With Spyzie App Blocker gives you peace of mind by helping you block unwanted and distracting apps on your children’s Android phones and tablets remotely!

What can I do with the App Blocker features of Spyzie?

Identify Inappropriate Apps

Spyzie lets you have a look at all the apps installed on your child’s Android phones or tablets so you can identify any apps that you want your children to keep away from.

Available only when it is for android monitoring:

Block Distracting Apps and Games

You can restrict access to specific applications on the device, or completely restrict access to all installed apps on an Android device with the click of a button.

How can I set up App Blocker on Android Devices?

1. Create a Spyzie account

Firstly, you’ll need to get a membership first on the website or with Spyzie app. Once the account is created, it can be used across all platforms.

2. Setting Up Spyzie on Your Child's Android Device

Now that you’ve set up your account, it’s time to start installing the software onto your target device. Firstly, you’ll need to input the name of the device owner. This is simply for identification purposes, essential if you’re monitoring multiple devices from the same Spyzie account.

The first time when you log into Spyzie account, there is a Setup process go through. Take the target phone at hand, install a monitoring app on your child's Android phone and make necessary settings to activate the monitoring service.

Please follow the step by step instructions on the how to monitor android tutorial. If you are interested in monitoring an iOS device, please turn to the iPhone Monitor tutorial.

3. Blocking a Certain App on Android Device

Once you’ve set up your account and installed the Spyzie software, you’ll now be able to start blocking specific applications on the device when you please. You can do this by using a desktop internet browser or a mobile browser.

When you log into your account, you’ll be taken to your control panel. Using the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the control panel, select the ‘Applications’ option, and this will provide you with a list of all the applications that are currently installed on the device.

Simply scroll down to the application that you wish to block and use the ‘ON/OFF’ slider to turn the app off. This will disable the app from the device until you enable it again. When the user tries to access the blocked, they will receive a notification stating that the app is blocked.

4. Blocking All Apps on the Android Device

If you want to block access to every app that is installed on the target device, follow the same process as the step above.

However, instead of scrolling down and selecting the app, you wish to block, simply select the ‘Block All Apps’ tick box. This will block all the apps for the being accessed until you uncheck the tick box.

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  • Premium Edition
  • Ultimate Edition

Premium Edition (With Restricted Functionality)

$ 29.99 $39.99 / Month
Required: Physical access to the target android phone.

Ultimate Edition (With Full Functionality)

$ 39.99 $49.99 / Month
Required: Physical access to the target android phone.