Best Internet History Tracker for iPhone and Android

Our internet history can reveal a lot about us. From what we search to the kind of websites we access, it can provide so much information about us and our psychology. This is one of the main reasons why parents use an internet history tracker to know about the browsing history of their kids. Also, many concerned individuals also do the same to track the internet activities of their spouse, siblings, significant others, and more. In this post, we will teach you how to use an internet history tracker for Android and iOS devices.

The best Internet history tracker for Android

If you are a looking for the best internet history tracker for Android, then you should certainly give Spyzie a try. It is a highly reliable and secure spying solution that can be used to track various kinds of activities on the target device. For instance, you can access the device’s real-time location, call logs, browser history, social media activity, media files, and more from its web-based dashboard. To use its Internet history tracker, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to Spyzie’s website right here and create your account by providing some basic information.

  2. The best Internet history tracker for Android

  3. Furthermore, you would be needed to provide a few details related to the target Android device to complete the setup.
  4. best Internet history tracker for Android

  5. Now, you need to unlock the target Android device and go to its Settings > Security to turn on the download from third-party sources.
  6. best Android Internet history tracker

  7. Great! You are almost there. Just visit Spyzie’s website from any browser on the target device and download its APK version.
  8. Afterward, you can install the app on the device and sign-in using your credentials.
  9. Furthermore, you need to grant certain permissions to the app in order to track your device.
  10. Android Internet history tracker

  11. Once you are done, you can simply delete the app icon and let it run in the stealth mode.
  12. Now, you can visit its web-based dashboard and log-in with your credentials to access all the information related to the target device.
  13. From the left panel, click on the option of “Browser History”. This will provide an in-depth view of all the websites visited on the target device on various dates.
  14. Android internet history tracker remotely

The best Internet history tracker for iPhone

Just like Android, you can also use Spyzie to track various activities on an iOS device as well. It has an excellent internet history tracker tool for iPhone that can be accessed remotely anytime. Even if the user has turned on private browsing on their iPhone, the spying tool can track their activity and that too without getting detected. Besides browser history, you can also track iPhone’s contacts, call logs, messages, WhatsApp, notes, and a lot more. You can simply follow these instructions to use its internet history tracker.

  1. To start with, simply visit Spyzie’s official website right here and go to its sign-up page to create a new account.
  2. The best Internet history tracker for iPhone

  3. As you will proceed with the setup, you would be needed to provide some basic information regarding the target iPhone you wish to spy on.
  4. best Internet history tracker for iPhone

  5. To start monitoring, you have to log-in by providing the correct credentials of the iCloud account of the target device. Remember, you need to sign-in using the iCloud ID and password of the account that is in sync with your target device.
  6. best iPhone Internet history tracker

  7. That’s it! Now, you can track all sorts of activities related to the target device just by visiting Spyzie’s dashboard.
  8. iPhone Internet history tracker

  9. Click on the “Browser History” option from the left panel. This will provide an extensive list of all the websites visited on the target iPhone with respect to its date and time.
  10. how to track iPhone Internet history

  11. To save your time, you can even look for a specific keyword on the search bar or filter these results regarding specific time duration.

As you can see, by taking the assistance of Spyzie, you can easily track any Android or iOS device. The tool is already compatible with all the leading devices and will make it easier for you to track them on a real-time basis. Not just as an internet history tracker, you can use Spyzie to track various other activities and information on the target device as well. It is a complete spying solution and will certainly help you keep a constant eye on your loved ones.

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