How to Check Private Browsing History on iPhone?

These days, browsers are coming up with different ways to protect the privacy of their users. For instance, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. has a feature of private browsing (incognito), allowing their users to browse without leaving any trace. Though, it can also become a little tedious to learn how to check private browsing history on iPhone. If your kids or spouse are accessing the private browsing feature on Safari, then you need to walk an extra mile to view their internet activities. We will help you achieve the same in this guide.

1. About Private Browsing History on iPhone

Apple introduced the feature of private browsing history in iOS 5 and has only enhanced it with time. By enabling the private browsing, users can hide the information about the websites they have visited, search results, passwords, and more. It also doesn’t allow any website to implement tracking cookies as well.

Nevertheless, even the private browsing can’t control the information on the server end. Therefore, your device’s IP address, traffic information, bookmarks, etc. will still be retained. Additionally, if the target device has a tracking tool, then it can maintain a record of all the browsing information on the target device as well.

In order to enable the private browsing on your iOS device, launch Safari and tap on the tab icon (two overlapping box icons) at the bottom of the screen.

Now, tap on the “Private” option and select “Done”. This will close the window and start the private browsing experience. Safari’s interface will also be changed to a darker shade.

about private browsing history

To disable it, you can follow the same drill and tap on the “Private” option again.

2. How to Check Your Own Private Browsing History

If you are using Safari on your Mac and Windows as well with sync over the cloud, then you can easily obtain information related to your private browsing history. This is a pitfall related to Safari’s private browsing settings and as of now, Apple hasn’t fixed it. You can learn how to check private browsing history on iPhone via your Mac or Windows in the following way.

For Mac users:

  1. To start with, go to the Finder and visit the Library > Safari folder.
  2. From here, find the “WebpageIcons.db” file.
  3. Copy the file and open it with a SQLite browser on your Mac.
  4. This will provide a segregated view of your browsing information.
  5. Under the “Browser Data” tab, you can search for the “Page URL” table.
  6. This will have a complete list of all the web pages that you have visited.

Check private browsing history on computer

For Windows users:

  1. Windows users can simply launch My Computer and look for “WebpageIcons”.
  2. Mostly, it is saved in the Windows directory as Users > AppData > Local > Safari.
  3. Open the WebpageIcons file with the SQLite browser.
  4. Simply go to the “Browser Data” tab and view the visited websites in the “Page URL” table.

In this way, you can learn how to check private browsing on iPhone when it comes to your own device. Though, this won’t let you monitor someone else or know about the websites they have visited. To do this, read the next section.

3. How to Monitor Other`s Private Browsing History

As you can observe, by following the above-mentioned solution, you can only learn how to check private browsing history on iPhone of yours. Therefore, you need to take the assistance of a monitoring tool (like Spyzie) to track someone else’s device. Spyzie is a highly advanced monitoring tool that can provide all sorts of information related to the target iPhone. After installing it on the target device, you can know about the browsing history, even if the iOS device has enabled private browsing.

Spyzie can also be used to track the device’s location on a real-time basis. Additionally, it provides detail regarding its media, contacts, call logs, messages, and more. You can follow these instructions to learn how to check private browsing history on iPhone.

1. Firstly, visit Spyzie’s official website right here and create a new account by providing your email id and setting up a password..

Spy on private browsing history - create account

2. After providing some basic details related to the target device (and user), you can move ahead in the setup wizard.

Spy on private browsing history - choose device

3. To complete the setup, you need to sign-in to their iCloud account using the credentials of the target device.

Spy on private browsing history - setup

4. Make sure that the iCloud credentials of the target device are correct and that the iCloud sync is enabled on the device.

5. After when the iCloud account is verified, you can log-in to Spyzie’s dashboard from your browser.

6. On the home screen of the dashboard, you can get a view of some crucial details (like device location, contacts, and more).

Spy on private browsing history - dashboard

7. From the left panel, click on the option of “Browser History”.

8. This will provide extensive information of all the web pages visited on the device. It will include the internet activity on private browsing as well.

9. You can also set the desired duration or look for specific keywords from the search tab.

Spy on private browsing history - check browsing history

This will let you know how your kids, spouse, or loved ones are accessing the web. By taking the assistance of Spyzie, you can learn how to check private browsing history on iPhone without much trouble. It is a 100% safe solution that runs in the stealth mode. Therefore, you can use Spyzie to track the browsing activity on the target device without being detected. Go ahead and download it right away and start tracking the browsing history of your loved ones.

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