How to Track Browser History Firefox?

Browsing history – A well known record of recently viewed websites. This extension is superior and displays your website search. Now coming to that fact of view browsing history Firefox – Imagine a situation “Your child spends lot of time in internet. It’s your responsibility to monitor their activities. There is a way to track your child activities without knowing them”. Yes it is possible! Just track the browser history in Firefox and chrome etc. There may be another situation – you want to find out whether your employee is sincere to you and your work. It’s must to track their browsing history without their presence or absence.

In this article, we would like to give the detailed explanation of tracking browser history Firefox with applicable tools and extensions. You can take the help from the Firefox feature or else with monitoring software available in payable option.

Part 1: How to monitor browsing history in Firefox?

A foremost said, you can view browser history Firefox using the history sidebar tool. You can select the history sidebar from the menu history. Now select the “Show in sidebar”.

How to monitor using history sidebar?

  1. Open the menu from the Firefox; choose the option “View”. If the Firefox menu is hided then press the ALT button to set the menu temporarily.
  2. Choose the side bar and select history from the option.

How to open the history sidebar?

  1. You can drag and drop the history toolbar at the top of the window. Whenever you want to view browsing history Firefox- you can open by one click itself.
  2. Another method to open the history sidebar by using the keyboard typing “Cntrl+H” or “Cmd+Shift+H”

How to monitor browsing history on internet explorer?

Note: You can view the browsing history Firefox with clear details such as by site, by date and site, by date, by most visited and by last visited. From this, you can come to conclusion whether your child or employee is safe in their path or not.

Part 2: How to monitor browsing history on internet explorer under private mode?

In the last part, we have seen the Firefox browser history and in this part we are going to discuss about the browsing history in the internet explorer. Typically, the process may be same but the features are different in all aspect. We would recommend tracking the browsing history even at the private mode available in the internet explorer. 

1.What is private mode?

Private mode is also known as incognito mode or private browsing. It is the mechanism to disable your browsing history and cookies during your surf. It simply doesn’t store any information on your browsing method so you can’t trace the roots of browsing history. It is possible with the local devices and it has features such as:

  • No log-in details will be saved and it disables the browsing history.
  • You will get a perfect search method without influencing other websites.
  • Website testing is possible.

If your Personal computer is under private mode you can’t track the internet explorer directly. Instead of that, you can go to some private software to get instant report. Let’s see about the software to view the browsing history Firefox.

How to monitor browsing history on internet explorer?

2.How to use Spyzie to monitor browsing history?

Spyzie- the world’s best hacking software. This app is simple to use and no technology knowledge needed. We can say it as “all-in-one” tool where you can get all the details about the target user. Using this app you can monitor their activities by tracking the SMS, call history, view the browsing history Firefox, social media accounts, contacts, galleries etc. 

  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, Lenova, HTC, Sony, Huawei, LG, Samsung and Google Nexus.
  • You can take the screenshot for the evidence sake.
  • When the target user moves away from 10 meters you will get the notification immediately.
  • You can browse the history even if your PC is set to private mode.

Let’s see the steps to monitor the browsing history using Spyzie as the best tool.

Here you have to follow only few steps to track the browsing history. We have given the steps to view the browser history Firefox in Android and also in iPhone.

Steps to hack the browsing history Android and iOS:

Step 1: Download the Spyzie software and create the account for the purpose of verification. It’s simple to install and open the software for account creation.

How to track browser history firefox?

Step 2: After the account creation you have to enter the details about target user such as name, age and Operating system they use. This is must to enter the correct details for further tracking system.

How to track browser history firefox?

Step 3: iOS tracking:

You have to login to the iCloud account to track the next step after entering the personal details of target user. Using the username and password of iCloud you can login to the account easily.

How to track browser history firefox?

Step 4: Android tracking system:

For Android devices after step 2, when you click the next you will be prompted for setting. In your Android – choose the settings and search the “Lock screen and security”. Just enable “the unknown sources” and click OK. 

How to track browser history firefox?

after that go for the download option and you will get installed with apk file.

How to track browser history firefox?

How to track browser history firefox?

Step 5: After step (4), you will get the window to “Start” the option. Click the button and you will get displayed with the dashboard.

How to track browser history firefox?

Step 6: Now choose the option “browsing history” and start to view the browsing history Firefox.

How to track browser history firefox?

Note: We have described the steps for both Android and iOS. You will be get benefited by using Spyzie.


Guys! The above steps are proven and tested legally in point your security and privacy. You can find out your child activities by view the browser history Firefox with Spyzie. As a parent, you have to take some steps to guide your children actions. You can use the Spyzie as legal software and no technology knowledge is needed to use the Spyzie software. We recommend you the best in the world – Hope the best actions and options!

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