What Are The Best Android Phone Tracker Apps of 2018?

It doesn’t matter if you have lost your phone or would like to track the location of a family member, with the help of an Android phone tracker you can do it all. There are plenty of apps out there that can be used to track cell phone. Though, only a handful of them can be used to get real-time updates. If you are planning to get a new Android phone tracker app, then you have come to the right place. In this informative post, we will make you familiar with ten best Android tracker apps of 2018.

1: Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the most effective and easy to use phone tracking apps that come with a wide range of features.



• It has a highly advanced and extensive GPS tracking system.

• It provides real-time results while tracking a device’s location.

• It has a web-based interactive dashboard that can be used to access crucial information related to a device.

• It can be used to track important data like SMS, browser history, photos, notes, etc.


• Fully compatible with every leading Android device

• No rooting of Android device to install (or run) the app

• Free trial version available


• The app is not available for Symbian and BlackBerry users.


Spyzie comes in different premium plans that start from as less as $7.50 a month.

2: Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is one of the oldest Android phone tracker apps out there. From theft detection to geo-fencing, it can be used in different ways.

Where’s My Droid


• It tracks the present location of the device.

• The app also provides a record of the past locations of your phone.

• The theft detection feature will alarm you if your phone is stolen.

• When a screen lock attempt fails, it takes a picture from the device’s camera.

• You can lock your device remotely from its web interface.


• Plenty of added features like GPS flare or geo-fencing

• Can remotely reset a device as well


• The GPS tracking can be halted unexpectedly at times


The basic business plan starts from $3.84 yearly per device.

3: AVG Anti-theft

A part of the AVG antivirus suite, AVG antitheft can be used to track your lost phone instantly. Its tracking feature can be accessed to get a real-time location of your stolen device.

AVG Anti-theft


• The app can track cell phone on a real-time basis.

• Since it supports Google Maps, it becomes pretty easy to track a device’s location.

• The camera trap feature will take a picture of those who would tamper with your phone’s lock.

• The app locks the phone automatically whenever the SIM card is removed.


• Extremely easy to use

• It can automatically erase a device’s data


• Contains in-app ads

• Consumes a lot of battery


The antivirus Pro with additional anti-theft feature can be bought for around $3.5 per device.

4: Easy Spy

As the name suggests, Easy Spy is the Android phone tracking app that can also be used to spy on someone by obtaining their precise location.

Easy Spy


• It can be used to perform GPS tracking without any trouble.

• It also has added features like access to web browser history, text messages, email, notes, etc.

• It has an inbuilt online map that can be accessed from other devices as well.

• The web-interface has a special provision to perform various activities remotely.


• The app has an inbuilt spy camera feature

• It also has a live control panel option


• After rooting your phone, the app might not function properly.


The Easy Spy pro pack comes for $69.99

5: Android Theft

Android Theft is another popular Android phone tracker app that works in a fast and reliable way. Since it is freely available, one can use it to track cell phone without spending a dime.

Android Theft


• One can obtain an exact location of their device with its GPS tracker.

• It also provides email alert whenever the SIM card is removed.

• The spy camera will let you identify any intruder.


• Easy to use

• Comes with no added cost


• Lack of other high-end features like accessing a phone’s data or blocking its access remotely



6:GPS Status and Toolbox

If you wish to get a precise location of your Android phone, then you should definitely try GPS Status and Toolbox. It can be downloaded for free from Google Play Store.

GPS Status and Toolbox


• It provides advanced GPS tracking features.

• Also comes with added benefits to identify your present location, true north, etc.

• It also provides live updates regarding temperature, humidity, etc.

• There is also a widget support for the app.


• Extremely useful for navigation


• The free app has lots of ads


The pro version would cost around $3.5 a year.

7: Glympse

Glympse will provide a one-stop solution for every device tracking need of yours. It supports multiple-device interaction with lots of premium features.



• It is an extremely effective real-time Android phone tracker.

• The app also allows instant location sharing between different users.

• It can be used with various devices simultaneously.

• With its highly active radar feature, you can get instant tracking results.


• It works on multiple platforms and devices


• One can restrict the access of location sharing between users


Freely available

8: Family Locator

Get to know the whereabouts of your loved ones in seconds with Family Locator. This Android phone tracker app can be used by your whole family without much trouble.

Family Locator


• One can access the location of all family members at once with the app.

• It provides a real-time location of every member.

• Adding or removing a member can be done in no time.


• It also supports the formation of multiple circles


• The location is restricted to only other circle members


Freely available

9: Cerberus Anti Theft

The Cerberus anti theft app is one of the most comprehensive and secure Android phone tracker apps that is already used by thousands of users the world over.

Cerberus Anti Theft


• One can locate their device on the map with its easy to use interface.

• It can also be used to remotely lock or wipe the device.

• The device can be remotely controlled from the web or via SMS.


• Can also be used to take a backup of your data

• It has an in-built spy camera feature


• The remote functioning only works on rooted Android devices


While the basic version is free, the pro version comes for around $3.5

10:Find My Device

Officially developed by Google Inc. Find My Device is a must-have phone tracking app for every Android device.

Find My Device


• It provides a precise and real-time location of a device.

• The app can be used to set an alarm or lock the device remotely.

• It is already in-sync with your Google account.

• The app is also compatible with other wearables and devices.


• It can lock or erase your device remotely


• It provides limited support for checking the location history


Freely available

Now when you know about some of the best Android phone tracker apps, you can simply go with your preferred option. With these apps, you can track cell phone remotely and perform plenty of other tasks as well. If you think we have missed an Android phone tracker app in this post, let us know about it in the comments below.

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