Top 10 Car GPS Trackers for Android in 2018

Whether you want to keep a check on your driving records, you just want the location of your Car for security purposes, Google Play store has tons of apps which can assist you with this task. But, it’s quite difficult to choose one app from a bunch of others and that’s why for your ease, we have listed top 10 car GPS trackers for android in 2018.

Read here to get an insight of top 10 car GPS tracker.

1: Spyzie

Spyzie has one of the best tracking programs which helps you track your vehicle instantly and very easily. Spyzie proves to be one of the best to track cars because it comes along with state-of-the-art features.


Following are the features of the application:

1- Application has an extra ordinary GPS system.

2- Built in well-detailed map.

3- Record and storage system which enables the owner to have a record of the places visited by their vehicle.

Developed by: Spyzie inc.


1- With spyzie, it is extremely easy to track your vehicle.

2- Highly user-friendly.

3- A bunch of other features like SMS tracking, phone call tracking and etc.


The app is not available for Symbian and BlackBerry users.

2. Zubie GPS tracker

Zubie is one of a holistic car tracker which enables you to have a sort of all kind of information. Along with GPS tracking, it gives you an information related to safe driving such as alerts for breaching the speed limit, acceleration, hard braking etc. The application also locates the fuel stations nearby your car which offers the cheapest rates.

Zubie GPS tracker

Developed by: Zubie inc.


1- Application provides you monthly driving reports.

2- The user gets maintenance alert.


1- Difficult to set up the data on the computer.

2- Sharing of data to the third party due to the user agreement.

Zubie application is easily available on application store and it can be downloaded by using the following link:

3. Fleet: GPS Vehicle

Tracking Fleet GPS vehicle tracking is another one of the best car GPS trackers, as it enables the user to have vehicle tracking instantly. The application enables the user to get the information of the vehicle by locating it on the map with the address, they also get the chance to know the current speed, engine status.

Fleet: GPS Vehicle

Developed by: MapmyIndia inc.


The user gets a chance to see the history report with the route details.


Registration of MapmyIndia Fleet is required to use this application.

The application can be downloaded using the following link:

4. Optimus Real time

GPS Tracker Optimus car GPS tracker is a very versatile application which not only provides an option to save unlimited data history but also tends to send the speed alerts as well as battery status and panic states. The application is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Optimus Real time

Developed by: Optimus tracker inc.


1- The car GPS tracker comes with an excellent battery life.

2- The application is highly dedicated to providing sound information to its user.


There might be a delay in tracking time.

This application can be downloaded using the following link:

5. Trackimo

Trackimo is an excellent application which can be used to track cars. The application is very much affordable too. It also has features such as motion-activated tracking which preserves the battery and saves the battery life. The application also has alert notification systems, and it tends to notify the owner by means of email or text message. One of the unique features of the application is that it provides international coverage.


Developed by: Trackimo™


1- The application is very much user-friendly and easy to use.

2- The app provides an excellent battery life.


Installing the "belt clip cover" by the applications, seems to be difficult to some user.

To download the application you may click on the following URL: SHAPE * MERGEFORMAT

6. Bonrix GPS Vehicle Tracker

Bonrix portable vehicle tracker to track cars is one of the amazing car tracks you can find in the market. It comes with Two-way SMS system. Which enables the user to get the details related to their vehicle by sending an SMS which is sent via app only.

Bonrix GPS Vehicle Tracker

Developed by: GPS Tracker Inc.


1- useful for tracking a number of vehicle tracking unit.

2- Track vehicle, person or asset


Car tracker works best when the device is in the open space. Keeping it safe by hiding it can be -stressful.

You can get the application by clicking on the following URL:

7. Carlock – Advanced

Real Time Car Tracker & Alert System. One of the excellent car tracker with amazing pricing. Carlock tends to monitor the vehicle and sends an alert notification to the owner. Also, the device can send teen driving notifications too in case the vehicle is used recklessly.

CARLOCK – Advanced

Developed by:


1- SMS alert

2- Notification to an emergency contact in case of emergency.


1- Some user finds the map tracking quality not up to the mark.

You can download it from:

8. Linxup OBD car GPS tracker

Along with mainstream features provided with every other device to track cars, Linxup provides an additional feature to upgrade the capabilities and widen the scope in which you tend to use this device.

Linxup OBD car GPS tracker

Developed by:


1- Application seems to be easy to most of the users.

2- Availability of Ads-on.

3- Fast reporting.


Subscription may cost the user $22.99 per month, which is quite expensive.

To download the application you can click on the following URL:

9. Track view

Brickhouse track view application works excellently and tends to provide the owner a map view of their vehicle. With the highest subscription, the information on the application is updated every 30 seconds. The application also provides speed alert, panic button, and travel report.

Track view

Developed by: Brickhouse security


1- The application is easy to use.

2- The app is highly dedicated and user-friendly.

3- Subscription rates vary with respect to the benefits. The customer gets a chance to select as per their need.


It can be used in the US only.

Play store link in order to download the application is as follows:

10. Pocket finder

Pocket Finder car GPS tracker is easy going and suitable for those families who want to keep a track and ensure the safety of their dear ones. The car GPS tracker comes with amazing features which not only provide GPS tracking but also have a low battery alarm option. Along with it the device also ensures speed safety and notifies the owner in case the speed limit is exceeded.

Pocket finder


1- Device locates the location of the vehicle every 60 seconds.

2- Free application


Privacy of the user can be breached by sharing information to the third party.

Google play store link for this application is as follows:

We hope that you find the above-mentioned apps to be useful for our readers, and we do hope they make a smart choice by weighing the pros and cons of each app!

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