Top 6 Free Adblocker Browsers of 2018

Internet browsers are great applications on any devices; it helps you discover new knowledge, entertain yourself and find people of the same interest. Therefore, having great and helpful features will help you enhance your web browsing experience.

Most people have a love-hate relationship with online ads. It supports website owners to keep content free as ads able to subsidise the costs of keeping a website up and running. However, they can be really annoying and intrude your privacy; they can contain malware and have tracking cookies that track your usage.

You can put a stop to this by having a no ads browser to prevent malicious software from infecting your device, save bandwidth and avoid your personal data from being robbed. There are plenty of them in the market but here are six free adblocker browser for 2018.

Part 1: Free Adblocker Browser

For an ad-free browsing experience, get your hands on the Free Adblocker Browser so that you can have more time absorbing content that benefits you. It is one of the best alternatives to Chrome, Dolphin and Firefox. Some of its features include: blocks all types of ads and cookies, alerts you when there are malware and adware, fast upload time and no registration needed.

free adblock browser

The Free Adblocker Browser blocks ads, banners, ad videos and popups effectively---this is what makes it a desirable ad blocking browser for the past many years. Additionally, it is also able to save your device's battery and data usage, as well as preventing advertisers from tracking your online behaviour and personal data to spam more advertisements your way. With frequent updates and upgrades, this ad blocking browser prooves that it is here to stay.

Part 2: Adblock Plus

This no ads browser is one of the more-used ad blockers and can be used on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox and Opera. There are several great features packed in this plugin: block ads, whitelist acceptable ads, prevent tracking cookies, block malicious domains and disable social media button on your preferred browser. There is no need to download a new one just so that you will not be bothered by annoying ads.

adblock plus

With the help of Adblock Plus, you will be able to filter intrusive ads from popping on your browser with the help of different filters. You can always enable and disable these filters whenever you want.

Part 3: Adblock Browser

The mobile browser version of this famous desktop ad block browser was launched after months of testing to ensure users are able to experience fast, safe and ad-free browsing on smartphones and tablets. It has many great features but some of our favourites include the fact that it makes browsing faster, save data usage and save up to 20% of battery life so that you can use your devices for longer periods of time. If you are not big on advertisers tracking your online movement, the browser can help disable cookies, block malware domains and disable social media sharing buttons.

adblock browser

Like its desktop counterpart, it will block all types of ads. However, users are able to put websites into whitelists and blacklists---this basically allows users to keep on supporting their favourite websites via ads.

Part 4: #NoChrome

If you are one of the thousands of avid Chrome users and cannot imagine using any other browsers, #NoChrome is great for you. Do be aware that extensions are not supported by Chrome for Android; #NoChrome is instead an open source version of Chrome for Android that has ads disabled. Now do not worry about your bookmarks and saved login details---#NoChrome has a great feature that syncs your data on Chrome with #NoChrome when you sign in with your Google account.

free adblock browser - nochrome 

The no ads browser does what it does effectively and this is evident by the empty ad frames in the websites you are browsing. This is rather peculiar as no other ad-free browsers have opted for this user interface design.

Part 5: Opera

Mid-2016, Opera added a pleasant surprise to the browser's features; it now has a built-in ad blocker that is able to block any types of ads imaginable. This was unthinkable because it is an advertising agency itself. This is a great option for users who prefers to not install a different browser or extensions on their devices as Opera's ad blocker is a native feature that blocks ads at a search engine level. Users can expect that website loading speed will be a lot faster with this simple and easy-to-use feature than a third-party plugin.

free adblock browser - opera

Like a good no ads browser, Opera allows users to build a list of whitelisted sites where ads are 'allowed' to appear in order to support websites that the users find beneficial to them. The ad blocking feature also blocks more ads than other free adblock browser---users can verify this with the built-in metre that lets users compare load times and number of ads blocked when the feature is enabled and disabled!

Part 6: Firefox with Plugins

Firefox has gone through many updates since it was first introduced on mobile---it is now one of the most effective free adblock browsers on Android. It has some of the best features on a good no ads browser: desktop syncing, privacy protection, intuitive bookmarks, Chromecast support and other plugins that can enhance your browsing experience.

free adblock browser - firefox

There are two free adblocker browser plugins available on Firefox: uBlock Origin and AdBlock Plus. The uBlock Origin is a simple option that does not occupy much RAM while blocking the annoying ads. AdBlocker Plus, on the other hand, has more complex filters that allow more control and customisation for a dynamic adblocking capabilities.

There are many other no ads browsers available in the market these days---these are the best six in our opinion. While it may be tempting to pick any one of these and have them installed on your device quickly, it might not be the best decision in the long term. While they are overall great, it is best to read more on their required specs and the reviews by other users, especially from those who are using the same devices as you do. These will help you narrow down the best no ads browser for your device and preference.

Another great tip you should heed to is that choose one that is dynamic enough for you to customise the filters so that your browsing experience can be enhanced. You would also may want to find one that allows you to put your favourite websites on a whitelist so that you can continue supporting the webmasters to keep their content free.

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