5 Best Child Tracking Apps for Android

If you are concerned about the overall well-being of your family and kids, then you should definitely take the assistance of a child tracking app. Almost every day we read news about the disappearance of kids all over the world. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to take added measures for the security of your kids. To help you, we have come up with this extensive post. Get the best child tracker app for Android after going through this comprehensive guide and take a thoughtful step towards the right kind of parenting.


Spyzie is undoubtedly one of the best child tracking apps that every parent should use. After installing on the smartphone used by your kids, you can keep a track of their location without much trouble. Not just that, you can also access their smartphone’s data (like browsing history, messages, photos, etc.) as well. This will help you keep them safe from cyber bullying or any other unwanted situation.



• It can be used to get real-time and precise location of the device.

• Parents can access the web-based dashboard from anywhere to get information related to the connected device.

• Besides location, call history, browser data, notes, messages, and more can also be accessed remotely on the dashboard.

• The interactive dashboard will let you access all the needed information in one place.


• It is extremely easy to setup this child tracker app for Android.

• Parents can start monitoring the location of their children instantly.

• It consumes minimum phone battery and runs in the background.


• The app is only available for Android and iOS versions (not available for BlackBerry or Windows phone)


You can use the demo version for free or get a subscription plan of your choice (it starts from as less as $7.5).

2: Norton Family Premium

Norton is already widely known for its web security applications. If you are already using its services before, then you will also like Norton Family Premium app. It will let you track children from its dedicated interface. Since it is a complete parental control tool, you can filter the time your kids spend online or access their information remotely as well.

Norton Family Premium


• Parents can gain an instant access to their child’s current and precise location.

• It has a web-filtering tool to protect your kids from indecent content or cyber bullying.

• You can also limit their access to the net or review their online behavior.


• Fully compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows phone

• Teaches healthy online habits to kids

• Can be accessed from any device

• Comes with the trust of Norton


• It offers limited monitoring of messages and device’s content


The premium subscription pack starts from $49.99 a year.

3: ESET Parental Control

This child tracker app has plenty of features that will let you create a nurturing environment for them online. Besides tracking the whereabouts of your child, you can also use ESET Parental Control to manage their online space, block inappropriate content, and access essential information on their phone.

 ESET Parental Control


• It provides the real-time location of the device within seconds.

• The tool has a web-filter feature to block the content of your choice.

• You can also restrict the way your kids use their device with its high-end features.


• Child locator app on parental control device/interface

• Easy web guard monitoring and filtering

• It blocks age-inappropriate content automatically


• Location history is limited

• The trial period is applicable only for 30 days


The premium version starts from as less as around $15 a year (per device).

4: Mobile Spy Agent

As the name suggests, Mobile Spy Agent parenting app will let you perform child tracking without letting anyone know. With it, you can track children, spy on their activity and track their location in disguise. Additionally, it can be used to access the information on their device and filter the content according to their age.

Mobile Spy Agent


• Excellent GPS tracking feature to know your kid’s whereabouts.

• It can also be used to access their browser history, call logs, messages, etc.

• The app runs in a stealth mode, without letting your kids know of its presence.


• Easy to install, setup, and use

• It monitors the target device entirely (location and data).

• Monitoring of social media activities of kids as well


• The demo version only works for 24 hours

• Costlier than other services


While the premium account costs $99.95 a year, the basic version can be bought for $75 a year.

5: Family Locator GPS Tracker

Originally developed by Life 360, Family Locator GPS Tracker is a dedicated child tracker app for Android. Since it is a social app, it will let you stay connected with your family members on the go. Besides getting their location, you can also send requests for check-ins and access the location of your entire circle in one place.

Family Locator GPS Tracker


• The family locator feature allows the access to real-time location of the whole family and every individual.

• It can help you stay connected to your circle with its in-app messaging feature.

• The app protects your privacy while letting you perform child tracking.


• Effective cell phone tracking (for lost phones)

• Easy to use and monitor

• Fully compatible with all devices running on Android 4.0.3 and up


• No support for monitoring the online activities of your kids


The basic version of the app is free with various in-app purchases starting from $1.5

Go ahead and download a reliable child tracker app for Android and be a smart parent. If you are looking for a complete support, then go with Spyzie and track children on the go. It is a highly effective and affordable child tracking app that will certainly help you save the day at the time of needs. If you are facing any problem in downloading or using the app, feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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