Top 5 Apps Help You Track Your Android Devices

Are you someone quite cautious about your Android device and wants to know where your family members are since you care about their safety? You must then know how to track the device if it gets lost or stolen. These questions matter to you the most and therefore in order to resolve your concern and assist you in finding out the top apps with which you would be able to find out and track your Android device. Here in this article, we have covered such details for apps with their specific features. So, let’s read about the top 5 Android device trackers that will help you to track Android devices.

1. Spyzie

Developer team


You can reduce any stress and worry against your lost and stolen phone by Spyzie Android Tracker and its GPS tracking system. Keeps you updated with real time location alert messages and you can check the details on the Map of the app or at the website. You can remain connected to your family and close friends with the help of this app.

As per users rating, it is rated as 4.5 stars



a. It helps to locate the stolen devices of you and your family members.

b. Provides Location updates, of Android, and Apple devices.

c. It helps to keep device data safe and secure.

d. Location history is easily available on the website.

e. Instantly update information on the Map and website.


a. This app is quick and easy to use.

b. Provides real time update on the website.

c. In the case of lost device, whenever location changes, it instantly alerts the details on the map and in the website.


Some users face date and time issue.


2. Family Locator - GPS Tracker




Family locator makes it easy to remain connected to your valuable people, making digital life simple by creating groups and real time location tracker. Further, GPS tracking is available for non-smart phone users also so that you can have peace of mind, instead of worrying about lost device.

In the list of best tracking app, this one comes on second highest with 4.4 stars ratings

Family Locator - GPS Tracker


a. Alert facility for all the circle members while arriving and leaving their destinations.

b. Lost and stolen phone tracking system

c. Work as Android and iPhone locator.

d. Running late alert notification through GPS tracking system.

e. Real time location alert.


a. Reliable phone tracking system. Which provides free text service for circle members.

b. It provides 24/7 running assistance.


a. Some users face notification error.

b. Advertisement alert as per users is annoying.


3. Cerberus anti theft




Cerberus is an anti-theft process against the protection and recovery of your lost or stolen device by identifying the thief to enable you to get back your device. It provides you with an automatic alert facility and is capable of taking the snapshot of the person using the device with unauthorized access.

As per users review, it is rated 4.4 stars, thus making it the third most liked app.

Cerberus anti theft


a. Auto alert facility

b. Remote control through SMS or website.

c. Lock feature with code and alarm sign.

d. You can identify the thief by image and video capturing.

e. Provide the information about Last location data of the device.


a. Provides information about nearby networks, or Wi-Fi data.

b. Last call information and record the audio also. As well as changed SIM information.


a. The uninstallation process is quite tedious.

b. Free for one week only.


4. Find My Device


Google Inc.


Find My Device is the Android Device Manager by Google Inc. that helps to keep your phone safe and assists in locating the device in case it gets lost as well as take care of your device information.

As per user’s ratings, it is rated as 4.3 stars

Find My Device


a. Tracks and locates device; play the sound if found nearby.

b. In the case of lost, it locks the phone, erases the information and shows the alert message

c. Assist in keeping your information safe.

d. You can secure the device remotely by remote lock and erase feature.

e. Can play the alert sound.


a. It has a navigation feature with alert message

b. Notifies you about moving destination of the device


As per users two step verification process is troublesome in the case of lost phone.


5: Wheres My Droid


Alienman Technologies LLC


With the help of Wheres My Droid app you can Track down your Android device with ease and get all the required safety features. Its GPS location service will assist you in tracking the location and protect your device from any unauthorized use and access. Also, it restricts the usage of the device using White/Black list making it easy to differentiate who is authorized to use and control the app.

As per users ratings, it is rated 4.5 stars, making it one of the most sought after app for all the Android devices.

Wheres My Droid


a. GPS tracking with the ring and vibrate feature

b. GPS flare- location alert even if the battery is low.

c. Remotely lock device, wipe SD, and phone data.

d. Stealth mode helps to hide any incoming text.

e. The passcode will avoid any unauthorized access.


a. This app consumes less battery.

b. You can take pictures in stealth mode.


Update issue is reported by some users.


Phones have become an integral part of life; whenever we go somewhere, we always keep our phone with us. Actually, we cannot think of a life without it, so, to ensure that your Android device is safe and side by side taking care of your family members also, in the above article we have covered the details about top 5 Android device tracker apps. Hope this helps to make your life easy and safe and assists you well to track Android device.

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