workforce.

From compliance training to tracking certifications and employee progression, these will all be recorded easily and accurately using an employee training tracking software. The use of proper tools such as employee training tracking software will help you as an employer to learn more about the progress of the employee training.

Part 1: Top 5 Software for Employee Training Tracking Software Working on Computers

Below are the top 5 software for employee training tracking that you would want to consider in mind.

iSpring Learn

Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

If your goal is to assess and teach your employees online, make use of iSpring Learn that no longer requires a specific setup procedure. It is just great for employers who want to start working immediately. And if you want to avoid quite a long and strenuous implementation, this one is just right for you. This specifically features authoring toolkit that is also fully integrated with LMS. This will help you build interactive and high-end courses along video lectures, communication simulations, and advanced assessments.


Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

This is one of the best employee training tracking software to use that will help you train partners, employees, and customers around the world. This is also a scalable and flexible solution to help meet your business needs, either an enterprise or a large company.

Its distinctive feature is its modularity which means to say that modules will be disabled or enabled anytime. It is considered by many as the best and most comprehensive solution when it comes to training management.


Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

This is designed to track and deliver on-demand training. In addition to that, this will help you create all learning materials you need online. You will also find it easy and fast organizing training. Its built-in editor feature is also its highlight that lets you create simple assessments, info pages, checklists, and surveys. Another impressive thing about it is that it enables you to upload various files.


Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

A product introduced by CYPHER LEARNING, Matrix is designed for big and small businesses that aim to provide online training. It is actually a cloud-based solution that comes with a complete and intuitive design and mobile applications.

Since it is available in forty languages and more, it can support the translation of forum posts and messages. It is also fully integrated with 3rd party services like GoToMeeting, Salesforce, Zapier, Google Drive and a whole lot more.


Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

This employee training tracking software can help you train your partners, customers, and employees. This is admired because of its flexible and convenient-to-use gamification settings. And through its gamification engine, you are allowed to add more competition and gaming elements to the right places.

The unique thing about this employee training tracking software is that it comes with its very flexible pricing strategy. This will also allow you to handle courses that cover 5,000 learners. It is just really inspiring to use because of its e-commerce and gamification settings. You will get the flexibility that you want when you engage with your learners.

Part 2: How to Track Everything on Employee's Work Phone?

Your business may already have provided your employees with Smartphones. This way, it will be easy for them to share files, emails and more. While they are using these cell phones, they might also be wasting your company's time. They may spend their time surfing social media websites, and they may leak sensitive information. That is why you need to track everything on employee's work phone.

The solution is Spyzie that is a phone monitoring app. You can make use of this to track your employee's Smartphone legally. You can also utilize it to track the training process of an employee. This is also especially true when some kind of training is carried out via Smartphone. This can be used to monitor app activities, messages, locations and more.

The impressive thing about the employee training tracking software is that it gives you the peace of mind you want. You stay informed, and you monitor your device in real-time. You will also be able to monitor any data that you want prior to employee training process.

Top 5 Employee Training Tracking Software

When you use Spyzie to track everything on employee's work phone, you need to create an account. You also need to complete the setup process. You will be required to fill in the age and name of the targeted person. You can choose for the OS that is running on the targeted device.

You will now need to put the password and ID of iCloud on the targeted iPhone. You will now click verify. The syncing and iCloud backup service must be activated entirely on the targeted device. You will now go to the control panel. The data coming from the targeted iPhone is synced in just a few minutes. When you log into your account, you will notice that the latest data comes in. Once when the target phone is disconnected to the internet or is powered off, the data will also not be updated.

To efficiently track and manage your employees' training, you need to consider the top 5 employee training tracking software mentioned above. These are the top solutions that will allow you to concentrate on training. You just need to find the right one for your business.

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