Top 10 Free GPS Tracker Apps for Android Phones

Almost, half of the year has already passed and how much have you been traveled? Doesn’t matter how much or how less you travel, GPS tracker app is a real help to keep your android safe and navigate properly.

Any free GPS tracker app can be downloaded from Google play store for your android and it helps you to check the traffic status on the route by typing your destination. Moreover, this app allows you to check the shortcuts for the place.

Below is the list of top 10 free GPS tracker apps for android phones. You can choose the most suitable free gps phone tracker for your android and make your life easy.

1. Spyzie

The first number in the list is of GPS tracker android app named Spyzie GPS tracking app. Without any doubt, it is flexible, versatile and very easy to use app that gives you a real comfort in your life.



Sypyzie has a versatile GPS system.

Spyzie can locate your missing phone in no time.

The track messages feature can make it easy to locate or track the holder of the phone.


You have no need to root your android to install Spyzie app on your phone.

You can easily view the monitored data on your Android or any other device via the internet connection.

You can even track all the places that the holder of the phone has recently visited.

It provides you the better customer care assistance for your ease and comfort.


Spyzie app is not available for Blackberry or Nokia phones.

2. GEO-Tracker

If you are in a search for the best Android based GPS tracker app then nothing is better than GEO-Tracker app. With this app you can enjoy the best service in case of tracking your lost phone or to locate the certain location. This app is the best tracker or a navigator.



This app comes with a wonderful built-in feature of statistical track calculator.

It allows back ground recording even in Offline-mode.

Every recording will be saved in GPX and KM format.


GEO-Tracker only uses API and Google maps that mean a 100% accurate result.

The app allows automatic backlights.

The app also allows you to check the calculated statistical data on your device’s screen.


GPS reception of this app is usually affected by the surroundings and weather.

3. FamiSafe

If you want to use the real flexible GPS tracking app for your android then FamiSafe is the best one for you. The family locator offers tracking solutions that can make your life easier than ever before.

Person Location Tracker


It perfectly tracks kids'live whereabouts.

It offers location timeline for parents checking opast location history.

It allows to mark several geofence zones and send real-time alert when kids enter unsafe zones.

$9.99/month for multi devices monitoring

Track a cell phone location with FamiSafe Track a cell phone location with FamiSafe


It supports IOS and Android.

To use this app you only need to three simple steps.

It offers 3-free days trial from App Store or Google Play.


You can't share your location.


4. TrackerGPS Mobile

Another versatile GPS app is no doubt TrackerGPS Mobile app because of its simple and flexible features.

Developer: Mobile Media Networks

TrackerGPS Mobile


This app offers you real-time updated features that can update you with the location of your lost mobile.

You can even create the second commands on your mobile.

It offers you an information platform where you can easily retrieve the information about your lost device.


You can even use it to track a fleet of your cargo, mobile phones or cars.

To get the history of monitored Android, you can retrieve all data easily with this app.

Just tap on the screen to track the location of your device.


The app comes in Mexican and Spanish language that is hard to understand for non-Mexican.

5. My Family GPS Tracker

With this GPS Tracker, you can easily track your family members. You can even track their moves if they have their activated phones with them.

My Family GPS Tracker


The Kid Mode feature can help you to track your kid easily.

You can even share your child’s location with other family members with sharing platforms available in this app.


No personal info is required to download this app.

All the information or data is secured.

You can use the real-time feature to easily track your family members.


VOIP connections may be stalled without any warning.

6. GPS Tracker for Android

The sixth in the list is a versatile GPS Tracker for Android. With this tracking app, you can enjoy your life easily. The best is that it is a free GPS phone tracker app.

GPS Tracker for Android


You can set up an alarm with SOS function.

This GPS tracker android app supports both Network and GPS positioning.

With sharing platform, you can share your location easily.

The app also supports Geofencing features.


It is only available for Androids.

It is filled up with unnecessary ADS.

7. Map Quest

For every android user, Map Quest is the best app to track the phone.

Map Quest


Live vector map and satellite imagery are unique features of this app.

It offers automatic updates for routes.

You can share ETA with your friends via sharing platforms.


You can even book a nearby hotel with Map Quest that is a different feature of this app.

You can even compare Gas prices and Gas consumption.

You can search areas around you.


It is only for IOS platforms.

8. Find My Lost Phone

In the top 10 list of best trackers Find My Lost Phone comes at the 8th but it is no doubt an amazing app to give a real security.

Find My Lost Phone


It is equipped with State-of-the-art GPS tracker.

It allows you a real time location of your phone.

It is compatible with both IOS and Android.


It allows you the best navigational assistance that can help you to track your phone.

It has up-dated maps that are the quickest way to reach your destination.


Tracking with this app can be affected by the surroundings and weather conditions.

9. xFI Locator

Another free GPS phone tracker app is named as xF/I Locator. This is also a very useful app in this regards.

xFI Locator


The app offers you Google Maps results that are accurate.

Auto-saving features are useful and easy to use.


It supports a number of accounts.

It offers high resolution and detailed over-view of the streets and roads to simplify navigation.


Personal info is required to download this app.

10. Cell Phone GPS Tracker

The last in the list is a free GPS tracker android app named Cell Phone GPS Tracker. It is also good and easy to use.


It comes with regular updates.

You can easily share your location with this app.

Tracking history can also be saved.


This GPS tracker works in the background so you can save your phone battery.

You can save or record your navigation.


After continuous use, the app crashes normally.

It is full of ADS.

Though all mentioned GPS tracker apps are good to use, the best among them is no doubt Spyzie because of its excellent output and unique features. For the better protection of your mobile “Spyzie” can be the best and cheapest option.

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