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Top 6 Adblock Apps to Block Ads in Apps and Games

Most of us have a love-hate relationship with ads. Bloggers and businesses use ads as a way to supplement free content and service that are beneficial for users. It is also used to supplement their income. While these are good for users to continue enjoying free content and services, ads can be annoying to some users.

If you need to make them go away, this article will give you six ad blocker app that will help you block ads from your favourite apps and games. We have a mix of apps that work on both Android and iOS.

Part 1: AdAway

AdAway is an open source app ad blocker that does not consume CPU time or memory. It is able to effectively stop unwanted ads from popping up onto your screen by directing them to a 'dummy' website. It is especially great for older Androids but you will need to root your device.

adblock app - adaway

Price: Free

Supported platform: Android

Key features:

  • • Works with Android Jelly Bean and above.
  • • Small app (around 5.4MB).
  • • Blocks ads by using host files and can be performed by a third-party server.
  • • Users can download host files from the app to add sites into black and white lists.
  • • Supports more than 34 languages.

Part 2: Adblock Plus

Do you like the desktop version of the Adblock Plus? If you do, you would be happy to know that you can now install it on your mobile device; the adblock app effectively blocks ads from popping on your mobile internet browsers and suppresses in-app ads. The app is easy to set so that it can start filtering ads from your devices.

adblock app - adblock plus

Price: Free

Supported platforms: Android and iOS

Key features:

  • • Block video ads, Facebook ads, banners, pop-ups on your app.
  • • Allow certain ads from whitelisted websites.
  • • Disable third-party tracking from firms that collects your online data.
  • • Lower the possibility of getting your mobile device attacked by malware.
  • • Disable social media sharing buttons.

Part 3: NoRoot Ad-Remover

The NoRoot Ad-Remover is an app ad blocker that does not require you to root your device to start using it. Users are able to use this app to detect and block different types of ads depending on the version of the app that you have. The free version will only let you block apps from two apps or games while you can have unlimited protection with the paid app.

adblock app - noroot ad remover

Price: Free/Paid ($3.99)

Supported platform: Android

Key features:

  • • Able to use the app in any screen orientation.
  • • Create a list of apps or games that you want ads to be blocked off.
  • • Supports more than 100,000 mobile apps.

Part 4: TrustGo Ad Detector

TrustGo Ad Detector is an ad blocker app that scans and shield mobile device users from ads that collect data about them so that advertisers are able to implement more targeted marketing campaigns. It prevents users from leaking your identity through push notifications, email subscriptions and cold calls.

adblock app - trustgo ad detector

Price: Free

Supported platform: Android

Key features:

  • • Scans and detects apps and games that display push notification ads, modify browser homepage, download files on ad clicks, leak phone numbers etc.
  • • Helps delete harmful apps upon confirmation.
  • • Easy and intuitive to use.

Part 5: Ad-Blocker for iOS

Ad-Blocker for iOS is great for users who wants a comprehensive control of their ad blocking experience on an iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It allows you to create and customise a list of domains that you want to block from appearing on your mobile device by using its VPN OnDemand feature. This feature installs a dummy VPN account with the predefined domain lists---should you access a blacklisted domain, the app will instantly establish a connection to the dummy VPN server and directed the ads there and not onto your device.

adblock app - ad blocker for ios

Price: $1.99

Supported platform: iOS

Key features:

  • • Works on iOS 8, iOS 9 and iOS 10.
  • • Supports every apps, not only Safari.
  • • 99% effective in blocking unwanted popups, banners and video ads on your mobile apps and games.
  • • Privacy protection, bandwidth usage limitation and optimise device's speed to improve the overall experience of using iOS.

Part 6: Weblock for iOS

If you are primarily connected to a WiFi network and looking for dynamic customising abilities that allow you to put websites in white and black lists, Weblock might be the app for you. Users are able to apply filters to determine what you want to block---it is highly customisable to protect you from unwanted and potentially harmful ads. It is one of the most excellent apps in terms of customisability. The only major letdown is that it will take up a large portion of your internet speed.

adblock app - weblock for ios

Price: Free

Supported platform: iOS

Key features:

  • • Comes with predefined web blocking rules plus the ability to make your own depending on your needs.
  • • Redirects ads to dummy servers instead of going to your apps and games.
  • • Compatible with iOS built-in VPN connection and profile manager.
  • • Able to work on multiple devices.

Ads can be annoying but they are great ways to discover new apps, products, services and websites. Alternatively, if you would still like to find new apps, products, services and websites, you can still opt for non-instructive ads to appear now and then on your apps and games. To do so, you will need to purchase ad-free versions of your app so that you can still enjoy your favourite apps and games without getting distracted by ads popping up frequently when you use them.

Else, if you are not keen on paying for a premium version of your favourite app and/or game, there is always an ad blocker app that will suit your ad blocking needs. Hopefully, the list above will help you narrow down your search and eventually lead you to the ideal one for you.

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