How to Use AppBlock and Its Best Alternatives

Many a times, you must have noticed that while working or rather surfing net on your mobile phone the vast amount of applications try to open up in between on its own. This makes working on mobile phone irritating and distracting. With more and more apps being built and out in the open everyday, you tend to download a number of apps for your personal as well as professional needs. Since your mobile is connected to internet almost 24/7, as there has been a drastic reduction on WiFi and mobile data charges these days, some of the downloaded apps keep trying to update or open up on their own. Not just mobile phone, but this happens with most of the electronic devices. Thus it becomes imperative for us to find an effective tool to counter this persisting problem.

Thus, today, we will focus on one such software called the AppBlock and also look into its alternatives as we go further with this article.

Part 1: How to use Appblock?

AppBlock is an Android based application that helps you stay focused on your school or your work by temporarily blocking distracting applications on your mobile device. It can get activated for specific times or dates as per your settings and beyond the allotted time, the restrictions are withdrawn automatically. AppBlock software is extremely easy to use and post download, you can select the applications that are distracting and keep them muted or their notifications off to focus on your work. You can even block email notifications and create profiles with separate restriction settings. AppBlock has an overall rating of 4.1 on google play and enhances the security of your mobile once installed.

Now let us understand how to use AppBlock step by step:

Step 1 : Search for AppBlock on google play store and download AppBlock.

Step 2: Open the AppBlock from the App drawer:

how to use appblock

Step 3: Now tap the '+' sign at the bottom of the screen. This is open new window to create profile.

how to use appblock

Step 4: Select a name for the profile and tap on create. You will have a profile created for yourself.

Step 5: Move to 'what is blocked' section at the bottom of the profile page.

how to use appblock

Step 6: Turn off the 'app launch' button and and turn on the 'app notification' button.

Step 7: Click on the 'Add' button, next to 'Application'.

how to use appblock

Step 8: Select the apps you want the notifications off for and click 'Ok'.

Here we go, you have successfully turned off the distracting apps.

Part 2: Top 4 AppBlock Alternatives

Now that we know the importance of blocking app and how to block apps using App Block software on your Android smartphone, let us also get some insight into its alternatives which may come handy anytime with other operating system devices as well as if unfortunately, the App Block software fails to work or update. So, in this part, we will learn about the four best alternatives to App Block application - Self Control, AppBlocker, Focus Lock and StayFocused. Let us start with the first one which is Self Control:

2.1 SelfControl

SelfControl, a free and open source application for Mac Operating System, lets you block unwanted app distractions during your scheduled working hours. It blocks all your access to websites, mail servers, or anything else on the internet. Simply set the time period of block, add the site url to the blacklist and click on start.


Key Features:

  • Requires Intel, 64 bit processor and Operating system X 10.7 or later.
  • Avoid upgrade of the app while block is on.
  • Free application.
  • Smooth slider to which lets you select the time you want to block the apps for- anywhere from one minute to twelve hours.
  • Once timer starts, you cannot undo the blacklisting until to time gets over. Even restarting the computer does not help.

Operating system : Mac

2.2 AppBlocker

Netsanity is the number one app blocker, which works on any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and even Android Samsung devices. It gives you a free trial of 14 days as well to explore its various features. It blocks social media apps like Reddit, Scruff, Askfm, etc to Dating apps like Grindr, Down dating, to Entertainment or games app like boom beach, clash of titans etc and also Messaging apps like whatsapp, line, and many more. NetSanity has been featured in some of the top media houses like CNBC, CNN, FoxNews, USA Today, abc News and iPhoneWorld.


Key Features :

  • Their App Blocker lets you block over 50+Apps on the phone.
  • Easy, just a click of a button to block unwanted apps.
  • It remove inappropriate snapchat photos or twitter posts.
  • Identifies new apps and adjusts with the blocked apps list.
  • Avoid bullying situations.
  • Reduces data bills for internet heavy apps.
  • Reduces in-app purchasing and hence keeps a tab on your unknown expenses.

Operating System : Works on iOS and Android devices.

2.3 Focus Lock

Focus Lock is another famous app blocker which helps you lock and switch off some apps so that you can concentrate on your work or school. With Focus Lock you can be rest assured to be distraction free from all social networks apps that you are used to.

focus lock

Key Features :

  • Time default settings is for 25 mins of work and a 5 minute break which can be adjusted accordingly.
  • The block on apps is set continuous so can be stopped only manually.
  • Blocked apps can only be used during breaks.
  • Required Android 3.0 and above with a user rating of 3.2 on google play.

OS : Android 3.0 and up. Current Version : 2.0

2.4 StayFocused

Stay Focused is the most revolutionary app designed for better time management. This innovative time app, lets you track your time minutely so that you are more focused and are able to organize your work in a better way. Stay Focused is based on the Pomodoro concept, introduced by Francesco Cirillo, which focuses on breaking down work in smaller portions, usually a period of 25 minutes each with small breaks in between. Stay Focused has been editors choice for CNET, Softpedia and Editors Review.

stay focused

Key Features :

  • Set time limits on sites individually.
  • The break intervals you set on StayFocused, will alert to breathe, meditate, to go for a stroll, have a cup of coffee etc.
  • Sends you reports on the time spent by you on each activity.
  • Its opens your work files like, Photoshop, AutoCAD, Excel, PPT, Word automatically.
  • You can set a clean desktop with Stay Focused as it will set a certain wallpaper and hide all that is not related to your work during your work hours.

It is a Chrome based software available on Chrome Web Store .

So these were the ways in which you can start better utilizing your valuable time and focus more on your core job. Hope this article helps you choose the best app blocker for your day to day affairs. Of course, being human, it is difficult to concentrate with the constant buzzing and chirping of your phone which tempts you to open your Facebook or Instagram profile for the updates.

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