Top 10 Call Blockers to Block Unwanted Calls on iPhone

Are you tired of getting all those unwanted calls on your iPhone? Well, with the assistance of a call blocker app, you can get rid of them in no time. There are plenty of apps available out there for iOS that can save your time and efforts by blocking all those unwanted calls. In this comprehensive article, we have come up with an extensive listing of some of the best call blocker applications for iPhone that every user out there should install on their smartphone for a superior experience. Let’s get it started and know about all these major apps in detail.

1. Truecaller

Truecaller is one of the oldest and most effective apps that can be used to block calls or spam text messages as well. It was initially created as an app to identify unknown numbers and have certainly evolved with time. It has an inbuilt caller ID, which will let you identify the details of an unknown caller.

The number identification app has plenty of other features as well. It can automatically identify spam calls and block them without any trouble. Additionally, you can integrate different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter with it.

• Get rid of unwanted spam calls

• Access to social media from the in-app dashboard

• In-app purchases

• Has an extensive database for searching of contacts

• Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

iphone call blockers - truecaller

2. Mr. Number

Mr. Number is identified at the #1 call blocking and spam protection app for iOS users. It can help you identify and get rid of all those spam calls in no time. It is freely available on the app store and will give you a provision to customize your smartphone experience easily.

Additionally, it also has an extensive database on which you can search for an unidentified number. You can also create your own blacklist and mark callers as spammers as well to help the community.

• Reverse phone lookup feature

• Identify spammers on a real-time basis

• Freely available

• Customize your own blacklist

• Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

iphone call blockers - mr. number

3. YouMail

YouMail is a highly intelligent and sophisticated app that can let you do so much more in less time. It can automatically identify spam calls and save your time. You can also customize your greeting method and provide an “out of service” reply to marketing calls as well.

It is ideally a call management app that can help you automate things with the advanced call blocker feature. It also has plenty of other features like conference call setup, virtual receptionists, and more.

• Hassle-free call management

• Customized greeting for telemarketers

• Intelligent real-time spam identification

• Virtual receptionist

• Conference call facility

• Multi-device integration

• Freely available

• Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

iphone call blockers - youmail

4. Hiya Call Security

Hiya is an advanced call blocker app that will block all those unwanted spam calls beforehand, so that you won’t get disturbed. It also has a feature to lookup for unknown numbers. It has a highly extensive listing of spam numbers, which keeps on updating every day.

Additionally, even after missing a call, the app will let you know if you should dial back or not. It will certainly create a secure experience for you with its customized blocking feature.

• Search unidentified calls

• Freely available

• Blacklist numbers

• 24x7 Spam checker

• Call blocking facility

• Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later

iphone call blockers - hiya call security

5. TrapCall

TrapCall will always keep you a few steps ahead of others by identifying all those unknown numbers on a real-time basis. It has a powerful call blocker feature that will let you get rid of all those unwanted telemarketers and spammers automatically.

It is a highly sophisticated app that will take care of your privacy. With its dashboard, you can also file complaints, keep track of stalkers, and stay safe. You can also record calls and manage your contacts easily. It also has an extensive database that can let you look up for a number without any trouble.

• Tracking of phone numbers

• In-app purchase

• Reveal blocked callers

• Call recording facility

• Requires a paid TrapCall account

• Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

iphone call blockers - trapcall

6. Call Bliss

Attain a perfect bliss by avoiding all those unwanted calls using this call blocker app. With Call Bliss, you can decide the calls you want to pick as it will provide a real-time detail of an incoming call. Furthermore, you can get to know more about the person you are dialing to at the same time.

There are also different kinds of inbuilt lists and modes that are available in the app. It also has an advanced DND feature that can put all the incoming calls to voicemail.

• Customized blacklisting

• Do not disturb feature

• Paid (One-time purchase of $9.99)

• Compatibility:  Requires iOS 8.0 or above

iphone call blockers - call bliss

7. iBlacklist

An app particularly designed for iPhone users, iBlacklist can block calls and keep everything organized for you without any hassle. It has a fast and reliable lookup tool as well to search for any unidentified number. It also has lots of added features like a customized dial pad, adding favorite contacts, group email, group messages, and a lot more.

• Backup and restore contacts

• Real-time synchronization of contacts

• Manage groups

• Unlimited lists

• One-time payment

• Compatibility:  Requires iOS 8.1 or above

iphone call blockers - iblacklist

8. Caller ID

As the name suggests, Caller ID can help you look for unknown contacts and get crucial information regarding the same. It has a vast database that can help you identify an unknown caller without any trouble. Additionally, not just to identify a contact, you can also use the app to block calls with a single tap. It has a simple and easy to use interface that will provide a seamless experience to you.

• Identify unwanted calls

• Call blocking feature

• Easy to use and reliable

• Freely available

• Compatibility:  Requires iOS 6.0 or above

iphone call blockers - caller id

9. Sync.ME

Sync.Me is a perfect spam blocker and caller ID app that will make your life a whole lot easier. With an extensive database, it will make it easier for you to reverse lookup a number. It also has a feature to block calls on the basis of different parameters. Make your phone more social by adding photos and videos to your contacts with social media integration. The app has a widget for notification center that will give you a real-time update regarding any spam call as well.

• Freely available

• In-app purchases

• Social media integration feature

• Over 1 billion phone numbers registered

• Compatibility:  Requires iOS 8.0 or above

iphone call blockers - sync me

10. Callblock

If you are ready to pay a small amount, then Callblock is just the perfect app for you. This call blocker app has got it all and will make sure that your smartphone will never receive an unwanted call. It has a massive database of more than 2 million spam callers worldwide and is sure to protect your privacy as well.

You can further block certain kinds of callers and also file a complaint from its dashboard regarding a caller. It also has an advanced caller ID feature that will help you filter your calls easily.

• Has an extensive list of spammers

• Identify spammers in different categories

• Free to try for one month

• Paid ($1.99 monthly or $19.99 yearly)

• Compatibility:  Requires iOS 10.0 or above

iphone call blockers - callblock

Go ahead and download the most preferred call blocker on your iPhone and be sure to have a pleasant smartphone experience. Get rid of all those spammers and telemarketers while keeping your privacy intact with these apps.

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