Top 10 Free Tracking App for iPhone and Android

Are you a parent? Are you worried about your child’s protection? Or a wife, who wants to know her husband’s activities? We have found some very useful tracking app for iPhone and android. With these apps, you can even find your lost devices easily. So, the list will give you a real peace of mind.

Part 1: 5 Free Tracking App for iPhone

1. Spyzie

If you are looking for a tracker that is best in flexibility, comfort, and versatility then no other than Spyzie can be best for you.



-Sypzie provides a high level of tracking services with its versatile GPS system.

-Spyzie can locate the exact location of your missing phone.

-You can even track the holder of the phone with track message features.


-If you want to install Spyzie on your iPhone or Android, you don’t need to root your device.

-You can even check the mentioned data on your iPhone or Android with an internet connection.


-This app is limited for Blackberry and Nokia phones.

2: Highster Mobile Spy

In the list of best tracking apps for Android Highster Mobile Spy app comes at the fourth place because of its unique and easy to use features.

Highster Mobile Spy


With easy camera access you can also access videos and photos;

The app allows to track all outgoing and incoming calls;

GPS location tracker is present to trace the locations of your targets;


· The app easily tracks all recent and old activities in the target mobile device.

· This app allows having an access to all logged activities on the specific web-based control panel.

· Installation of this app on iPhone and Android is very easy and simple.

· Users don’t need to root the device to install this app.

3: Family Tracker

Family Tracker is the best to care your friends and family. It is easy to use and very flexible.

Family Tracker


The ·built-in-messaging system allows you to easily contact any of your mentioned family members.

Play a loud, annoying siren can help you to get the attention of your kid by setting this option to their device.


· The app is simple and easy to use.

· You can easily connect with your kids and give them a good company at the right time.


· The app doesn’t allow all features to the basic members.

4: TrackerGPS Mobile

This app can be considered one of the best tracking apps because of the versatility, flexibility, and simplicity.

TrackerGPS Mobile

· Features

-You can even create benchmarks on the map and also send specific commands.

· -The app offers you an information platform.


· -The app offers you a real-time tracking that can save your time.

· -You can even use this app to locate the fleet of your mobile phones, cargo, and cars.

· -You can easily retrieve the monitoring data history.


· -The app only allows Spanish and Mexican. For other users, this app is difficult to use.

5: Life 360

Life 360 is one of the best tracking apps. It is available for iOS, Android, and WP. a great app if you can get over the pink and purple.

Life 360


· Private messaging feature allows friends and family to communicate in one place.

· The users of this app can create circles to break up individuals.

· Locate Stolen and Lost Phones feature is for premium subscriber but it allows betters tracking on the record.


· There are many features but some features are for premium users only.

· Roadside assistance can help the users to save their time.


· The app is limited for the basic subscribers.

Part 2: 5 Free Tracking App for Android

1. mSpy

mSpy can be considered the best for having parental control capabilities. Though it is not the jailbreak solution of a parental control, no doubt it makes it far easier to track an iPhone or an iPad.



· Most amazingly you don’t need to be installed any software on the targeted device.

· One just desires to have the authorizations of the iCloud account that must be registered on the device.

· mSpy allows users to block websites and other applications.

· It has a wonderful and unique geofencing feature.


· You will enjoy this wonderful tracking app for iphone and android because you can easily block the apps and websites that you don’t want to approve for your kids’ use.

· You can even restrict incoming phone calls.

· The app has a key logging option; this feature is good for all Android devices that record entire keystrokes on the device.


Some features are for Premium subscribers.

2. Flexispy

FlexiSpy is a special tracking app for iPhones, iPads and iPods. The best is that it also works in BlackBerry, and Nokia Symbian and other Android devices.



· With Call intercept feature users can track live cell phone conversations. The best is that the targeted person will not aware that you are monitoring him/her.

· You can even record the call of the targeted mobile device.


· The app even allows you to record the surrounding or surrounding sounds.

· This app offers you a password cracker. It allows you to access all passwords for installed tracking app.

· RemCam feature allows users to take a full control over the target device camera.

· With GPS location tracker users can locate stolen or lost cell phone signal location on a map.


· The device is expensive as compared to other devices.

3. iEmergency ICE Family PRO

If you are concerned about family safety then iEmergency ICE Family PRO is a must have app.


· Emergency app allows you to store or feed all important health data including allergies, medical conditions such as diabetes and even prescriptions --you’re your family and friends.

· You can even store the detailed medical information of each person’s doctor and hospital in case of any emergency.

iEmergency ICE Family PRO


· The app offers you a complete care package for your family and friends.

· This is one easy place to find out all the information about the one whom you love and care.


· It allows parents to store or save only three profiles with limited information.

4. KeepTrack (Free)

The next comes in the list is exclusive Keep Track app. It can be connected to 14 devices including iPhone.



· Secure & Private IM is a useful feature of this app.

· Real Time Live Tracking is another good feature but it is only for the premium subscribers.

· One Click SOS is another good and easy to use a feature of this app.


· The app is very time saving and easy to use.

· You can record all the tracking or monitoring data and then you can review it.


· It is costly and only premium subscribers can enjoy all features.

5. FollowMe

FollowMe is a new tracking app. It supports both iPhone. The app is user-friendly and easy to use.


· With this app, you can easily monitor the location of the target device.

· You can install on multiple devices.


· It is easy and simple.

· It allows user-friendly features that can provide a good tracking.


· You need to root the device and register the account with real information.

Above is the list of tracking app for iPhone and android. The market is loaded with many more tracking apps but my first choice is Spyzie because of its unique and easy to use features. It is no doubt 100% guaranteed.

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