How to Use Safari Content Blocker?

Safari Content Blockers are extensions enabled to make our browsing seamless and keep of any distractions that may cause disturbances as we browse. These blockers come in handy especially with the release of iOS 9 on any of the configured devices that is; ranging from iPad, iPhone, and iPod {touch}. It is really quite easy and simple to use and it executes the actions as per the blockers so as to achieve exquisiteness in browsing. This document will guide you to the most effective content blockers that you can equip and configure for on Safari.

safari content blocker

Part 1: What is Safari Content Blocker?

Safari as we all know is a browser that comes along with operating system called iOS. A content blocker is an anti-tracking and privacy related software with bandwidth-reduction management and ad blocking tool equipped to the browser as an extension. With the release of iOS 9, these kinds of extensions can be installed in Mobile Safari.  

Content-blocking extensions are a list of patterns and behaviors that a third-party application passes to Safari, which collects and compiles them from all enabled apps into a fast-loading filter set.

Rather than providing a hook by which content blockers can provide a yes/no answer to each individual URL or resource as it loads, a content blocker gives an arrangement list — that is, a set of URLs combined with a yes/no answer. This allows the web browser to compile it into the most efficient way of working.

In addition, people are allowed to audit the source code and thus, the content blockers do not give out any personal information. 

(Safari is based on the open-source WebKit project.)

Part 2: How to turn on and turn off Safari Content Blocking?

One may have any set of content blockers enabled, or not at any given time, so you don’t have to choose the perfect one.You may easily have the ones you turn on and off depending on your browsing, your available bandwidth, and the cost and amount of data transfers when you are roaming off network or internationally.

turn on safari content blocker

Once you’ve installed content blockers, you need to set them up if they offer configuration options. Launch the app to fix the settings, if any are available. Some apps have no settings, but simply incorporate a list that can be updated remotely. Others have enormous numbers of options, down to letting you turn a filter on or off for particular sites.

Turn on content blockers

Enable filters individually for Safari. Tap Settings > Safari > Content Blockers, and you can flip a switch on or off for each installed extension. Whenever you do so, iOS quietly rebuilds the filters being applied—there is no extra step.

Turn off content blockers

turn off safari content blocker -

Apple allows any combination of content-blocking extensions to be enabled at once via Settings > Safari > Content Blockers. One can override all content filters by pressing down the reload button for a few seconds. This becomes a “reload without filtering.”

Part 3: Apps to Work with Safari Content Blocker

There are three Apps that work great with Safari Content Blocker

1. Crystal Adblock

Crystal Adblock is easy to use and makes the browsing experience on your iPhone and iPad much more enjoyable. Ad blocking loads pages 4x faster, saves up to 50% of your data and much more.

Key Features

Block all annoying ads on your iPhone and iPad- Ads will no longer bestrew the small screen of your mobile device. Browse your favorite webpages without distractions from annoying banners and pop-ups.

Save up to 50% of your data- Ads consume a really high degree of your data plan. By blocking ads, Crystal Adblock helps to improve the usage of your data for the online activities that matter to you.

Load pages 4x faster & enhance battery life- Browsing is elevated considerably with Crystal Adblock. The duration of your device’s battery percentage and life is also rapidly improved.

Stay safe and secure- Ads hide malware and tracking, protect yourself from these risks by using Crystal Adblock.

safari content blocker - crystal adblocker

2. Purify

Purify is a content blocker for Safari that blocks ads, tracking, and more. Purify's exquisitely hand-crafted filter optimizes your browsing experience. With regular updates, all users receive the best and latest of Purify at frequent intervals.

Purify gives you complete control: whereby whitelisting with Purify is effortless — just a tap from within Safari.

It also syncs your preferences and whitelists via iCloud across all your devices.

Unlock powerful blocking options with unmerited ease — you can easily choose to block:

• social buttons and comments

• scripts

• custom fonts

• images

... and gain even more speed and data-usage benefits.

Key Features

Swiftly browse at an average of 4times faster

Reduce your web data consumption on Cellular and Wi-Fi by an average of 50%

Browse the web clutter-free — reclaim precious screen space

Ultimate privacy: Purify eliminates tracking and never intercepts any of your traffic.

safari content blocker - purify

3. 1Blocker

Block ads, trackers, and any annoying web content. Based on new lightning fast native Content Blocking API, it doesn’t slow down Safari and can't know which websites you visit. Supported entirely by the users, there’s no “acceptable ads” program.

Key Features

Save battery life, data bandwidth, and by over 50% (confirmed by multiple independent tests).

Whitelist websites you love with the Safari content blocker extension.

All your blocking preferences are automatically synced over iCloud.

Create your own custom blocker rules that lets you hide page elements, block sites, and cookies.

More Features

Efficient blocking- While most other extensions block content by filtering elements of already downloaded page, 1Blocker uses modern WebKit blocking technology to show Safari in advance what should be blocked. This greatly improves efficiency and saves battery life.

Protects your privacy- 1Blocker is not a VPN or proxy server, it can't identify what web pages you view and doesn't expose your privacy.

1Blocker is fully supported by its users and doesn't make deals with advertisers or sell your data to publishers.

Unlimited blockers- The free version of the app allows one group of blockers to be used at the same time. So if you just want to block ads, you can do that without upgrading to Pro. So as to activate multiple packages of blockers at once, in-app purchase is required.

safari content blocker - 1blocker

Content blocking in Safari provides a powerful way of determining what scripts a user is about to load. This may be done without exposing the content blocker to the URLs that the user is visiting. It uses regular expressions to match domains but can provide exclusions to allow certain sites to keep re-visiting. Similarly, with other ad blockers, a web page can selectively have elements cut out of them. Starting with a blacklist that encompasses everything is likely to be the only way to prevent this from spreading, and then selectively enabling certain domains or sites. Whilst the JSON format and rebuild-when-you-want-to-change it won’t be appealing for many, the content blockers coming to the top of the store will provide user-friendly ways of setting up these rules in an easy-to-use manner.

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